The TGIDigest: Week of 12/19/22

๐ŸŒŽ Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

Official News

๐ŸŒˆDoodlePutt Recap Video

  • The Doodles team released their post-DoodlePutt recap video. Showcasing the course, the bar, the coffee truck, photo ops, and the afterparty with Jamie XX.


  • Dropped a Dooplicator product trailer including the following:

    • Dooplication begins January 2023

    • Footage of dooplicating traits

    • New never before seen traits: Birb head, flower shirt, portal face, holographic wings, watch, gold ring, pet butterfly, and more!

Open Genesis Box

  • When: February 2023

  • What: Unbox, collect, equip, trade

  • New trait in teaser: animated sky puffer jacket

  • Music: Probably Pharrell

  • Can Doodles 2 dance?: YOU BET!

Team Action + Speculation


  • Head of Brand Partnerships leaked a photo of a dark mode doodle box. Is this zen doodle vinyl figurines? Is this the "nice for what" doodle figurine box? WE NEED THE ALPHA!


  • Dropped a thread about their experience working with the Doodles team as a sponsor at Miami Art Basel 2022, DoodlePutt. Safe to safe, OS likes the Doodles!


  • Doodle Board Member Katelin Holloway was featured in an article about her use of technology and some of her love for the Doodles brand.

Burnt Toast

  • New canon, who dis? One recently hot topic of debate as to whether or not rare head/hand drawn Doodles will be featured in Doodles 2 may have been finally answered. This most recent release by Scott seems to hint toward Doodles 2 to be all encompassing of Doodle types including apes and skeletions.

  • Did a street-side interview with GIRLintheVERSE while painting the DoodlePutt mural with his friend and mentor Scotty.


  • In a clip from Lisbon's websummit, Doodles CEO unpackages Doodle's tagline "Coloring the World with Joy." In essence they believe that everyone's interaction with the Doodles brand should make them happy, and deep down the most important key to growth is to create connections and implement ideas based on community feedback.


  • Poopie fielded lots of conversation in the discord this past week, and did post a new tweet this morning. If you don't know now you know!

Community Spaces/Threads + Perspectives

๐Ÿ“ข Phomo

  • Phomo summarizes Doodles Product/NFT lead Poopie's discord announcement/update in a thread.


  • JKB talk about the Doodlebank. The team and community chat about the recent TGID proposal and the Doodlebank function, structure, history, and governance.

  • Bust down APs are so 2021, now ICED OUT LEDGERS are all the rage.Kat made the ladies matching bedazzled hardware wallets. Alpha: Kat voted for the TGID proposal using this gem. ๐Ÿ’Ž


  • Dropped a thread on their viewpoint of Ballon Doodles entering as a hot Doodles 2 commodity! ๐ŸŽˆ


  • Dropping some knowledge about the true power and efficacy of ENS names. Read about it โฌ‡๏ธ

Adam Hustle

  • Post-dooplication teaser, Adam dropped a thread summarizing his thoughts and reiterating points made by Poopie in his recent update via discord message.

Trait Sub-community News

๐Ÿงฉ Nothing new this week โ˜น๏ธ

Doodlebank Proposals

๐Ÿท TGID Expansion

  • Vote went live December 18th

  • Vote total: 1189/1500, did not reach quorum

  • Headed back to the drawing board, reaching out to community, and will eventually come back with a v2 proposal.

Lore + Artwork


  • Our chain making friend is now our chain making dood. Alchemy has been hustling, and with the midas touch has turned his chain sales into a new bandana dood. Welcome to the family!

  • DT aka Grape dood vouches for Alchemy's bling bling.


  • Zenra whipped up this piece for Wintek.eth of their fully body dood meditating seemingly in a shrine/entry way. Zen mode engaged, the clouds are vomiting rainbow puke (idea we saw originate from journey 2 doodle or juiced), life is good.

  • Where do you find a dookie dood? Probably pooping ๐Ÿ’ฉ


  • YH's signed Doodles print they won from the anniversary discord giveaway "looks even more amazing in real life." wen frame?

El Stuff

  • Visited Dyker Heights in Brooklyn with his little dood to see the Christmas lights. This kid is definitely getting Doodles 2 wearables as stocking stuffers next x-mas!

NFT Sushi

  • Commissioned by Winterfire, Sushi created a Christmas card animation that included Winterfire's dood in a Santa hat. He sent the virtual card to his employees as a fun way to send amazon gift cards for a holiday present. ๐ŸŽ…

Mark Tillery

  • Mark animated his first flower dood for Quenan, our token flower dood. So happi taking a stroll, flower field vibes are waaaay up.

  • Mark has animated over 20 Doodles now, check out this collage. so fun!


  • Charleskoh grabbed a new Miki ticket, and this time around got an animation of his clean boy popsicle dood. The animation consists of bite by bite, the popsicle gets chomped and the rainbow interior is exposed more each bite.

  • Made a really neat animation of Kuya's twin Doodles splitting and conjoining again.


  • On December 18, 2022 Journey2Doodle acquired their Doodle. Lore and name change loading... CONGRATULATIONS DOOD๐Ÿฅณ

  • ICYMI J2D has the full Doodles set.


  • Have you ever seen an embroidered Doodle broach? Cross it off your bucket list. We need 69 please!


  • Reminiscing to the Arts Dao x Doodles Community Yacht Party in Dubai. Doodles like boats.


  • Greg is one of the super lucky 12 hole-in-one on the 9th hole at DoodlePutt that won a Doodles NFT! Talk about a quick come up, Greg shared the receipts from Doodles Head of Extended Experience Mackenzie Keast to show it's not cap.

Mrs. Crier

  • It's official Mrs and Mr Crier are the cutest things we ever did see. LOOK AT THIS ORNAMENT! ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€โค๏ธโ€๐Ÿ‘จ


  • Traded 4 floor doods for a green puff ball spotted hoodie RBP grail. HAAAAAWT ๐Ÿฅต


  • Grapelication will begin January 2023, don't forget to tell your monochrome Doodle friends!


  • Took a grab from Burnt Toast's most recent piece of their full body holographic alien Dood, FLEX..ible am I right?

Evan Hilton

  • Made a 3D derivative of BrandYN's new doodle in the style of his project petal heads. Hilton's textures are unmatched, super super cool Doodle remix!


  • Pawky created a comic strip derivative about Doodlifts doing a push up every time Doodles brings someone joy. Needless to say, Lifts is ripped...


  • It's a vibe, Cyclo wanna vibe, halo dao is so lucky to have Cyclo among their ranks. CONTENT WAREHOUSE.

  • Sticker design community feedback, what's your recommendation?


  • Scooped a new pink haired, heart eyes, AirPod Doodle. Hoodie gang gang.


  • Dropped a post-DoodlePutt video with her and Adam from Rarible's joyful experience in Miami!


  • To our optics Sam is the first Doodler to frame the Burnt Toast signed print! If you have yet to frame yours, this is your sign to order a frame already doods!!


  • Katsuo is taking merch into their own hands creating custom tote bag and t-shirt with their personal Doodle on them!


  • Pink hair + Doodles letterman = swagged tf out. Keep slaying king ๐Ÿ‘‘


  • A dooply matter with a balaclava bounces into a bar...

Adventures of Pip

  • Is making Christmas Doodle derivatives where your Doodle is holding Pip wearing a Santa Hat ๐ŸŽ…


  • New piece called Popsicle Zaddy of Space Doodler's creator Varoun.


  • Dropped an epic derivative of their crown Doodle, Dooplicator on the back and genesis box in hand. Now thats what we call a die hard Doodler! Who ya gonna call, Doodbusters!


  • A Bananafied Burnt Toast Derivative a day keeps the doctor away.

Jonathan Nash

  • Dropped this looping visual of a Doodle in a washing machine. Social commentary on blur wash trading.


  • Seems to have pulled a dark mode dooplicator fit with a Bandana.


  • Dropped a new animation of the Doodles mascot riding a Christmas tree as a rocket ship in the snow. Unique animated elements include: the star on the tree, the tree thrust, and snow.


  • From cozy to comfy gang reaaaaal quick. Camo looks good on Birlo.

Products + Companies

๐Ÿ”จ Floor

  • Our one and only Doodlifts was featured as this week's Floor Community Creator Highlight! Lifts is a strong proponent on floor's longevity and floor loves lifts and TGID.

Candy Republic

  • Token wizzy Adam Hustle wrote a very strong thread on Banana Candy's upcoming project CR. Great insight on what BC has been building.

Comoco Labs

  • Those who have paid for Comoco's premium service can now download their 3D full body doodles.


  • Updated their personal website with a Doodles aesthetic.

Miki Tickets

  • Final 2 Miki tickets of 2022 are out for sale ๐ŸŽŸ

The Jacket NFT

  • Doodle 2691 aka Bandit is launching 5 of his Jacket NFTs on December 23rd. Each NFT can be redeemed for a 1/1 personalized denim jacket!

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. Weโ€™ll see you next week!๐ŸŒˆ

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