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The TGIDigest: Week of 1/30/23

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

Official News

🌈 Beta Passes

  • In order to obtain a beta pass you must use a dooplicator or open a genesis box. Beta keys will be tradable! We also got a lovely animation, YAY!

Dooplication Marketplace

  • Have a Doodle and no doop, or a doop and no Doodle? The Doop marketplace helps brings these folks together to make it happen. OG holders can get some free eth, and dooplicator holders can pay to get wearables and a beta key. We all win with the doop marketplace.

Prepare to Dooplicate

  • You need a FLOW compatible wallet (the team supports Dapper wallet but there are self-custody alternatives).

  • Your Doodle must be docked (space doodles cannot doop)

  • You do not have to use your ledger to doop, you can use

Dooplicator Rarity Explained

  • Very Common - 1 set of OG wearables

  • Common - 2 sets of OG wearables

  • Rare - 3 sets of OG wearables

Dooplication is here!

  • Doop your doods, get wearables on FLOW, trade them on Guia, we are live baby!

  • Here's Head of Business Devleopment Austin H. dooping his forever dood!

  • How to buy wearables tutorial.

Dooplication Feedback

  • The team encourages everyone to provide intel on your experience so they are able to strengthen the product they just launched.

Team Action + Speculation

👀 Julian Holguin

  • It was just announced that the Doodles CEO will be speaking live in Miami with Carly Reilly for her Overprice Happy Hour tour!


  • Head of biz dev blessing us with some morning affirmations, keep calm and doodle on!


  • Stated that the plan for creating demand for Doodles is by making hits, he cited that this should be made clear through their recent acquisition of Goldenwolf studio, hiring of Pharrell as CBO, Holguin as CEO from Billboard, among others.

  • Poopie drops a thread answering the common FUD we have seen over the past week ahead of Dooplication, box reveal, and Doodles 2 Beta.


  • Doodles 2 is beautiful, there are 3 additional products that the team is currently working on! In the future, using a Dooplicator on a Doodle (post-dooplication) may have a completely new function.


  • Doodles -_-.


  • Its safe to say that Ingi really enjoys playing around with AI. Here's some community Doodles he made into IRL via AI.

  • So you've seen a dooplicator on-chain, but have you see a dooplicator on AI!

Community Spaces/Threads + Perspectives

📢 TP

  • Doodle Stories Ep.7 - Mnewbis

Jon HQ

  • How to keep a cold/safe twitter account from esteemed doodlebank supported Discord security auditor Jon HQ!


  • Dropped a thread on the facts about FLOW in light of the recent FUD. It is a good read as bz has a quite robust understanding of the chain's capabilities.

Gaia Marketplace

  • Talk about Flows': ease of use, cadence, and composability.

  • Gaia drops a brief introduction to the Doodles project.

Adam Hustle

  • Is standing up against the uproar from Doodles 2 on Flow announcement from crypto twitter.

Rug Radio

  • Farokh brought on Doodles CEO Julian Holguin as a guest to get the scoop on all things Doodles. Alpha was dropped, a must listen!

Love Captain

  • Shares their support for the importance of Doodles 2 as a self-expression NFT.


  • Dropped an article on Doodles 2, a quick explainer for catching up to speed with last week's announcements.


  • Let the dooplication game theory begin. Time to answer the age old conundrum: To doop, or not to doop?

Matt Medved

  • Here's a clip of Poopie and Matt talking about the team's vision for Doodles.


  • Dropped a lengthy thread on the nuances and benefits of Doodles 2 on FLOW. They jump into greater detail about social platform integrations, other brands that use flow, and it makes us bullish on the future of upcoming collaborations and partnerships.

Galatic Repairman

  • Dropped a very comprehensive thread on Doodles 2 wearable outcome, we encourage you to dive in.


  • Dropped a thread evaluating the timing of Doodles 2, and the teams approach to building a product for folks outside of the core NFT space.

Find on Flow

  • An upcoming set of updates are coming to a custom themed Doodles marketplace with some more familiarities from ETH marketplaces.

Trait Sub-community News

🧩 UK Doodles

  • The UK doods are hosting an event in London this February. Lucky for the European doods that will be able to attend as Doodles CEO has said that he'll be there!


  • Are back with an explainer: WTF is Doodles 2?

Fin's Beach Bar

  • Bonglo took a very deep dive (pun intended) into the Fin's Beach Bar ecosystem. Grab your snorkel.

Rainbow Hall

  • Rainbow Alpha Lead Tree has put out a call to action for a Rainbow Hall 1 to 10 ETH challenge for the month of February. In order to join, hit up Tree and join the topic thread. Best of luck degens.

Wizzy Ministry

  • Introduces the apprentice program, individuals who don't hold an OG wizard doodle will be able to gain entry into the Wizzy Ministry via the ownership of a Doodles 2 Wizard hat! These FLOW NFTS are starting to get some utility beyond swag quick.

Doodlebank Proposals

🐷 TGID Funding + Growth

  • ITS OFFICIAL WE PASSED QUORUM! We secured 9.99ETH to fund operations and implementing growth strategies. We want to give a special thank you to everyone who cracked out their ledgers and voted, we are super grateful for getting to continue to serve to Doodles community.

  • Chef Tony Got fooled by the old spider on the mirror trick, and came upstairs to a Doodlebank proposal post-it note surprise celebrating hitting 500 votes!

Lore + Artwork


  • Made an art piece of a pickle doodles gut punching Nesanel in a pickle shop. To be fair, Nes was outnumbered at least 45:1 on the pickle front. Maybe a more fair fight next time?


  • Shared a screen recorded video on his process for creating Doodles animations, it's pretty neat to see how the Doodle has to be redrawn prior to making it come to life. Would be down to see a compare/contrast video with other animators processes.


  • Dropped the full set of Doodles Charts v2 series.

  • Take a moment to admire all of the holographic wearables that we have seen arise so far, works of art!


  • JKB and Reyez go together like peanut butter and jelly. Thanks for the memes.

Galatic Repairman

  • Meme including a graph about FLOW FUD, I cri.


  • Needless to say Pheew is his Doodle. DJing online and IRL, we love some good lore building via derivatives, the bread and butter of community artwork!


  • Cylo is a fractal doodle, Cyclo is a fractal doodle, Cylo is a fractal doodle, Cyclo is a fractal doodle, Cylo is a fractal doodle, Cyclo is a fractal doodle, Cylo is a fractal doodle, Cyclo is a fractal doodle.

Mr. Future

  • A family full of grail doodles walk into a dooplication bar... The ecosystem watches closely, tune in next week for a sneak peek of the spoils of these dooplications.


  • Gilb's first custom 3D printed Doodle is completed and colored, if you're interested in owning one of these gems make sure to hit them up!

Kevin Ryan

  • Has got his Zen Doodle along with a portrait print of his Doodle from NFT Canvases with an embedded RFID chip that displays his NFT when tapped by a phone. Icing on the cake, this is a feature on his kid's room, Burnt Toast's Doodles are totally kid-friendly.


  • Graciously gifted long time Doodles discord community member Aryan his very own Dooplicator! Doodles are so generous, kind move good ser.


  • The Goldenwolf team is making Doodles models for who knows what, but we NEED TO KNOW MORE ASAP!


  • Made derivatives for all of his holders, and made this super neat Doodles piece for Paunch. The style is quite iconic.


  • Illustrated Doodlifts playing Noodles Chase the Rainbow Game as a subtle ad for These influencoors are getting sneakier each and every day.


  • Just a cowboy sliding down your twitter feed on a rope, nothing to see here folks. Howdy.

Crypto Ray Rays

  • BREAKING NEWS if you own a Doodles Golf towel and a Vizsla, the towel also doubles as a dog cape! REAL DEAL so cute!

Art Dood

  • Thoughts in the mirror. Changing the paradigm of 'the mullet' from the traditional adage business in the front, party in the back to a more doop friendly idiom - Common in the front, rare in the back.

  • The Chronicles of Art Dood Chapter 5, Isaac Doodton and his pesky feline!


  • Traded some KODAs in exchange for the pink Grailien just in time for Dooplication, glad it went to a good home.

Meme Monster

  • With the Doodles team official GMer meme, and it is absolutely ripping!


  • Sent his friend James Richard Fry a genesis box and brought him into the Doodle ecosystem!


  • Made ParallelAiRev a yearbook derivative of their dino, coffee head, calico, duck, shark, and skelly as they are graduating to dooplication!

  • Heres a collage of 4 of her past Doodles commissions, we love the scenes so much!

  • ICYMI, this is why you doop your cat doodles. nuff said.


  • Juicy was last spotted in the laborartory in a white lab coat and a erlimeher flask full of doodle-y matter. Will she be dooped? Also, is this tennis skirt pre reveal alpha?


  • Made an absolute banger animation for 8270, now when you're in Doodles discord type !8270 to enjoy this gif on an endless loop!


  • Introducing BandiTWO. We're not sure where he got these clothes, but we are definitely here for the dark mode Doodles 2.


  • Dropped a test of a 3D animated Doodles mascot as a video game character. Looks pretty smooth my guy, pretty pretty smooth.

  • Products + Companies

🔨 Token Times

  • Doodler Blake and his homie Aurelius have announced their new medium publication Token Times. The substance of the content they plan on publishing relates to all things crypto and NFTs. Blake has recently been churning out medium articles on Doodles the past few weeks so we're looking forward to seeing his work as regularly scheduled programming on the TL.

  • Arcade brought on Doodlifts as their first arcade ambassador. Congrats Lifts! Arcade is a NFT lending platform that allows users to unlock liquidity instead of selling their NFTs. It is a peer to peer service so users can make earn interest as lenders as well!.

  • iNicholas' AI-ran newsletter platform recieved some aesthetic upgrades, including Galatic Repairman's wizard doodle in the artwork.

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈