The TGIDigest: Week of 12/12/22

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

Official News

🌈 Drum Network Awards

  • Doodles was a winner at The Drum Awards for Experience for their activation at SXSW 2022 in March.


  • Doodles now enforces royalties on both X2Y2 and Blur!

Team Action + Speculation

👀Julian Holguin

  • First clips emerging from Lisbon's Websummit! Have not gotten our hands on the full talk but once we do we will feature it ASAP.

  • Palladium clipped a snippet from Julian's quote in a Fast Company article from September. Let these methods for leveraging our Doodles IP sink in!


  • A Doodle dad in a Doodle dad hat, featured in Chanel's Instagram story. Probably nothing.

👀Burnt Toast

  • ICYMI Doodles WILL look good on a runway. Doodles Fashion Week? 👀


  • Evan laid out some of the companies' 2023 plans as well got the community excited about doop/genesis box rollouts.

Community Spaces/Threads + Perspectives

📢 Decentralized Toast

  • Sometimes, it's just that simple.

📢 heyjonas.eth

  • Not a fan of the price of merch. What are your thoughts on DoodlePutt capsule pricing?

📢 Pranksy

  • On December 13th, Pranksy hit 1,000 genesis boxes acquired. Conviction or Crazy? APA, ask Pranksy anything!

📢 Loldefi

📢 TGIDark

  • Episode 1 of TGIDark with Nico, Kduck, Pawky, Chef Tony, and Doodlifts has officially begun. A late night Doodles community spaces, every Thursday!

📢 9ism

  • Is bullish on DoodlePutt because of its organization, quality, and design.


  • The ladies of JKB hosted the team from TGID to discuss the upcoming Doodlebank proposal and of course, talk about nothing...

Trait Sub-community News

🧩 Fin's Beach Bar

  • Here is the 411 of how Fin's Beach Bar season 2 is coming together. S/o Mr. G for the breakdown. Dropping mad knowledge son.

  • 🦈🤝🦏

🧩Ministry of Wizard Doodles

  • The premint has gone live for all Doodle, Dooplicator, and Genesis Box holders. Holders can preregister to claim a free house token for the Triwizzy Tournament. 1 house token per unique holder. Up to 12,000 tokens are available to the Doodles Community. Tokens also enable holders to enter to own one of the Champion submission 1/1s!

Doodlebank Proposals

🐷TGID News

  • Our very own proposal is going for final vote this Sunday, December 18th. So please get out there and vote!

Lore + Artwork


  • Drew Pawky watching some Saturday morning cartoons complete with socks, bunny slippers, orange juice, a brew, and some popcorn. Is popcorn the new cereal?

  • J2D animated a Wizzy hat for the Triwizzy Tournament and drew our TGIDark poster! Steady applying pressure.


  • CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE. Skellien's wife is a keeper, wen Doodles bakery?

🎨Zenra Designs

🎨Jaft + Purple Police

  • Purple police acquired one RBP and a holo haired skull mask dood from jaft.


  • Real world example of when URL meets IRL. Doodles pens are proven to make doing IRL stuff hit different. Nails on fleek too 💅


  • When the online store opened, Kyle made sure to rack it up with the new merch! Hoodies, Varsity Jacket, Dad Cap, Golf Tee, Bucket Hat, Key Chain, and Tote. Walking and talking doodle billboard.


  • Cooked up a signature Jonny anime style derivative of his Doodle. Favorite part of this derivative is the liquid Rainbow Puke effects and the iridescent sky tracers. Badass!


  • Word on the street Doodles keychains and pins are the new hot stocking stuff items this season. NFA! 🎅

🎨JKB x Chef Boyardee x Metazord

  • During this week's JKB Talk About Nothing: TGID, the ladies stated their interest in collaborating with the beloved iconic canned ravioli brand Chef Boyardee. Whilst a listener live on the spaces, Metazord the musical mastermind wrote a Chef Boyardee Theme song for the ladies to sing and hopefully secure this monumental brand deal. The song is sung to the tune of the Education Connection commercial !


  • ICYMI, here is a globe shot from a drone of the DoodlePutt Miami warehouse! Maybe we do a rooftop mural next year??


  • Wrote a heartwarming poem about Community Manager Mushy, our virtual pioneer!

🎨Mark Tillery

  • This cowboy is on an animation tear, animated Doodles smooooooooth. HOWDY!



  • Acquired a new Doodles, note faced green hoodie gang.

  • Drew a piece called "Friend with Benefits", a family photo of Winky, Metazord, Mnewbis, and Doodlien. S'cute. Metazord is quite spectacular at drawing full body Doodles, keep up the good work dood!


  • Crier made his first Doodle on Adobe Illustrator and this dood is clearly in the holiday spirit. Word on the street is that if you ask really nice, he'll do a version of your Doodles as well.


  • This doop is literally coloring our worlds with joy via paint. Here is a portrait he made of resident lettuce head Palladium. Business in the front, party in the back.


  • Heres a pic of Bree and Josh at the 9th hole of DoodlePutt, styling and profilin! Breaking news: If you are not good at mini golf, DoodlePutt is still very fun.


  • Juiced made a GM graphic for Adam Hustle as a derivative of Bart Simpson in detention. The chalkboard reads: "When hustle says GM you say it back" in perpetuity!

  • Cooked up an animation of Adam Hustle, Ono, an the Doodles Mascot jumping around. Trampolines are to people as wormholes are to Doodles. Sound was done by our homie Reyez!

🎨Burnt Toast

  • TFW when you just wanna do a backflip. Its about to get really rainbow pukey up in here really quick.


  • Scooped a new super clean halo dood with 3d glasses. Do not be fooled, Cyclo did not sell his pink dood. YOU WILL NEVER OWN THIS DOODLE!

🎨Roc Sol

  • Made portraits on canvas for some Doodlers in his unique medium, spray paint!


  • An animated gif of the the Doodles mascot as a ninja throwing a ninja star!


  • Made a really neat Doodle face on a massive canvas with fire extinguisher full of paint. It was put on auction for 2 hours and sold for over 1 ETH!

🎨Your Rug Girl

  • Made a Doodles rug. Not a derivative project but a tool to clean your shoes on, or possibly avoid stepping on because its so CLEAN!


  • Coming in hot with Hex 01's for Doodles Founder Poopie and Head of Brand Partnerships Brandon Rosenblatt.


  • Kyle got a new beanie and he's acting brand new. FRESH and keeping warm this winter, lets gooooo.


  • Nothing like wormholes and backlit displays. 💜


  • Might not be baking Christmas cookies but they are baking some fresh holo graphic Santa Doodle derivatives. Holo Holo Holo Merry Doodmas.


  • 12 Days of Miki tickets?

  • Challenge accepted


  • Introducing: Singing Doodles on MYTY camera. Join in the melodious meme making today!

Products + Companies


  • Floor is now live on Product Hunt! Big ups to the floor squad, continuing to get great recognition and exposure for their newly launched app thats available on the Apple app store and Google Play.


  • The folks behind the Doodles vinyl figurines have announced their use of "tap-to-own" technology in the latest collaboration with Kaws. Will we see digital Doodles figurines in the next delivery? We sure hope so!


  • Youtube video of how to set up a Discord server. Free really good advice to set up a discord server from scratch that is safe and secure.

🔨Candy Republic

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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