The TGIDigest: Week of 10/17/2022

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

Official News

🌈 Happy 1st Birthday Doodles!

  • Doodles minted on October 17th 2021, for .123 ETH, with a max mint allocation of 5 per wallet.

  • Since then Tulip, Poopie, and Burnt Toast have scaled the brand bringing in top talent from Web 3 as well as Web 2. With their North Star of becoming the world’s largest entertainment brand, their pursuit to trojan horse society into mainstream blockchain adoption using NFT artwork is well on its way. As a community we have shared so many amazing memories, and discovered how talented each and every doodler is. Here at TGID cannot wait to see what goes on this next year and are excited to be along the ride!

Mastermind session

  • This past Wednesday Poopie, Tulip, Toast, Julian, and Chief Brand Officer Pharrell were seen cooking up some magic. Talk about a think tank ! Talking about an album one could presume💿.

Birthday Treat

  • The team ran 3 giveaways in the Discord.

    • 5 figurines - Doodles Holders

    • 5 holo figurines - Doodles Holders

    • 150 signed prints - Doodlers, Doops, and Boxers

🌈 The Doodles Miami HQ!

  • Burnt Toast mentioned that on the anniversary it was the first time he got to do a walkthrough of the Doodles HQ. Crazy it only took a year to the day.

Team Action + Speculation

👀 Burnt Toast

  • Throwback to a Doodle Dao video, the same style has been revitalized on the new website. Here is the OG inspiration behind the gallery of community doods!

👀 Poopie

  • Quick reflections from the last 12 months

    • START using our platform as rocket fuel to empower better community leaders.

    • START focusing on what we control to make the journey better - comms for new/og passengers.

    • CONTINUE maneuvering through fud/volatility and building what will bring joy to billions.

👀 Alfie Motion

  • Coins the term for the team: The Pastel Cartel, very high spirits and some happy photos.

👀 Julian

  • Looks like Julian got a chance to speak at a 7️⃣7️⃣6️⃣ community event in Miami. The Doodles are wasting no time making a splash in Miami.🌈🏝

Community Spaces/Threads + Perspectives

📢 Clouted

  • Discussion on Royalties

  • Showing 5 original mints, sold one that now belongs to Msee (far left).

📢 Betty

  • Begs the question: Why aren’t project founders banding together to reshape NFT conferences?

📢 Jennyfromtheblockchain

  • Announces DoodlePutt! Almost to 100 podcast episodes over the past 14 months, check out NFT Catcher podcast if you haven’t yet!

📢 Hairdoo App

📢 Doodlien

  • If you have not liked and RT’d this tweet, please do. We want to see Mushy wearing a duck suit during Art Basel!

  • Doodlien is the only Alien that has never been sold!

📢 Tomismeta

  • A desire for a creator marketplace integrated into the core Doodles product .

📢 Mr. G

  • You don’t need to own a Doodle to be a Doodler. Talks about how he’s spread a doodly vibe and made some of his best friends in the space from the Doodles community despite not being a holder of the OG collection.

📢 Kduck

  • Reminiscing her 5 Doodles she minted. A nice thread with lots of OG minter’s collections, seeing which ones have held, sold, and upgraded over the past 12 months.

📢 8270.eth

  • Reflecting on the day they minted 8270, the beginning of an era, the post was quite thoughtful and spread some positive vibes reverberating through our timelines.

📢 NFTboi

  • Doodles was his first NFT community, it shaped the experience they’ve had as a participant in Web 3 and is grateful they aped in.

📢 Nowayjose.eth

  • Ok it is safe to say that Jose is a Doodles maxi. Flexing the the merch capsule from SXSW, NFT NYC printed shirt with a custom BT drawing, pair of Nike Dunks with custom BT drawings, coffee beans from coffee doods at SXSW, both figurines, and more! LFDOOD

📢 fefi

  • Photos from Miami and NYC with the founders and Alfie! We need our doodles made into pancakes, STAT!

📢 Anabelle

  • Caught up with the Doodles at Art Basel, SXSW, and NFT NYC. 🔌

📢 Pyro

  • A dood was their first big purchase in the space, and is flexing a holo dood derivative by Captainwinky.eth.

📢 Tree

  • A year ago tree max minted and landed a RBP with a bucket hat, this is what dreams are made of! TY for your work with Rainbow Alpha!

📢 icculus

  • New balloon dood, super grail with the pink sunnies.

📢 Nesanel6152

  • Poll: Would you rather own a skelly or ape dood?

📢 M.See

  • Thread on why the Doodles community is thriving.

📢 DaDoodle.eth

  • Reflects on selling an ada bag to scoop his forever dood. Verified leopard hoodie cowboy is a beast combo.


  • Ch3x max minted his 5 allocations and gave a few to his friends because they asked, a real OG.

Trait Sub-community News

🔗 Fin’s Beach Bar

  • The 5th Fin’s airdrop called “Anniversary Celebrafin” was done by NFT Sushi commemorating Doodle’s 1st Birthday this week!

🔗 Doodles Birthday Party in Miami

  • Jfellz and Doodle Bandit hosted a Doodles community-led event celebrating Doodles birthday at Baby Jane!

  • The Doodlers who pulled up were in for a treat as: Tulip, Julian, Burnt Toast, and Fefi pulled thru. Super good vibes, and Killshot won a BT x Bandit bandana.

🔗 Doodles Korea

  • Surprise event involving custom converse all stars with Doodles on them!

Doodlebank Proposals

🐷 Going Mainstream via Event Sponsorship

  • MBF.ETH has popped up this proposal regarding a public good initiative in hopes of growing the Doodle presence in the city of Miami. The goal is to provide 3-5 ETH to sponsor United Way of Miami.

Going Mainstream via Event Sponsorship

Lore + Artwork

🎨 Decentralized Toast

  • Grape Dood and Homura, the wizzy, are tandem riding a bicycle, what are friends for? Apparently helping you spark one while driving…

  • To celebrate Doodles’ birthday, Decentralized Toast sent the first grape to space! Pretty sweet ship if you ask me.

  • Doodles giveaway art, the grape dood is looking thicker than a bowl of oatmeal, admiring his newly minted space ship.

🎨 Mnewbis

  • The note face has now become a screen, a combination of digital identity and Mnewbis’ most frequently used gif.

🎨 Captainwinky.eth

  • Has been on derivative tear for quite some time, right now the meta is holo doods with visors. Check out the one they made for Gator Dad’s devil dood.

  • The collection is growing.

  • Doodles rave for birthday celebration, itty bitty doods FTW!

  • Bubblegum double Doodle for Kuya!

🎨 Mr. G

  • Has devised his own color palette and made a nice edit for the token wizzy, none other than Adam Hustle.

  • Another one DJ Khaled voice, for Colorchartist’s Barbarosa dood.

🎨 Uncoloreddood

  • Came out with a super neat spooky banner for the loresmith Parallel, just in time for Halloween season. This art style of Doodles and from Juiced is totally new, its fun to see a new interpretation of the doodle characters! Trick-or-Treat, we’d say this is definitely a treat.

  • Very nice animation of Ysae’s doodle skateboarding with a cupcake that has a candle on it to celebrate Doodle’s b-day. Reminiscent of the Alfie Motion’s piece of the skateboarding shark.

  • Whipped up Calcio’s new banner, looks like the wizzy defeated an enemy just in the nick of time!

  • Juiced has made tons of derivatives of Doodle 6892 that he owns fractional pieces of, just gives you some perspective on how much he contributes to the ecosystem!

🎨 tee

  • Created a quite dope doodles collage tapestry-like asset that includes some rare-head hand drawn doodles, and traits separated from OG doodles. This piece was made for Adam Hustle.

🎨 Kduck

  • Collection of doodle derivatives she has amassed over the past year as a holder.

🎨 Casper

  • A happy birthday to Doodles from Casper and their 4 doods!

🎨 adamilenich.eth

  • Happy Birthday from Adam and his full set. The tuxedo bandito with a mullet, a rare doop, and genny box… Wheres the pukenza and the nood?

🎨 JimmyT

  • Drop Doodle # in the comments!

  • Created a Happy Birthday Doodle’s graphic with a nice cake. Here’s a few to check out!

🎨 Noodles

  • Happy birthday big bro! Mascots looking clean on this fine Monday.

🎨 w1nterfire

  • W1nterfire has transformed into a birthday candle in the shape of the number 1. Love the detail of adding the hay, howdy.

🎨 Hairdoo

  • Pawky got his haircut, newsflash he has gradient colored lettuce! Looks rare, probably nothing. A true rare head.

  • To celebrate Doodles 1st anniversary Hairdoo did animation of the three founders’ Doodles.

  • We love a Dood in uniform, Roops has quite a nice doo under his Harley.


  • Running a giveaway for a pair of custom Nike Air Force 1’s by Freshest Kicks. Winner gets their doodle painted on the shoes!

🎨 06sep.eth

  • Homura created a mosaic of the Doodles RBP mascot out of all of the 10k doodles in the collection. So many itty bitty doods, such a thoughtful creation!

🎨 ono

  • In true wizzy fashion, ono was very curious about where the wormhole outside of the wizard castle led to. To her avail, it led straight underwater! wen scuba doodles?

🔨 N3rd

  • Ramen is indeed liiiife!

  • Web 3 is like a box of chocolates, Tulip Gump. 🌷Run Tulip Run!

  • Introducing N3rdified Doodles! Here is doodlifts done up in the remix.

🎨 Doodlien

  • Check out this video compilation of 41 custom/hand-drawn space doodles ships.

  • Unearthed gigachad/ lumberjack derivative

🎨 Reyez

  • Ahead of the spooky halloween party, Reyez whipped up Clouted’s dood a new costume dubbed “The Emo Daddy.” Punk rock clouted, so angsty.

🎨 Juicyju

  • Check out all of the different derivatives Juicy has made this year. To begin the most iconic the Home Depot doods, IYKYK. She is a derivative goddess!

🎨 Pratik

  • Music Mashup of Blocktones x Reyez Music x Canon Doodles animation

🎨 Mashiroka

  • Jonny’s doodle #8939 had a commissioned made and is proclaiming to be ready for DoodlePutt for Art Basel In December!

🎨 Palladium + Adam Hustle

  • A clouted mullet and a double holo dood walk into a bar… They leave together on a one-seater bicycle, and spark one up. This is what friends are for!

  • Palladiums drops what appears to be a trailer from something, maybe Doodly things??🎈

🎨 Cryptopia

  • Cryptopia loves to draw shrunken down mini dood derivatives, for the Doodles’ birthday delibration we have the mascot wearing nikes and holding a croissant at their butt. The coffee has rainbow steam and a doop matter remix that looks like the Harry Potter golden snitch but doodified, TriWizzy vibes!

  • Chief Brand officer, Pharrell, gets the Cryptopia treatment🤠

  • Just in time for winter, introducing the RBP mascot beanie! Super cleanie beanie!

🎨 Journey2Doodle

  • Celebrates Doodles’ Birthday posting highlights of some of our favorite pieces. Keep on keeping on, will someone get this gem their doodle already. Please and thank you.

🎨 NFT Sushi

  • 4 very nice Doodle derivatives from Sushi’s past year. We love the Sushi. 🍣

🎨 Miki

  • Does a subtle flex in the form of an animation collage of their animated doodles the past year. Miki is going to auction off a ticket that is redeemable for an animation just like these 👀🎟

Introducing - The Miki ticket

  • Details

    • Tuesday 10/25 9am PST

    • Starting Price - .123eth🌈

    • Will be on Opensea

🎨 Veytsdaman

  • Veyt has been out here this year straight killin the game and chillin. Always jumps into the lore, expands his horizons, and enjoys giving back to the community. Veyt is gonna go way up in 2023!

🎨 skullyvibes.eth

  • Skully made a 2 layer digital cake for Doodles 1st b-day.

🎨 sam4acre.eth

  • Whipped up a puffy 3d animation for Basha of their big green beard green hoody wizard. Oh so puffy, an awfully cozy wizard.

🎨 Cashie

  • Depicts Calcio the wizzy riding on a cloud instead of a skateboard, cloud has rainbow puke trail being emitted. Looks eco-friendly!

🎨 NF3

  • The last piece of the Doodles puzzle enters via Burnt Toast’s hand in the wormhole.

🎨 cappy

  • A collection of yellow doodle derivatives for a true OG dood, one awesome spread indeed. 💛

🎨 Cyclo

  • Cyclo has been killing it this past year, here is a thread of some of his favorite doodle derivative work he’s done so far.

🎨 Pjetch

  • It’s been a minute since we’ve seen an animation by PJ but he’s back with a banger. Blowdrying Burt Toast’s hair and morphing into fvckrender!

  • Perfy care package officially landed! Obsessed with Vasa’s leveraging of their Doodles IP.

🎨 Kuyamark

  • Kuya is here for the community, getting + making derivatives, and making doods very happy. Incredible collection and such a great contributor to the doodleverse.

🎨 CV

  • Derivative for Adam Hustle, anime Doodle meets Skyrim type of vibe!

Products + Companies

🔨 Doodfreshener

  • Pokestash aka Doodler1967 recently dropped their Shopify site, that sells die cut air fresheners for your care using Doodles IP. You smell me?

🔨 Comoco Labs

  • Sneak peeks are coming in, here is 8270’s ape

  • Full body animated doods!!!!

🔨 Cryptofoxes

  • I spy with my little eye, a pixel dood that looks like a mini doodlifts. 💚


  • In celebration of Doodles’ first birthday, MYTY open it motion capture technology to all Doodles holders

🔨 Perfy

  • Introducing: The Chase the Rainbow Perfy Challenge!

  • Perfy sponsored to provide top 2 scorers on Noodles Chase the Rainbow Space Doodles and Noodles game their superfood soda.

  • Play here:

  • Perfy + Holo mascot + Doodle writing supplies from NFT NYC, the continuity of imaging is unCANny.

🔨 Bug City

  • The Bug City project by the doodler, Meme_monster recently celebrated raising 1 million dollars! What a win for a doodler founded project!

🔨 Noodles

  • Chase the Rainbow Bounty Program is live, check out list of bounties below!

🔨 Candy Republic

  • Hosts first AMA moderated by Clouted.

  • A BananaCandy genesis NFT was given away to a lucky listener!

  • Hired Wuff.eth as Lead dev.

🔨 Nibbl

  • Nibbl partners with the official lending platform for Doodles, NFTfi, to do a airdrop of fractionalized pieces of doodle #4081

🔨 Adventures of Pip

  • Posts all-time high sale at .97 ETH.

  • Hosting “Pip-oween contest”, winner recieves a new Pip pieces. FREE!

📰 Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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