The TGIDigest: Week of 11/14/22

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

Official News

🌈New Canon, who dis?

  • The Doodles mascot is FLEXible, and loves flowers. Derivatives incoming...Side note, sorry NES looks like flower heads are rare😂


  • Doodles officially partners with Fam, a web3 community hub platform. Fam is slated to empower community members by allowing them to organize virtual and IRL events with ease. Make sure to get signed up with fam to stay up to date with community activities. We here at TGID were granted early access, have all of our spaces scheduled, and are looking forward to the other capabilities in-store.

🌈DoodlePutt On-Location livestream

  • The lovely ladies Juicy, Kat, and Bae are running the official livestream for DoodlePutt. I wonder if we will get a live react for whoever wins the doodle on the 9th hole?!

  • For the haters/naysayers, call Gary vee, we've got receipts!

🌈The 9th Hole Challenge

  • If you sink a hole-in-one on the 9th hole at DoodlePutt you can win a Doodle! Additionally, if you look closely in this image you can see some of DoodlePutt in the photograph. We can see a golf ball conveyor belt made out of rainbow puke and more!

Team Action + Speculation

👀Julian Holguin

  • In response to community concerns about FTX ventures funding $1m out of the $54m seed fundraising round that was led by 776, Doodle CEO reassured that FTX's insolvency does not put Doodles into any jeopardy. Doodles is positioned well, but his heart does go out to those who are effected. He hopes there is a positive resolution for those who were overexposed to FTX, and is very sympathetic towards them.


  • Julian also planted a seed that we should be receiving an Doodles 2 update fairly soon!

👀Brandon Rosenblatt

  • Dropped a teaser of Doodles golf towels that will be available for purchase at the DoodlePutt Pro Shop. CLEAN ⛳️

  • He followed up with this front and back of the earlier teased letter Jacket, with some sleuthing it was discovered the jacket will be manufactured by renowned U.S. based Jacket maker, Settlemeirs.

Community Spaces/Threads + Perspectives

📢 Derek

  • A thread on things to distract you and save your mental health during the bear market.


  • Spotted a mural in Sydney Australia seeming to be a derivative of Burnt Toast and Alfie's original animation. BT responded with "oof." Does not sound like the creator had the permission to make this.


  • RCSPOD's JimmyT cohosted a panel called "Growing your audience in Web 3"at Atomic Hub live at NFT London.

📢Eric Rubens

  • Made a thread on how the ponzi that FTX was running is frustrating and something he sees will delay our path towards mass adoption of blockchain technology.

  • On a more cheery note, on November 16th Eric minted the second ever photo on Instagram for their entry into the NFT marketplace space. It sold out, congrats Eric!

📢Swolien Scam Alerts

  • A list of active scammers that you should block!


  • Dropped a thread of artists that they recommend everyone should follow! Free game!


  • Is reminiscing on his time at Right Click, Save Podcast and the evolution of is digital identity. He's super excited that he's found is forever Dood. 💚

📢Christine from Floor

📢Alex Salnikov

  • Co-founder of the Rarible marketplace writes a powerful thread displaying his conviction to crypto. He talks about seeing the many highs and lows over the years, and why he is here to stay.

Trait Sub-community News

🧩Fin's Beach Bar

  • Mnewbis is the artist behind the most recent Fin's airdrop, Doodler magazine.

  • The Meta mastermind behind Fin's recorded a podcast episode with Nonrefungible where he gave some history and insight into the creation and future of Fins, and that he is part of a koi pond facebook group, what a legend.

🧩Wizzy Ministry

  • Has released the 4th Triwizzy Tournament update! Includes information on: marketing site and assets, a clickable prototype, and that app development is underway!

Doodlebank Proposals

🐷No new proposals

  • Nothing new on the proposal front, things seem to be quiet in the think tank discord as well!

Lore + Artwork


  • Cooking up a hectic piece with @TRAVMSK of their names and his Doodles in between them. The colors, the accuracy, and the moment are too epic!



  • Renowned web3 chain-maker offered to send Burnt Toast this custom chain pro-bono. It would be awesome to see him rock this at Basel!


  • BrandYn, a recording artist with over 100M streams, drops a new track "diamond holdin."🔥🎧


  • Another week and J2D is per usual, applying pressure. Pawky sold his pink shark, and now Pawky 2.0, the holo Poopie, was last seen using some shamPOO in the shower. The color really matches his complexion. 🤣

  • J2D made a quick compilation of Kduck, TGID, Pawky, and Noodles work.

  • In the spirit of last weeks article by the block from Julian Holguin's talk at Lisbon's Web Summit where he stated that Doodles is aiming for Disney level brand recognition, J2D is here with a Doodles Mascot x Mickey Mouse mash up.

🎨Polly Kole

  • ICYMI this stunning sculpture of Poopie by Polly rolled by our timeline again so we thought it was a good throwback from early October. We need a TGID logo sculpture by Polly, STAT!


  • With Metaverse Miami and Art Basel nearly 2 weeks away, Veyt is making Metaverse Miami themed Doodles derivatives. If you are ready to get Miamified, drop your Doodle # in the comments below!

🎨Chef Tony P

  • Dropped a deliverable compiled from Brandon Rosenblatt, Head of Brand Partnerships twitter leaks over the past 2 months featuring upcoming Doodles merch we are expecting to see at Art Basel. Items in question: Doodle Figurine, Gym Shorts, Tote Bag (maybe apron), and Letterman Jacket.


  • Full body Doodles derivative for Apex including some unique and dope bandana matching socks for his mohawk dood. wen doodles socks?


  • Got some recognition of their piece called "All things Doodles" by Vinnie Hager. Day = Made


  • Has made a song, animation, and message of the sub tagline of JKB featuring Juicy, Kat, Bae, some strobe lights, and and EDM beat drop.


  • Spotted a Doodles with space buns, brown hoodie, and beard in some window paint at Chicago's First Free Bookstore in Illinois!


  • BC must have been feeling doodly this week, throwing down a few BT derivs! The BC palette is undeniable!


  • Using a combination of AI and his talent, Cyclo transported his doodle into the world of Studio Ghibli. Wen Burnt Toast x Hayao Miyazaki?


  • This dood is singlehandedly redefining what a "doodles set" looks like. Dripped up with custom doodle painted on a billfold, valet key chain, and phone case. SHEEESH🧊


  • Toronades posted a sneak peek of a piece that juiced is making for him. Looks very royal and doodly. We love a good sneak peek.

🎨Series of Mascot derivatives

  • Decentralized Toast made a grape dood derivative of thew new canon mascot flower lover.

  • Icculus reimagined the canon piece with his super vibey baloon dood!

  • Doodlien saw a golden opportunity to put Balloondoodle in the same spot as Icculus. Mascot balloon derivatives are all the rage!

  • BananaCandy has made a bananafied version, replacing the flower/balloon with a banana in the BC palette.

  • Doodlien made one for Varoun aka Popsci, bringing smiles to our timeline! Notice the melted popsicle, its the attention to detail🤌

🎨Go Green

  • Is making Go Green Doodles, check out this one that they made for Meme Monster.

🎨OG Foami

  • Made a foam desk Doodle for Calcio. These foam doods are quite awesome, not sure about the process of how they are made but we need one of our new TGID logo!

🎨Taki Nooby Booby

  • Did a run of some custom merch that includes their doodle on the back of a hoodie and on a beanie. Do we think Doodles will eventually provide customizable merch available? Yes, yes we do.

Products + Companies

🔨Island Labs

  • Doodfamous algorithmic extraordinaire Varoun, who notably played a huge role in the launch of Space Doodles has formally announced a new venture, named Island Labs. He has partnered with another brain, NittyB, these two plus the rest of the team will make a powerhouse in the space.


  • A thread comparing the utility holders of a fractionalized Doodles NFT receive versus an OG Doodle holder.

🔨Etan aka JpegKingz

  • Its not late to get your stickers made for Art Basel! Contact Etan to get hooked up!


  • Is requesting feedback from the community on what new features people would like to see on their Floor community pages! Our vote is NEWS!

  • Follow up! TGID is now on the floor discover page! We are over the moon🚀



  • Hosting "Future Perfect" an Art Basel Experience at the Frost Museum in Miami, Florida December 2nd and 3rd. Probably nothing...



  • Has applied to be one of the first communities to sign up on Fam! LFDOOD.

  • N3RDIFIER Mint price is getting a discount due to market conditions. See below!


  • Doodler Veganbeef did the smart contract and backend architecture for Evaluate, a chat-based NFT trading platform. It is now live!

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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