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The TGIDigest: Week of 11/21/22

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

Official News

🌈 Doodleputt Schedule revealed

  • The full Doodleputt schedule got dropped on twitter, confirming the afterparty! We also see Opensea was added as a title sponsor, very cool!

🌈 Signed Prints

  • For Doodles 1st anniversary the team ran a discord giveaway to celebrate. 10 vinyl figurines (5 normal colorway, 5 holographic) open to just Doodlers. 150 prints signed by Burnt Toast open to Doods, Doops, and Boxers. We are here to announce that the prints and signed and have begun shipping.

  • If you won any of these giveaways please see the channel that has been opened that provides instructions on how to claim your winnings. Winners have until December 1st, 2022 to claim their signed prints.

Team Action + Speculation


  • Poopie was in discord his past Friday and had lots of great insight on: team scaling, Doodles 2, DoodlePutt, and beyond.

  • Team Scaling, at the moment the hiring process is going quite slowly, they have hired an entire time to simply sort and filter applications. Jordan shared a screenshot that showed there were 1935 applications to review. At the current stage the team is at in product development of Doodles 2, Space Doodles, and beyond, the team can't spend much more than a quarter of each day interviewing, in short, it's gonna take some time. We also did learn that 776 absolutely helps with talent acquisition, mega bullish.

  • The methodical speed to onboard new heads to Doodles HQ lends itself to the fact that "we need experts, not vibe captains." Quality control is in full effect, the team is being very meticulous with talent acquisition, and it's safe to say that we will be very happy with those who arise victorious through this hiring gauntlet.

Doodles 2

  • When propositioned by community members stating that they hope the team does not rush out Doodles 2 at the bottom of the bear market and instead chose to launch during more of a sweet spot, Poopie agreed that the team feels the same sentiment and said that due to this actuality there will be a form of closed beta in various stages of it's launch. After some bits of prodding and poking Poopie stated "...If you are wondering what I'm up to - we're building doodles 2. It's a huge endeavor but we have testnet contracts working/deployed + and an innovative solution for interactive animations rendered in mobile/ desktop web browsers w/o Unity or w/e." A fun fact we learned is that not only will Doodles 2 be animated, there will be animated traits. This should get our synapses firing. For those who were present in the discord during this discussion Poopie dropped and very quickly deleted a prototype Doodles 2 animation demonstrating the technological side of scaling the size. The artwork still needs some tweaking to adjust alongside, but we did get to see it, and it was very exciting. Before you ask, WE WILL NOT LEAK, Doodlifts does not want to get banned by King Poop. 😅😅


  • When asked about Doodles 2 launching on Instagram and possibly becoming the "go-to pfps" on their new NFT marketplace, Poopie said that toasty's thread is a spectacle. Etai stated that there must be some legal boudaries to why Poopie could not reply to the IG integration allegations, and Poopie just said "hehehe"

  • To clarify one of Poopie's statements, he said something to the effect that instagram has "avatars but nobody knows." Some people misinterpreted this as doodles are secret instagram avatars. This is not the case, he meant that instagram already has a bitmoji like function that nobody uses.

Art Basel/DoodlePutt

  • As per the website and Doodles Official Twitter we see the team is hosting DoodlePutt December 2nd and 3rd Noon to 10pm. However Poopie mentioned "It's cold in Miami, bring your jackets for the afterparty." Every Doodles event that has been hosted so far has included a live music performance/afterparty and it appears like this years Art Basel will follow suit. In Miami, we do a little afterparty.

  • In addition for folks like JKB and us here at TGID, Poopie said "we're doing stuff to support spaces hosters. ppl will see at basel." As we have seen that JKB will be hosting the DoodlePutt livestream that is a testament to his word. They have such an incredible opportunity and its safe to say that this is just the beginning for IRL opportunities slated to our community's spaces hosts. LFDOOD. We LOVE to see it.

    • Additionally, if anyone is curious about the production quality of DoodlePutt. "We spent millions, it pushes everything we've done so far to the next level." - Poopie


  • There has been chatter in think tank for quite sometime about restructuring how the Doodlebank work but it has had a fair deal of push back. Poopie mentioned that the rules and functionality of Doodlebank is "getting a total revamp." To add one, he stated "we're adding a temporary role to design new governance!" OUT OF NOWHERE, for the folks at Rainbow Launch and the Doodles community at large, expect a substantial revamp of the Doodlebank!

  • Poopie teased an idea that he'd like to see "Doodles sharktank using doodlebank funds wit holders voting for capital allocation." We definitely think something as captivating as this idea could move leaps and bounds to increase voter participation for proposal and lead to greater disbursement of funding to community endeavors. Having holder prepare for a sharktank style audition would be a change of pace, but it would be exciting andexhilirating. One of the main critiques of the current DB condition is to galvanize holders to get out and vote, adding something sensational like a live show that permitted individuals to: A. be presented a pitch by the community creators, B. vote on multiple proposals on the same day, C. building the Doodlebank voting process into the Doodles storytelling universe, all sounds good to us!


  • The CEO with a quick update on how things are going with Doodles. 💙

👀Evan Keast

  • Free Tulip!!

  • Is featured in WEB3 WORLDS: Vancouver's Impact on the Metaverse. Doodles gotta to flex a little bit too. Peace, love, tulip. 🌷

  • Tulip discussed many topics on a thanksgiving spaces hosted by Jfellz. He gave a lot of insight into what the team is thinking for growth in the upcoming year. He made a point to stop in as Burnt Toast and himself were walking to paint a mural at Doodleputt👀

  • The thread below gives a excellent breakdown of the spaces

  • If you have the time give the recording of the space a listen!🎧

    Soundcloud Link for Jfellz Twitter space


  • New day, New leaks. We present to you: Doodles Golf Polo and Gym Shorts! The Head of Brand partnerships has stated that both of these fine textiles will be available at the DoodlePutt Pro Shop! LFGolf.

  • HYDRATE OR DIE! Doodles have even got custom water bottles at DoodlePutt. They seem to be taking the term 'immersive experience' quite seriously this go around. People are getting fomo from a picture of a watter bottle. #thirsttrap

  • We have got teaser image of the GM miami tee! GM gif logo along wita golf ball on a tee.

  • This GM tee may be different style than the infamous GM Austin tee from SXSW 2022, as spotted by Hank it appears there may be a graphic on the back. NTA (not textile advise)!

👀Burnt Toast

  • Its official, BT has his own Instagram filter!

  • A super blurry teaser of the full layout of the DoodlePutt facility and grounds was dropped as a bit of a troll. wen Miami? SOOOOOOOOOON. Keep teasing plzzzz.

Community Spaces/Threads + Perspectives

📢 guda.eth

  • New crypto news weekly update 🧵

📢 Happynote.eth

  • Speculation surrounding why Burnt Toast did not partner with Instagram pilot of their NFT marketplace. Could be due to the fact that he does not have time for any side projects. Could be because Doodles may be looking/ already be arranging integrating Doodles 2 into instagram as 'avatars' and 'digital collectibles'.

  • This thread dives much deeper and posits a quite plausible connection.

📢 Palladium

  • Dug up his investigative work adding to the Doodles x Instagram potential future collaboration.

📢 Hankthecat

  • Howdy partner, Hank recently brought a Maine Coon cat named Louie this month and this week scooped a cowboy Doodle. The household is growing exponentially quick. cats n hats cat n hats cat n hats.

📢 SantanDood

  • Here dropping some facts, and optimism. Reminding us about the power of perspective when assessing how Doodles floor price is at the moment. The team has a lot in store, patience is a virtue anon.

📢 Jennyfromtheblockchain

  • New episode of her weekly recap videos. She mentions that there will probably be a delay due to moving to a new state and holidays. These videos will be missed in the interim but it is something fun we have to look forward to in the new year!


  • Juicy, Kat, and Bae are expanding into the froyo space and will be having Poopie as a guest on this weeks episode of JKB. Introducing: Juicykatbaerry!

  • JKB is officially on Fam. All doodlers, doops, and genesis boxers make sure to sign up for fam to stay up to date with all of JKB's upcoming spaces!

📢 Nitty B

  • Nitty is rallying the troops and reminding us that the Doodles team is dreaming big, and one of the things he is most excited about is the revamp of the Doodlebank. The Doodle core community is as live as ever, but with the Doodlebank functioning more like a well oiled machine, we should see big moves occur.

📢 8270

  • Saw a window of opportunity to scoop up an iconic Doodle and pulled the trigger. With an assist by Adam Hustle, 8270 is holding this musical dood for a rainy day if the OG magic mullet ever wants to ape back in.

  • Brings up the idea of "Rent to Attend" NFTs for IRL events, thoughts?

Trait Sub-community News

🧩Fin's Beach Bar

  • Steeve has posted a manifesto describing the experience of the past weeks of fin's and the future plans for expansion. IYKYK.

  • Fin's Beach Bar Official Twitter has entered the chat...

  • Are you not in Fin's yet? Here is your chance, read this thread to find out how!

  • For those looking to complete their set of Fin's Beach Bar tokens, FYI Degentraland was airdropped a surplus of Faded at Fin's tokens. NFA

  • The final fin's season 1 token has been airdropped. Spiky Sharky designed by Odyssey.

  • Feast your eyes on: A full Fin's Beach Bar set. CLEAN!

🧩Howdy Doods

  • Cowboy hat doodler W1nterfire has opened a group chat called 'Howdy Doods' for all the cowboy doodles. If you have one or know someone with a cowboy dood, make sure to have them reach out to get added. New trait sub community ALERT. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!🤠

Doodlebank Proposals

🐷Doodles Gifs by Jon_HQ

  • A proposal is in discourse currently that aims to proliferate the Doodles brand via GIFS. In a thanksgiving night spaces, hosted by Jfellz, Tulip stated that he really wanted this style of proposal to pass and offered to "spearhead" the initiative!

    Doodles Gifs

Lore + Artwork

🎨 Jeremy Nation

  • In the Thanksgiving spirit has been slapping raw turkeys on to Doodle faces. If your dood is lacking some poultry, hit up Jeremy and he'll get you right.

🎨 Adam Hustle

🎨 Hydrogel.eth

  • New Doodles business cards fit for a PhD, Doodle of Philosophy that is ... 🤪supplier is linked in the subsequent tweet if you would like to get your own made.

  • This is no ordinary business card, video below...


  • We are so cereal Pawky, so sooper cereal. What's a holo dookie head dood's favorite cereal? Froot Doops. this is not a paid advertisement for froot doops, pawky is not a paid actor to our knowledge.

  • Illustrated King Charles sitting on a bench eating a popsicle, the bench is situated on a road made of rainbow puke that is being rained down from the clouds. Precipitation in the Doodles nation! 🌧 Doodleverse precipitation alpha is being dropped, cloudy with a chance of RBP.


  • This was a piece we have gotten teasers about, and have been eagerly anticipating. Juiced made this animation for Toronades depicting his Doodle on horseback headed to the castle floating on the edge of the Doodleverse. WE GET TO GO INSIDE THE CASTLE, and it is truly spectacular, nothing short of magical. Once Toro gets inside, he drops his sword into its holding shelf, confetti and music emote, and the dance party begins. Hands down one of the best pieces of the Doodles storytelling universe to date. Bravo!


  • You know what this iconic mascot animation was sound of course. Silly goose, Reyez has us covered, don't fret!


  • Was comissioned to create the merch graphics for Calcio and Jimmy T's first RCSPOD merch in time for Art Basel. Word on the street is that it will be available in Miami. Look out for some handsome lads wearing Doodles and Star Wars garb. Keep your eyes peeled.

🎨Banana Candy

  • Coming at us with a bananfied Burnt Toast derivative of his own Doodle riding on a moped. Can't forget the inspirational quote either. Peace, love, bananas.

  • While this might not be part of the #howtocatchaburnttoast series since BC has the Burnt Toast follow nowadays, it does seem like he's back on a Burnt Toast derivative friendly. And a GM to you good fellow!


  • Whipped a commission in a super neat 3D videogame-esque styling for Jonny.


  • Normally we don't have any Doodles related cards, but this week we have 2. The first one was a physical card with an RFID chip and this one is a 3D rendered animation. This card is a proof of ownership of a Doodle, with a blood fingerprint!


  • Here is a compilation of the first 4 miki ticket animations for: Toro, Jonny, Matthew, and Techy. Miki ticket #5 must be up for sale pretty soon one would surmise.



  • Needless to say real doods wear pink! Died his hair pink in time for DoodlePutt, word on the street that neon hair colors have a 69% better accuracy at putt putt. NFA

🎨Doodly Hallows

  • Took our TGID banner made by Journey2Doodle and made a derivative for Knigthalfa. Turns out we have our first intern that we didn't know that we hired. Grande pumpkin cream cold foam in a dirty chai latte please! STAT!

🎨Carl the Doodle

  • Has set up CarlPutt course inside of is apartment, check out the blueprint! ⛳️


  • Family Guy Doodles derivative, 5 is definitely a family.


  • Tony and the team sit down for a proper thanksgiving feast🦃 Though the mascot might have had a little too much.

Products + Companies


  • This just in, Doodfresheners make a great stocking stuffer. They are very conveniently sized for traditional stocking dimensions and are a sure fire way to start the nft/web 3 conversation with your family this holiday season. (2 birds with one stone).

🔨Right Click, Save Podcast

  • Calcio and Jimmy dropped a super dope new animated episode with the Wab and Camol from the Sappy Seals team, give it a watch to take a deep dive into arfhalla.

🔨NFT Catcher Podcast

  • Dropped a new episode with the Evaluate team to chat about their new marketplace.


  • Has gotten approved to add their app to the Apple app store! Huge development, very excited for Chris, Christine, and the rest of the floor gang.


  • If you are reading this and have yet to order your stickers from Etan the sticker dood, you are to late. :/




  • Announces that their Art Basel event 'Future Perfect' with be featuring: Tom Sach's Rocket Factory, Danny Cole, Vinnie Hager, Andrew Wang, The Box Logo Collection. Sponsors include: Atomic Form and Piñata.

🔨Vitoshi's Castle

  • Announces that winner of the game will win a floor Doodle!


  • Announces their new no-code NFT tool!

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈