The TGIDigest: Week of 10/31/2022

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

Official News

🌈 Doodle Putt

  • Sign up begins next week!

  • Doodles are partnering with tokenproof for DoodlePutt registration. Information for how to sign up is in this thread. Official sign up will begin next week!

Team Action + Speculation

👀Julian Holguin + Katelin Holloway

  • Reaching out to Doodlers who are in Lisbon for the websummit to meet up while they are in Portugal. 🆓 This is financial advice!

👀 Doodles x Instagram

  • Palladium dug up a photo from NFT NYC of CEO Julian Holguin at an instagram ‘family dinner.’ Could we see Doodles 2 instagram integration to help onboard millions of users?

👀 Brandon Rosenblatt

  • Posted photos of some textiles in packages with the Doodles tag showing. Upon further analysis of the photographs the boxes are sourced from: Labeltex Mill Incorporated. Labeltex has provided textiles for brands such as: True Religion, G-Star, Kenneth Cole, among others. We are unsure what item of clothing/merch they are, but its safe to say this isn’t your average merch.

  • Supplier:

  • Doodles tote bags or aprons?

👀 Katelin Holloway

  • Spoke on the Investing in Web 3 panel with Tascha Punyaneramitdee, Jose Macedo, and Caleb Silver at Lisbon’s websummit. No recording yet!

  • Julian, Katelin, and Kristina Corner discuss the future of the NFT space.

Community Spaces/Threads + Perspectives

📢 Nesanel6152.eth

  • Nes makes an epic thread about why he is still holding Doodles, he outlines the verticals the company is pursuing and why is here for the long haul!

📢 Sugar Shane Cultra

  • Why I love NFTs, a tale about scooping a grail doodle for a steal but deciding to trade it to a Fin’s beach bar buddy who was frantically selling assets to buy it before Sugar simply swooped in and grabbed it. Quite a wholesome read.


  • OG Doodler Doodlien, aka the arbitor of Doodles related scams has created a new account called @theswolien that is used as a feed to inform doodlers about malicious actors that are running scams. Give it a follow and switch on your notis, stay safe out there doods!

📢 RGo

  • Hot take: Doodles merch coin from NFT NYC 2022 has 2 heads on it because Doodles never lose. 🤯

📢 Pranksy

  • Is now verified on twitter and in Web 3. Flexing a verified balloon for the occasion.


  • JKB talk about Halloween!

  • Major Alpha drop: Trade during waxing crescent, that is the moon stage when NFTs will moon!

📢 Guda.eth

  • Wrote a thread on what has been going on in crypto news the past week.

📢 Braelo

  • Echoes sentiment we were having pre-JKB spaces when the Doodles broke their silence about community members/ holders concern about Doodles team communications. We have recently seen positions up for hire to scale the team, DoodlePutt event at Art Basel upcoming, some talks from Julian Holguin, Katelin Holloway, and Alex Ohanian but not a whole lot of chatter from the founders and or the Doodles official twitter.

📢 Conquad.eth

  • Recently had a call with team regarding licensing and business endeavors, he reports back that the team is “working like madmen.” Conquad acknowledges community sentiment of FUD on the timeline but is sharing this perspective to bring some positive light!

📢 Shillin Villian

  • If he had a magic wand, Shillin would make doodles pump to 100 ETH, and maybe sappy seals. Stated on Right Click Save podcast by Jimmy T and Calcio. 🌈

📢 Jon_HQ

  • IRL EVENT SECURITY TIPS. Important thread!

📢 Eric Rubens

  • Is one of the first artists to mint work directly via instagram NFT marketplace!

  • Feature on Overpriced JPEGs.

Trait Sub-community News

🔗 UK Doodles

  • NFT London is upon us this week, and the UK Doods are hosting an event.

  • Location: Flight Club Bloomsbury

  • Address: 55 New Oxford St, London WC1A 1BS, United Kingdom

  • What: Darts Bar

  • When: November 3rd (Darts area reserved 6:45-7:45 and 8:15-9:15)

Doodlebank Proposals

🐷 Rarible Builds a Doodles Community Marketplace

  • No platform fees: Doodles, Space Doodles, Dooplicators, Genesis Boxes, and future drops on other chains supported by Rarible.

  • 5 ETH ask to provide customer support and future development of the marketplace.

  • Interesting things to consider: How will Rarible structure the stolen item policy?

Lore + Artwork

🎨 Killshot

  • Burnt Toast Interscope 30th Anniversary collab hand painted vinyl cover. Gucci display box, only 100 made.

  • A revival of his Doodles mash up series, utilized as a double dip to make Chef Tony P a halloween costume. The undead cowboy dood is looking ready for doodles 2 and prepared to lasso some undead cattle.

🎨 N3rdfather

  • Whipped up a nerdified Mushy based on the movie … ??

  • Doodles Trick-or-Treat Halloween surprise, sign up via premint.

🎨 Zenra

  • Cooked up a Halloween scene for Chef Tony P who is seen in a pumpkin patch searching for a new jack-o-lantern contender!

🎨 Ilya Kazakov

  • Whipped up a truly ominous and super unique grim reaper costume and halloween derivative in their art style of Tipaschi’s skull face dood. Very neat level of detail and really loving the background remix as well.

🎨 Cryptopia

  • Happy Hadoodleen from the itty bitty mini Halloween doods! 👻

🎨 Freshestkicks.eth

  • Winky received a killer pair of custom Nike AirForce 1’s with his Doodle. This is his second pair so him and his wife can both rock custom Doodle AF1 drip. 💧

🎨 Mr. G

  • Dressing up as Dracula to go trick-or-treat. If you look carefully you’ll see his loot bag is full of doodly matter, IT ALIIIIIIIVE! 🧛🏻‍♂️

🎨 Reyez Music

  • Reyez is dressed up as Chucky form Child’s Play this Halloween. Staying true to their character, Reyez also whipped up and laid over an original Halloween themed tracked. Major Spooky SZN vibes! 🎹

🎨 Mnewbis

  • Pratik had a Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street costume made by the man himself, Mnewbis. Gore, color palette, and clothes on FLEEK.

🎨 Journey2Doodle

  • From canon happy Doodles mascot to undead dood. This gif pays homage to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

🎨 Veytsdaman

  • Costume = Chosen. Veyt will be headed to the Fin’s Halloween bash as none other than a werewolf. Looks hungry!🐺

  • Happy 35th birthday Veyt, what better way to celberate than with a Doodles cake!? We’ve never seen a Doodles cake before and now this is the 2nd in the past 2 weeks (first from avocadora last issue). Will Doodle cakes become the new norm? We sure hope it does!🎂

🎨 juicyju

  • WHY SO SERIOUS? Juicy is going as Harley Quinn. Looks cute but beware of baseball bat…

  • Wardrobe change to a Bunny! 🐰

🎨 Juiced

  • Whipped up a new banner for Doodlifts, unofficially titled “I eat and sleep in the gym.” Another pass “We are Doodlifts”, love Juiced’s take on the Doodleville gym equipped with holographic workout supplies and boombox.

🎨 Floor

  • Floor is really getting into the Halloween spirit, they are giving out Halloween derivatives. We love a good reply with your NFT for a surprise holiday derivative post. To expand, there are tons of varieties and they are quite fun. TY DOODS! 🎃

🎨 BoredVinci

  • Doodles dressed as a Bored Ape for Halloween…

🎨 N3RD Father

  • Preview of his Halloween initiative called “Boodles”.

🎨 Artfactor

  • Whipped up a very liquid and trippy gif for PaperHandedSob’s Dood with an attitood. Calm and early iTunes vibes.

🎨 AdiX.eth

  • Made Saintboy.eth’s Doodle Halloween scene complete with jack-o-lantern, costume disguise, ghosts, bats, and spiders. First feature we’ve had from AdiX.eth, we hope to see more soon!

🎨 Mayuri

  • Commission for Jonny, another anime-style dood for the moderating legend! Jonny’s Dood is wearing Travis Scott Fragment High Tops and peep, and equipped with a spray can tagging a door!

🎨 BrandYn

  • Carved his hoodie, beanie, clean boi into a Jack-o-Lantern. 🎃

🎨 Skullyvibes.eth

  • Skully has been unapologetically preparing for the Triwizzy tournament with his most recent attack on the “motion” category whipping up an animation of wizzy Adam Hustle strolling through the clouds with his wand. Mark our words: DO NOT FADE SKULLY, they are constantly producing artwork.

🎨 Alchemy Chains

  • Made a die cut Doodles pendant chain for Que Naan’s grail Flower Dood. Alchemy just recently introduced the die cut option and the flower hits super hard with it! 🌸

🎨 9ism

  • wen egghead dao? 🥚 From baldies to eggheads real quick.

🎨 Deadzies

  • Deadzies are creating Dopified Doodles, a derivative including flowers, colors, and dopamine! Get yours today by dropping your info in the comment section of this tweet.

🎨 Hairdoo

  • Veyt got a fresh blow out from the folks at Hairdoo, that mullet is lookin fiiiiine good sir. 🥬

🎨 Happynote.eth

  • Made a neat fighter scene incorporating their Doodle and a doodly bean with a ledger.

🎨 Mito do Bilhar

  • The white cozy puffer has been launched to space in response to official Doodles giving a nudge, nice green saucer.

🎨 Pokestash

  • NFT Sushi scored a Doodfreshener at the Doodles UK eventProducts + Companies

Products + Companies

🔨 Origa Masks!

  • Origa Masks, a doodles community-led project aims to assist aspiring web3 builders by offering a builders pass which gives holders assistance in building out their own projects./

    🔨 richclassdecor.eth

  • Watch this Doodle get rugged live! Really neat way to immortalize your dood by making your IP into a piece of furniture in your home.

🔨 Refillism

  • Showcasing their planet featured in Noodles Chase the Rainbow game! Refillism shop is live, they are zero waste eco-friendly brand that focuses on reusing and refillable products to help protect the environment.

🔨 Doodfreshener

  • The Doodfreshner merch has arrived just in time for UK Doodles meet up for NFT London. Smells like a fun time!

🔨 Comoco Labs

  • Comoco is introducing their new 3D HD profile pictures with the same facial expression as the OG 2D Doodles. They are available for all Doodle holders for free. As of now they appear to just be static 3D pfps, we hope that they will be able to be used with their video motion tracking platform!

🔨 House of Bandits

  • New Alphabandits trait release, Introducing: The Killshot. Bandit has been making traits in his upcoming project Alphabandits based on some of his friends and notable community members, this one goes out to the OG Balloon Devil Dood Killshot. 🎈

🔨 Candy Republic

  • Onboards Omar Layza as lead writer! Lots of lore around Banana Candy’s sophomore collection, Omar will be kept quite busy. 🤣

🔨 Right Click Save Podcast

  • Releases a new episode of their animated podcast series with guest: Shillin Villian. Must watch! Head over to Youtube.

🔨 Flipside Crypto

  • Releases Doodles Dashboard #7 which is all about: price!

📰 Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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