The TGIDigest: Week of 10/3/2022

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

Official News

🌈 Doodles Official Twitter

  • Cue Werm! Portal on floor connects to portal on wall. Where is this realm? What is this teleportation system? Why does Burnt Toast love the werm? Why is this place so mucusy?

  • B B B B BBBB Birb is the word. This 4 picture collage tweet has become a viral trend that everyone and their grandmother is making memes of. Animated birb, now thats a happy Thursday if we’ve ever seen one.

Speculation/ Team Action

👀 Burnt Toast

  • Leaks earliest concept of Doodles, absolutely epic. Can notice some awesome community members’ inception and some total grails that didn’t make the cut. Will the frog doodle make it to Doodles 2??

  • In response, The Doodle Army took the long hair with flower trait Doodle sketch, added color, to produce a few concepts of what it may have looked like if it made it into the OG Doodles collection

👀 Froggy Firm

  • Seemingly in response the Froggy firm has sprung up, piloted by Winky, with some fun community missions!

👀 LinkedIn

  • Doodles site has 10 available position, LinkedIn used to have 10 now there is only 9. The one that is omitted now is: Head of Strategic Finance

Community Spaces/Threads + Perspectives

📢 W1nterfire

  • He proposes in custom 1/1 Doodles jacket! ****Congratulations to Azkedda and w1nterfire! Too much sauce!


  • Danny sweeps 8 Doodles for 60 ETH, Whale watching last Saturday

📢 Jenny from the Blockchain

  • Jenny has a weekly market recap segment in addition to her podcast and other content!


  • JKB and the Noodles team talk about noodthing

📢 Rainbow Launch

  • Rainbow Launch starts a community-led Doodlebank proposal launchpad and community account amplification platform 🌈🚀

  • Dive into the Noodles history, upcoming Doodlebank proposal, and building a brand within the Doodle community.

  • Rainbow Launch puts out a snapshot delegation guide to help those who want to vote on the upcoming Chase the Rainbow proposal but don’t want to vote with their vault.

Trait Sub-community News

🔗 Korea Doodles

  • Korean Doodles Camp photos, it seems like theses doodlers met up and had a lot of fun and productive discussions!

🔗 Doodles Disco

  • Created by Marv_sun, the Doodles Demo Depot. A Doodles community-led SoundCloud page

🔗 Fin’s Beach Bar

  • Airdrop #3 ‘For the Pours’ gets sent only to those in the queue. Smells like trading season! Or is that teenage spirit?

  • Steve drops some unused artwork, showing some love to the balloons🎈

  • Fin’s has its own planet, drawn by Cyclo that stands out in the new Noodles game, chase the rainbow.

🔗 Wizzy Ministry

  • Cryptopia is working on a Wizzy NFT collection. 74 of them will have the same traits that the OG collection has. More details loading!

  • Huydatpham drops a sick animated wanted poster with a reward for the Doodles mascot Doodle. Do I smell some alpha?

Doodlebank Proposals

🐷 Chase the Rainbow Scaling

  • Author: Noodles Team

  • Ask: 25 ETH

  • Problem identified: Unable to continue scaling/ improving space doodles game without funding

  • Solution: Create a bounty system to incentivize community developers to drive improvements, funds for game up keep, operations, marketing, and tournament prizes

  • VOTE IS LIVE at 12pm PST

  • Chase the Rainbow Grand Prix tournament (sponsored by Doodles) goes live then as well. Tournament is being streamed in Doodle’s discord

  • Voters will receive a POAP

Initial Proposal

Thread by Rainbow Launch

How to play Chase the Rainbow

JKB talk about Noodles

Fin’s Beach Bar x Chase the Rainbow Tournament

Chase the Rainbow Doodle Derivative

Chase the Rainbow Grand Prix

🐷 Doodle Gifs

  • Author: Jon_HQ

  • Ask: 6.9ETH, initial grant of 1.69 ETH

  • Problem identified: Use of and access to Doodle gifs is subpar.

  • Solution: Commission more gifs to be made by community artists, and upload them to most trafficked gif hosting sites.

  • Seems like quite a low cost to kick of an increase of brand recognition.

Doodle Gifs - Get Doodle gifs in the hands of normies, today!

Lore + Artwork

🎨 NEW DERIVATIVE by hairdoo app

  • Drop in the comments to get your appointment locked in. Their filling up like hotcakes!

  • When at Hairdoo appointment, request the JKB special.

🎨 Bae

  • Showing off her spicy new Doodles x Noodles merch collab before the JKB talks about Noodles spaces.

🎨 Pheew

  • Dropped ‘Happy Friday Vol 8 - Spiritual guide’ playlist on Soundcloud, collab with @Iamcyclo’s artwork

🎨 YG

  • Drops new album ‘I GOT ISSUES’

  • Cyclo makes gif with YG album attached

🎨 Freshestkicks.eth

  • Custom Nike AirForce 1’s for Dana Taylor featuring her grail bucket hat puffer RBP. Just in time to celebrate!

🎨 NF3

  • Release Doodles puzzle piece 4/10… Cooking

🎨 D•_•D

  • Sharing some uncoloreddood derivatives and his Doodle x Pukenza combo. Speculating about what the team with do for 1st Anniversary.

🎨 Meme Monster

  • Meme of the week goes to: … Doodle #10,001 selling for 690 ETH to Mr. Tulip!

🎨 KillShotCA.eth

  • Has been on a Doodle mash up tear. If you own multiple doods, hit him up and see what mashes well!

🎨 N3RD

  • Nerdifed Veytsdaman

🎨 Reyez Music

  • Drops a new tune over Alfie Motion’s ‘Brainbow’

🎨 Clouted

  • Drops debut single: Pushin E, a remix of Future and Gunna (both Doodle holders) Pushin P

🎨 NFT Sushi

  • Scarecrow Doodle derivatives are in full swing. Check out Adam Hustle’s costume!

🎨 Journey2Doodle

  • Introducing: Would you like a cup of joe dood?/ Would you like a spot of tea dood? Comment Doodle # for this fun GM derivative

🎨 Jake Ryan

  • Former NFL pro turned photographer and entrepreneur Jake Ryan takes delivery of the classic figurine!

🎨 Cyclo

  • Holo Snaily and Snek. Can’t stop won’t stop!

  • Fifth Dimension, auction live on Foundation.

  • Inspired by hammmer, cyclo is manifesting doodles2

🎨 Mnewbis

  • Drops a new comic with Adam Hustle, Mr. G, and Metazord. They narrowly escaped Doodlien, next stop the hooligans are headed to visit Clout.

🎨 06Sep.eth

  • Creates a mashup of Doodle’s wormhole and Genesis box to match up the portals!

🎨 Hammer

  • Can’t wait until Doodles 2, cooking up custom Doodles combining traits. Quite bullish to say the least.

🎨 BananaCandy

  • How to catch a Burnt Toast, 1 month in. Incredible artwork is being churned out. You know the drill, still no follow and we’re still not too mad about it.

  • Announces 2 new team members: Threadgirl.eth as Community Manger and Frankiebuys.eth as an advisor for his phase 2 project!

🎨 Palladium

  • Pota-toe Potato. That is some serious lettuce on that spud. Happy Chadurday from Palladium! Such a graceful potato dood.

🎨 Polly Kole

  • Whipped up one of her legendary (and quite massive) sculptures of Poopie. Outstanding job, video loading…

🎨 Cryptopia

  • How to Wizify an ape 101

🎨 BoredVinci

  • Coming at us with the Doodles Renga edit, the background and foreground make this dood feel a lot different. Quite neat homage imo.

🎨 miki

  • Has teased a rainbow ticket gif that may or may not be utilized to exchange for an animated version of your doodle. LFG

Products + Companies

🔨 The Xplorers

  • Doodler MP9X has created a pfp project around his art gallery in Milan, Italy: PlanX. There are a total of 10 artists!

🔨 Worldwide Webb

  • Doodles boss has been added to Worldwide Webb game

🔨 The Right Click Save NFT Podcast

  • New episode: ‘Social Staking’ dropped.

  • New episode: ‘Is GM a bubble?’ Metazord and Mnewbis get a shout out for their latest adventures!🫠

🔨 Flipside Crypto

  • Austin of flipside crypto releases a series of dashboards that track sales data and much more for the doodles collection as a whole, honestly above out pay-grade😂

🔨 Pado App

  • Pado adds Korean Doodles activity feed to their platform to celebrate 1 year anniversary of Doodles

🔨 Perfy

  • New article by DIELINE

  • Sodas that come in a CLEAN package with some facts and Doodles IP.

  • Article by BEVNET

Latino-Owned Soda Brand Dr. Perfy Launches Legacy Flavor with the First NFT Can

  • 7 months in, Perfy was finally profitable for the month of September 2022

  • Perfy now has token gated their discounts, including Doodles🌈 and Noodles🍜

🔨 Mnewbis

  • Mnewbis drops a couple pieces of merch to accompany his collection, forbidden love🖤

🔨 Nibbl

  • Clip explaining their philosophy behind fractionalizing an NFT


  • Youngsun is named new MYTY ambassador.

📰 Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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