The TGIDigest: Week of 1/23/23

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

Thank You!

  • Below is a free mint NFT that commemorates our Doodlebank proposal but more so is a thank you to our fantastic community. This is an unlimited edition, open for 72 hours. If you do mint this NFT, please share on twitter to highlight these 4 amazing artists.

  • Appearing in order: Cyclo, Mnewbis, Juiced, and Banana Candy

Official News

🌈 Doodles Acquires Goldenwolf

  • Emmy nominated animation studio that has worked with: Gatorade, TikTok, Rick and Morty, Disney, and more will be the Doodles new in-house animation studio.

  • Goldenwolf is also entering into a joint venture with Psyop called Active Ingredient where they will be pioneering AI animation products.

  • The studio will sustain regular operations as well, bringing in an entirely new source of revenue for Doodles llc.

New Hire: Chief Content Officer

  • Doodles hire Goldenwolf CEO Ingi Erlingsson as Chief Content Officer. As CCO Erlingsson will head storytelling and all content creation for the brand.

Beta Key Access

  • Once you use dooplicator and or open a genesis box you will be given a Doodles 2 beta access key.

Doodles 2 is on Flow Blockchain

  • Gasless and frictionless customization of your Doodles here we come!

  • Why Flow?

Gaia Marketplace

  • Doodles 2 will be sold and traded on the Gaia Marketplace.

Doodles x NFT Now Doodles 2 Spaces

  • Join Poopie, Julian, Roham, and Matt to talk about all things Doodles 2. There are over 30 minutes of community questions fielded! Alpha is dropped.

Dooplicator Info

  • Head to for some newly updated information on the dooplication process. In summation, you may reveal up to 9 wearables per dooplication, after you dooplicate you receive a beta key for Doodles 2, and the dooplicator firmware can be upgraded for future use cases.

Team Action + Speculation


  • Highlights how the team is taking risks to get ahead, the path less travelled with bear sweet fruits!

  • Doodles is building a data bridge, without the need for a token bridge between eth and flow.


  • Word on the street is that Pharrell brushes his teeth and sleeps in the Doodles dad hat, Bullish. Here is is spotted with Pusha T, Magic Johnson, and some other icons repping as the Chief Brand Officer of Doodles llc.

  • He was also featured in Louis Vuitton's Instagram story, wearing the iconic dat hat.


  • Per a comment in discord we should be expecting an update on Doodles planned live events for 2023 on or near February 1st!


  • Dropped a thread on how the company will work with Doodles and continue to operate with other clients in addition.

Burnt Toast



  • Introduces avatars! 👀 Interesting timing...


  • Also seems to have recently introduced avatars. 🤔


  • Shared that Space Doodles will be a mobile game!

  • Went on Rug Radio with Farokh to discuss all things Doodles 2.

Alexis Ohanian

  • Shares his support for the move to Flow and an article from decrypt.

Community Spaces/Threads + Perspectives

📢 MP9X

  • Was a victim of the Mark Labs animation ticket wallet drainer scam. Ex Doodler Marc Doai joined the Doodles community a few months back. They began making free animations, totaling over 100, for community members. After a few months of the free service they released a site called Mark Labs. The site required individuals to connect to the site using the wallets that they held their Doodle. Sadly 2 Doodles were stolen.

  • However Doodles NFT Lead Poopie swooped in bought back MP9's Doodle and sent it back to him!

Art Dood

  • For those effected by or paid for a Mark Labs scam ticket, Art Dood has pledged to make free animations for them!


  • Dropped a thread on the Mark Labs wallet drainer scam.

  • His advise: Use pocket universe before making a transaction, keep valuable NFTs on cold storage, do not mint or transact with cold storage wallets.


  • Bids goodbye to Doodle #9267 as she's been saving up for a house IRL, it was passed on to 0xTrent. We will miss duck's halo dearly.


  • Wrote a thread sharing his recent visit to Epcot, the price visitors were paying for physical artwork with editions, and how this experience reaffirmed the viability of Doodles 2 in his mind.

Nitty B

  • Applauds the team as he feels that this was 'the perfect next step' and emphasizes how integral animation can be to scale IP.

Dunked Cookie

  • Through creating regular content, one important way to scale a brand is by forming habits in your user base.


  • Dropped a brief thread on the acquisition of Goldenwolf, he states that Doodles North Star should be: Minions!


  • Dropped a thread on the recent Goldenwolf acquisition and their theory of how it integrates into Doodles path to becoming a global entertainment brand!


  • Drops an explainer thread on the Doodelbank.


  • Responds to the Flow blockchain FUD with an in-depth thread.


  • Shares his 2 cents on Doodles 2 announcement and Flow blockchain.

Trait Sub-community News

🧩 Fin's Beach Bar

  • Fin's has officially closed, the site has been updated, and there are new games in the pipeline!

  • Dropped a free claim, in order to qualify you needed to hold a fin's token or last call bowl!

Wizzy Ministry

  • Dropped a heat map of where some of the Wizzies live across the globe. Triwizzy tournament is getting closer!!

The Local Top

  • A few doods: Luke, Ono, Adam Hustle, Mr. G and Barbie linked up in London for some doodly shenanigans. We love a good IRL meet up, they even golfed. Adam could use some lessons before DoodlePutt make it to the UK.

Doodlebank Proposals

🐷 Jon HQ's Discord Security Audit

  • The proposal went for a live vote and it passed! 561/500 for quorum! Big congratulations to Jon for the solid ask, and a big win for the safety of our community's discord.

🐷 TGID Funding + Vote

  • Our Doodlebank proposal is now live!!! Make sure to head to the voting booth in Doodles discord or straight to snapshot to participate!!

Lore + Artwork

🎨 ParallelAiRev

  • Released a new piece of a swimming race between their cat, dino, shark, and skelly doodles! Racing to the weekend. 🏊


  • Made a claymation style derivative of the relaxed Doodle laying in the grass. One of the first 3D derivatives we've seen pop on the scene this year!

  • Cooked up another clean one for Chef Tony P's dark mode cowboy dood.


  • This dood is putting a whole new meaning to his brand "icy drips." Flexing your pfp via apple watch on the slopes is inevitable. Notable idea.


  • Releases a new series of Doodles Charts v2, containing trait based diagrams to see different sub-communities of the collection in clean graphics. TY incog!


  • The Doodles Stories #7 by TP - Mushy

  • Lovemake dressed up as Mushy, can we crowdfund a duck suit for Mush please!!!

  • Had an animation made by Juiced of the infamous ducky running away from all of the Happy Birthday wishes that ensued from Poopies comment during the NFT Now spaces.




  • Made a happy drawing letting a pink ballon dood fly away with the Fin's Beach Bar brut that she wasn't able to mint. This work was in response of the closing of Fin's Beach Bar. It was also minted on to Foundation as her first piece and sold to finsbeachbar.eth! Big congrats on the sale it was well deserved.


  • Made a full body skele with the golden rib doing a kickflip. Anyone planning to animate this?


  • More mid memes!


  • Is making 3D printed custom Doodles figurines.


  • Made a bananafied derivative of the chill dood in the grass gif, with Mr. G as the muse. Peep the banana cloud silhouette passing by, such an awesome easter egg.


  • Doodles 2 is the trojan horse baby!!!


  • The 2nd Cyclo and Friends burn comission goes Mr. Honest of their dood chunking up the deuces above a space rainbow. This one is right down Cyclo's awesome creative alley.

Art Dood

  • Dropped Chapter 4: Practice makes purpose! Art dood learns how to draw.


  • Whipped up a sick banner compiling scenes from one of the most recent Doodles 2 trailers, aspect ratio locked in all you need to do is save and set!


  • Underwater Doodle 3D animation, apparently we can breathe without gills. More lore to explore.

Luke Dwyer

  • LUKE IS FINALLY A DOODLE! A true doodler at heart is finally a doodler on-chain after he bought this uber clean checkmark doodle from Goku on Thursday. TGID sends you a warm welcome to the doodleverse!

Products + Companies

🔨Lost Artist Collective

  • Doodle Bandit posted a thread on his process behind a recent 1/1 drop of an NFT tied to a physical skate deck dropped through LAC. LAC is a collective founded by Doodler ApeX and his partner Optic!


  • As part of Doodles week acquisition festivities in true badass fashion Floor announced their acquisition of WGMI! With Floor putting an emphasis on hosting more content on their platform, this move feels very right!


  • Doodler 0xShub's web 3 education platform is now open for beta!

Alchemy Chains

  • Partnered with Meep Merp to do a limited run of patches!


  • Dropped an edition piece called Burn to Reveal, 69 editions, video NFT, one lucky holder wins raffle of the physical artwork produced from the burning in the video.

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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