The TGIDigest: Week of 10/10/2022

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

Official News

🌈 DoodlePutt

  • Who: Doodles

  • What: A brand new live experience

  • When: December 2nd and 3rd

  • Where: Miami, Florida

  • Why: Art Basel 2022

  • According to Mushy, sign up for DoodlePutt will be live in the coming weeks. There are no details on whether Doops or Boxes will be provided access to DoodlePutt/ and if they do what different perks are only accessible to OG collection holders.

🌈 Cyclo

  • The official Doodles account responds to Cyclo, giving us a look at flower doods. They answered some questions but created many more. Sorry to Quenaan, you have a stalk, not legs.🌻

Team Action + Speculation

👀 Julian

  • Doodles internships will hopefully be available Summer 2023. As seen in a conversation between Doodles CEO Julian Holguin and and Founder of 776 Alexis Ohanian. If I’m a free agent then, SIGN ME UP BABY!

👀 Burnt Toast

  • BT drew some Doodles for Google’s celebration for World Mental Health Day! Super cozy, warm, inviting, focused on self-care and encouraging positive self-talk. We want to take a moment and let our fellow Doodlers know that we care a lot about each and every one of you guys and hope that everyone is in a good head space or at least has access to the support they feel that they need. It’s so important to check in on your friends and family from time to time. There is no time like the present!

  • BT also popped into Doodles discord a few days ago and dropped a wonderful GM gif for the community that was eventually added to the server!

  • New mascot on the way, Hopefully pre-sale will be at DoodlePutt in Miami!

  • An astounding DoodlePutt derivative of fefi arose. As her Doodle is not part of the 10k pfp collection it was instead hand-drawn especially for her one could assume that Burnt drew this gem himself!

👀 Pharrell x Kodak Black

  • A video of Kodak and Pharrell surfaced this week, newsflash Pharrell’s Doodle figurine makes a cameo! Kodak is a Florida native, the senior level Doodles positions require them to live in Miami, will Kodak Black be featured on Doodles Album volume 1?

👀 Brandon Rosenblatt

  • Teases unreleased Doodles gear with embroidered Doodle mascot RBP on it. Material appears to be mesh: gym shorts or jersey? Some are postulating a Doodles Basketball league. DBA we’re here for it!

  • Second view from instagram story!

👀 Bandit x DJ Dabs

  • New banner has been released, a follow up from Bandit’s call to action to recruit doods in discord a week or 2 back. LOOK MA, my dood is on the front page!

👀 Doodle Classification System

  • The new website update denotes 4 categories: Mascot, Hand-drawn, Rare, and Common. This is the first time the company has mentioned rarity from official channels.

Community Spaces/Threads + Perspectives

📢 Passion.eth

  • Reminiscing on how buying a t-shirt from Burnt Toast a year ago led to subsequently being sent a discord invite to the Doodles discord.

📢 Calcio

  • 5 tips to start growing your socials! Pick a niche, create consistency, consume content from creators you look up to, produce stuff you’re proud of, and don’t focus on your content creation skills.

  • 5 sites to use during the bear market

📢 JimmyT

  • Notable host of RCSPod alongside Calcio finally joins the rainbow ranks with this new clean doodle.🔥 Cant wait to see a second doodle on RCSPod.📺

📢 BrandYn

  • Poses a question: How to add value and help others build? A simple answer is showing support with likes, retweets, votes, and ultimately lending your time and expertise!

📢 cygaar

  • How to read NFT smart contracts for beginners.

📢 Jennyfromtheblockhain

  • Episode 10 of her NFT news weekly update video series. Nothing Doodles related this week however there are some important updates from outside the doodleverse. Congrats on 10 episodes Jenny!


  • Back to the stables, JKB talk about nothing. Is this an ad for sushi swap?

📢 Tomismeta

  • Doodles is bridging the gap between digital and real-life experiences, definitely a red flag🚩😂!

📢 Doodlifts

  • Doodles in Disneyland. Yes Doodlifts, you are in fact doing it right!

🎨 Hammer

  • Highlights Doodlien being an outstanding member of the Doodles community who makes it their mission to expose scammers and other malicious activity plaguing the Doodleverse. Thanks Doodlien!

Trait Sub-community News

🔗 Fin’s Beach Bar

  • SamuraiD3f makes custom Zipsharks x Fin’s derivatives. 🦈

  • They are released in unison in what they coin “a feeding frenzy.”

  • There is now a Fin’s planet inside of the space doodle game Chase the Rainbow - 2D. A 3D version of it was made to be the 4th Fin’s airdrop named ‘Finterstellar’.

🔗 Notable Doods

  • New trait sub-community Notable Doods drops: a note derivative platform. Plug in your Doodle #, choose your expression, export. There is even an option to tweet it out, very nice doods. 📝

🔗 Wizzy Ministry

  • The Wizzys put out their 3rd post-proposal update, definitely worth a read if you want to find out what the Wizzys have been brewing.🧙

Doodlebank Proposals

🐷 Chase the Rainbow

  • The Noodle team’s Bounty Program + Funding proposal passed quorum this past Monday. 🌈


Total Votes: 216, accounted for 1065 doodles, 807 doodles for, it says 75.7% voted yes but due to the weighing system to get a better read the raw number is less misleading

  • There were 19 days between the original forum post and the passing of the on-chain vote.

  • POAP available to voters, it was linked to snapshot. Link is in this tweet and in Doodles discord in the voting booth channel.


  • The Triwizzy Tournament + Chase the Rainbow combo looking snazzy. Needless to say, WE NEED MORE!

Lore + Artwork

🎨 Cryptopia

  • I’ll order a Netflix and Chill for 1 wizzy please. Cryptopia has been really proliferating this particular derivative of their dood, looking pretty tired for a GM. Maybe they need a coffee doods latte.

🎨 Jazzminnfts.eth

  • Straight vibin with the mascots on a fine morning! To add on the massive pfp poster, plants, and rainbow string lights happily scream: a doodle’s life!

🎨 N3RD

  • Ok so are we calling this one Dood Ferrigno or Lou Lifts? Doodlifts derivative #nerdified.

🎨 NateAlex

  • Rainbow cat isn’t rrr…… Rainbow cat plushie, try not to laugh. 🤣

🎨 Uncoloreddood

  • Made an animation for Kduck of “top secret footage” of BTS Dooplicator testing. Shhhhh don’t tell anyone. Looks like there are a few kinks to work out but it’s getting rather close to shipping date.

🎨 Mnewbis

  • A SFW illustration of Mnewbis and Metazord exploring the wormhole.

🎨 Doodlien

  • Entering from left stage: The Swolien! Coming to a screen near you. Yo Doodlien, do you even lift bro?

🎨 DecentralizedToast

  • We heard thru the grapevine that DecentralizedToast picked up a monochrome purple baldy. Grapes on Grapes on Grapes. 🍇

  • Surprise Grape dood has not been launched to space. DT plans to wait until 1 year anniversary…

  • DT is nothing short of obsessed with this new dood.

🎨 LoFi Doods

  • New animation jamming out to instrumental of Pharrell’s ‘Happy.’

🎨 NF3

  • Drops second to last piece of their Doodles puzzle. This piece features the GOAT Burnt Toast and magical wizzy Adam Hustle collaborating on a puzzle without using their hands. Instead it’s Mr. Hustle’s magical powers are levitating the pieces, if you zoom in on the table it appears like the scene is a Doodles block party/ day at the park!

🎨 Meme Monster

  • Makes a meme of Tomismeta, Ninoulabase, and Doodlifts to rock the vote for Chase the Rainbow Doodlebank campaign.

🎨 Ash (@lilshashimi)

  • Artist behind Noodle’s Doodlebank marketing campaign, did work for the sperm game.

🎨 Burnt Toast + Alfie Motion x Uncoloreddood x Magic Mullet

  • Winky creates a mashup of a canon mp4 by BT and company derivative of his doodle by Juiced and lays over Magic Mullet’s track Palo Santo!

  • Animation done by Juiced for Adam Hustle, complete with music, with a unique color way to match his wizzy.

🎨 Veytsdaman

  • Derivative of the Burnt Toast Doodles for Google. Big LOL!

  • Took at stab and banafying his dood. Bananacandy showed lots of love! 🍌


  • Flexin his NFT NYC Sharkboi Doodle Tee on a family vacation in Destin, CLEAAAN. 🦈

🎨 Kuyamark

  • Kuya is on an absolute tear of Burnt Toast Doodles for Google World Mental Health Day derivatives. Go Kuya Go!🪞

🎨 Passion

  • Creates a mock up of their vision of what a Doodles x Moncler collab would look like.

🎨 JimmyT

  • Is dropping DoodlePutt derivatives that turns the mascot into your very own bespoke dood in golf attire. Is it BYOP? (bring your own putter) 🏌️‍♂️

🎨 Disclosure

  • Teases: Unholy - Disclosure Remix dropping on Friday. Rocking the GRAIL all green puffer dood, oh so cozy vibes. 🎶

🎨 The Doodle Army

  • Created a Cristiano Ronaldo doppleganer doodle. Will the Cristiano fade make it to doodles 2? 🕶

🎨 hankthecat

  • Hank is getting a new kitten in 2 weeks. In other news, it doesn’t look like he skipped leg day. Per Poopie’s declaration awhile back “Doodles always skip leg day” this must not be canon.

🎨 claire salvo

  • Claire made a dope painting on a $100 USD bill for Kduck of her halo dood sealed in a plexiglass display case. Kduck’s Doodle shelf is lookin ICY! 💸

Products + Companies

🔨 Candy Republic

  • Project by BananaCandy 🍌🍬

  • Announces ItsG.eth as CEO of Candy Republic.

🔨 Noodles

  • Added a bunch planets from various Doodle community-led projects, artists, companies, and subgroups.

  • Hosted: Chase the Rainbow Grand Prix

  • Gave out some Doops, Genny boxes, Noodles, and merch!

🔨 Perfy

  • Hosted a giveaway for 10 Dr. Perfy Rally Kits.

  • The Happywear Bundle pack is now on sale!

🔨 Comoco Labs

  • Dropping sneak peeks of footage of their 3d doodle animation platform. Seems like Comoco might be leaning towards full body animations.

🔨 Hairdoo App

  • Call to Action, Hairdoo is looking for Doodles to feature on their app!


  • Releases MYTY camera access to first 25 Doodlers! Interested to hear everyone’s reviews of the software.

🔨 Adventures of Pip

  • Spooky Season, Pip is in the Halloween spirit!

  • New ATH sale of a Pip piece coming in at .88 ETH scooped up by Dragon Seller.

🔨 Clubhouse Archives

  • Shows concept Doodles merch ideas. Thoughts?

🔨 Flipside Crypto

  • Drops their 4th Doodles dashboard!

📰 Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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