The TGIDigest: Week of 10/24/2022

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

Official News

🌈 Nothing this week but something is in the air!

Team Action + Speculation

👀 Brandon Rosenblatt

  • Word on the street is that the upcoming Doodles figurine will NOT have any pre-orders. This begs the question: will we be able to pick them up IRL at DoodlePutt? Or is it merely no online pre-orders so they will be shipped quickly? Or is the only way to buy one be IRL at Art Basel and will be shipped at a later date?

  • Another angle captured from Burnt Toast’s instagram story.

👀 Katelin Holloway + Julian Holguin

  • Will be speaking at Lisbon’s Web Summit about what’s next in the NFT space by exploring the pillars of success for Doodles.

  • When: November 1st -4th.

👀 Alexis Ohanian

  • Made an Instagram carousel post crediting 776 partner and Doodles Board of Directors member Katelin Holloway for leading and winning 776’s deal with Doodles.

👀 Julian Holguin

  • Did an interview on CNBC’s ‘Closing Bell’ to talk Doodles, Markets, and the next phase of NFTs.

  • One leg up Doodles had upon launch was their solid reputation in the space, Burnt Toast’s art that is universally loved, and the brand’s potential to scale.

  • He gives a shoutout to the founder’s marketing and business tactics that made the project stand out: closing discord early (controversial but trendsetting), creating a different license on IP compared to other projects before them, and the fact they began as a DAO where the community could power the roadmap.

  • In the last 4 or 5 months, projects who took these ideas as a serious long term business opportunity are the only ones managing to be sustainable right now. It’s all about endurance!

  • “With Doodles we have an opportunity to stay quiet, build, and really scale with purpose and intention.”

  • “This is a collectibles business, and we are trying to reinvigorate what on-chain digital collectibles look like and how a fan can take part of a brand from the minute it launches until we’re as big as a company as Pokemon, if that ever happens one day.”

👀 Alex Ohanian and Katelin Cruse

  • Interviewed on CNBC’s Crypto World.

  • The 4 important features of Doodles: Team, Community, Roadmap…and later on, the technology behind the artwork. (Trojan Horse)

  • What is it about Doodles team that stood apart: Noise is gone (bear market) and builders are building things that people will love. The team are exceptional story tellers, brand builders, and community builders.

  • Innovation rarely starts mainstream, then it grows, evolves, and expands to serve others. NFTs are in their infancy.

  • The Doodles team is incredibly thoughtful and inclusion is at the heart of what they are doing.

Community Spaces/Threads + Perspectives

📢 Chef Tony P

  • A thread of the Doodles team accompanied by their pfps. A good list to follow if there are any folks you don’t already have in your feed. FREE GAME!

📢 October 23rd is : Chef Tony P Day

  • 10/23/22- The day Chef Tony P joined Doodles.

  • Doodle acquired from: Bapling.

  • Tony P just wants to be a cowboy baaaaaby.

  • Your favorite dynamic duo just got a whole lot more dynamic!

  • Safe to say, the community is just as stoked as he is!

  • Let the memes begin.

  • Veyt did it too well. Embodying: Noodles, House of Bandits, and TGID!

📢 Nitty B

  • Nitty coming in with an extremely in-depth analysis from high level to down in the weeds take on Reddit NFTs. MUST READ! 🤣

📢 Doodlien

  • Thoughts on Reddit avatars and their relation to Doodles 2.


  • A fresh episode of JKB aired on October 25th, celebrating 1 year in crypto!

📢 Crier

  • Will Doodles 2 have Reddit integration, with 776 investment ties to Reddit are fairly close to home for 776 founder Alexis Ohannian (Co-founder of Reddit).

📢 Tom

  • Examining Doodles 2 information around the verbiage ‘character’ when referring to the NFT.

📢 Guda.eth

  • Examining Dapper Labs’ Success with Blockchain-based Digital Sport Collectibles.

📢 kduck

  • WGMI Weekly Doodles Summary - 10/23

📢 philrayho

  • 4 most obvious use cases Web 2 brands can experiment with Web 3 and NFTs.

📢 JeremyNation.eth

  • Two news articles posted on the block: 1 on Twitter being dropped from S&P 500 and the other pertaining to Big Brain Capital.

📢 jennyfromtheblockchain.eth

  • Celebrating 100th episode of NFT Catcher Podcast, Congrats dood!!

Trait Sub-community News

🔗 LoFi Doods

  • Animation of a coffee shop including cameos by: Arbie, Doodles Mascot, Cyclo, Pjetch, Youngsun, Alfie Motion (old alfie), Tulip, Poopie, Nate Alex, and Turk backed by some LoFi beats.


🔗 Fin’s Beach Bar

  • Steeve has stated that in order to receive this week’s airdrop, members must dress their doodle up in a halloween costume and post it in this thread. For those who are neither in the queue or bar there is still a chance if you participate in this Call to Action.

Doodlebank Proposals

🐷 Stretchy Doodles Prints on Taffy, why not?

  • Doodler JeremyNation.eth has stretched his imagination (pun intended) on creating a new Doodles product. Introducing: Doodles Taffy! With the use of small pieces of white taffy print on doodle designs using edible ink with a food grade printer. Fun for all ages.

  • At this point it is just a forum post, he’s gauging community sentiment and open to discussion on where his ask should land.

Lore + Artwork

🎨 Journey2Doodle

  • Pawky is on the can, ran out of toilet paper, and reading the TGIDigest in print. Hope he doesn’t try to wipe with it.

  • Derivative made by Captainwinky.eth.

  • Journey whipped up two Doodles mascot costumes and asks : Cat v Clown?

🎨 El Stuff

  • Doodles Date night, flowers, and painting! They decided to paint El Stuff’s Doodles, talk about bonding. Check the thread to see progress!

🎨 N3rdfather

  • Starting a new initiative selling Doodles fan art, and donating 75% of proceeds to other Doodlers to help kick off their businesses and or projects.

  • Nerdified Bandit and Dark moded N3rdfather. Freaky Friday!

  • N3rds color palette looking NICE!

🎨 Meme Monster

  • Used AI to turn Doodlifts into Doodettelifts. Damn shawty 👀

  • The AI engine is available in Bug City discord.

🎨 Kerstin

  • Caught flexing a dr. Perfy rally kit. Never lacking, quite an aesthetically pleasing unboxing experience.

🎨 Cryptopia

  • Mini dood version of Tulip with some piping hot doodly coffee. Yo Tulip, is that a snuggie?

🎨 Mnewbis

  • The Mnewbis note face has many iterations, the latest in his new Halloween costume. We’ve got horns, skulls, dark hair, lots of red ominous vibes.

  • Woody form Toy Story costume for Metazord.

  • “I have a res a Dorsia.” - American Psycho

  • Who you gonna call? Call Kevin! 🚫👻

🎨 Magic Mullet

  • Acoustic guitar and singing, didn’t know twitter voice was a thing. One thing we can say for sure is that it was made for banger seshes like this. GMULLET.

🎨 Bandit

  • Doodle Bandit in 3D, feeling cute but might delete. Looks like a Comoco Labs v2, much more crisp than their genesis.

🎨 Cyclo

  • What do you get when you cross Buzz lightyear into the Doodleverse. Cyclo has answered that question. Introducing: Buzz Lightdoop!

🎨 Doodlien

  • Doodlien’s costume this year includes some mild gore, lots of red, and horns. Deviled space eggs anyone? 🍳😈

🎨 Banana Candy

  • BC is going Trick-or-Treating as none other than the Doodles mascot themself.

  • Open edition minting of Lovebybc of their version of bananafied reddit avatar. Minting for free now!

  • Gif testing going on… Is this a new derivative design? A new derivative making engine? We need answers!

🎨 06sep.eth

  • Realized his AirPod dood is a great match and the perfect way to display his Blocktones!

🎨 Palladium

  • Clouted mullet skelly with the hollow wish bone and holo background for Halloween.

🎨 Reyez Music

  • Uses some music as sound effects on this super clean 3D animation of Mr. Adam Hustle’s Wizzy.

🎨 Tomismeta

  • The dooddit concept has entered the chat…

🎨 06sep.eth

  • Has turned their Noteface on their purple chain Wizzy dood into an mp4 of their Blocktones.

🎨 Avocadora

  • Celebrates their wirthday with a custom Doodles cake! Epic piping work, vivid color palette, absolutely adorable, and top notch execution. Happy birthday avocadora! 🥑🎂

🎨 Bandit

  • Whipped up a clean dark mode for Chef Tony P. Did an excellent job preserving the transparent skin tone and background. Kept it as an homage to Burnt Toast while still adding his signature Bandit flare.

🎨 miki

  • The winner of the 1st miki ticket giveaway, Matthew, has since received their animated dood. Big Miami Vice vibes. 🏝

  • The winner of the 1st miki ticket auction is: Toro! Animation loading…

🎨 Zenra

  • Whipped up a commission for Boat.eth incorporating their Space Dood in the Birb Ship, gutter and cool cats! Cross project commission depicting a day on the ocean.


  • Went for a slice at Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn and saw that Vetysdaman and El Stuff’s doods were slapped up, quite nice placement. Such a fun way to share doodliness asynchronously IRL.

🎨 Juiced

  • Juiced whipped up a banner for new community member James Doodleson of his beanie dood riding his mekarhino through a doodly cave.


  • For his birthday his lovely wife Anabelle bought him a legendary neon sign of his Doodle. Needless to say, such an epic doodly b-day present! Happy Birthday Dood.

🎨 Honnns

  • Custom Melted ink for Tenacious Ace. In order to secure you must mint a melting tube for 0.5ETH on OpenSea.

🎨 NateDigital.eth

  • For FUD’s birthday Nate whipped up BNYC derivative (Bored Nape Yacht Club) for smashing together his Bored Ape and FUD’s Doodle.

🎨 lostlad

  • Whipped up a Halloween costume for their genesis box, very spooky wearables inside. 👻

🎨 Pinkzebra

  • Won a pair of custom converse with their Doodle on them from a Korean Doodles giveaway!

Products + Companies

🔨 Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult

  • The Wizard’s cult incorporates the Doodles mascot as a character in their new storyline.📖

  • We are currently unsure if this is an official or licensed collaboration between Doodle and the Wizards team.

🔨 Flipside Crypto

  • New Doodles Dashboard #6, User’s activities.

🔨 House of Bandits

  • New Alphabandits trait alert: The Kat, based on Kat’s (1/3 of JKB) iconic dood.

  • New Alphabandits trait alert: Nates Chain, based on NRN’s Nate Digital.

  • A new crown trait was dropped to honor notable community member mrbarongarden.

🔨 NRN: Non-Refungible Network

  • The upcoming NRP: Non-Refungible Podcast episode is with MYTY’s project marketing manager ROSC talk about their motion camera tech product vision. The team utilized their MYTY avatars during the episode as well.

🔨 minbo

  • Awhile back minbo dropped a tweet seeing if anyone was interested in receiving a free Doodles hoodie he would be making. Some time has passed and we have more details. Information includes a mock up design:

    • tag with twitter handle and doodle #

    • back of hood has list of your doodles’ traits

    • front heart pocket area has your doodles pfp

    • pre-sale list will be made and will be FCFS


  • N3rdifier Mint live on 10/27, 2pm EST for .05 ETH

  • Burn a N3rdifier for a customized NFT

  • Announces collaboration with Mnewbis, Mr G and Journey to Doodles as well!

🔨 Noodles

  • Blast back to genesis merch collection.

  • Grand prix winners overseas packages are landing!

🎨 Kuyamark

  • Chase the Rainbow Grand Prix Poopie Challenge loot including Doodles x Noodles intergalactic experience team Ben Davis shirt!

🎨 Nowayjose.eth

  • Won the Noodles Chase the Rainbow Poopie planet raffle and his swag and Perfy has landed.

📰 Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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