The TGIDigest: Week of 12/5/22

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

Official News


  • The last tweet from Doodles account was picture of the DoodlePutt mural, we do love to see it. Hats off to Burnt Toast, knocked this one out of the solar system, thanks for continuing to push boundaries on incorporating Doodles into IRL artwork.

Team Action + Speculation


  • Dropped a thread providing plenty of shoutouts, high quality photos, and appreciation for the village that it took to make DoodlePutt appear to come together in such a seamless fashion. Dr. Bun was hustling the entire weekend, and we are so stoked he's getting to chance to reminisce on this accomplished mission!

Katelin Holloway

  • Katelin deepened her bullishness on the Doodles brand as a whole as she states "The Doodles Team won Basel.." She sees Doodles brining joy for generations to come, it is safe to say she enjoyed herself on the green.


  • Doodles CEO sweeps 20 Doodles! 🧹 We believe that some of them are for the 12 hole in one winners, it was quite a neat way to go about gathering prizes. Do you know of any other projects or Art Basel activations that gave away $120K?

Alexis Ohanian

  • Had a great call with Julian and Katelin and has not leaked any alpha, yet. KEY WORD YET! Exciting!!!


    • A massive GM to all Doodles, WE HAVE NEW CANON FRESH FROM BAPLING'S MAGICAL HANDS! This is not a drill, repeat this is not a drill. What is in the cup?? Where is her right shoe? We need answers STAT.


  • According to a discord post, merch shop should be opening on December 9th!

  • Zen Doodles will arrive at distribution centers on December 15th!


  • Posted up in Senegal in Doodles Mascot Dad hat from new DoodlePutt merch capsule!🔥

Community Spaces/Threads + Perspectives


  • Drops their first thread. JKB talks about DoodlePutt with some insight on their livestream hosting experience and perspective on the team buildoors.

  • Is now officially on TikTok, if you didn't know now you know. Go follow our favorite Doodette trio!


  • Dropped a brief thread highlighting Doodles Co-Founder Tulip, aka Evan Keast, and shared 2 articles back from July and September about the Doodle's brand vision.

  • Dropped a similar style thread on Doodles Co-Founder Poopie, aka Jordan, including a blurb from his thread on Doodles 1st Birthday!

  • 3rd time is the charm! Up next, 776's thread highlighting Doodles Co-Founder and Artist Burnt Toast, aka Scott.

  • Dropped a pair thread talking about CEO Julian Holguin and Chief Brand Officer Pharrell Williams.


  • Sent some love to the Doodles team where they saw necessary for their high level of execution and meticulous attention to detail in the DoodlePutt course.


  • Hosted Creator Talk: Journey to Doodle twitter spaces! Participants received a really cool POAP as well.

  • POAP - The Goodle

Adam Hustle

  • Made a brief informative thread on the Triwizzy Tournament, basic but very digestible to all!


  • Made a statement that as a woman, Doodles is a community where she feels safe to be herself. Bullish on inclusivity, but we do think we wanna see more women specific merch in the future! Doodles tennis/golf skirts would go hard. cough Brandon cough


  • Wrote a thread with their thesis on Doodles' plan to onboard millions on to the blockchain. Give it a gander.

Trait Sub-community News

🧩Fin's Beach Bar

  • Wristbands are going out!

Doodlebank Proposals

🐷 TGID News

  • We are partnering together with our comrades from Right Click Save Podcast Jimmy and Calcio to scale TGID into a community-led Doodles multimedia brand!

  • Content: Weekly 15-20 minute fully animated news series, Monthly 45 minute long form fully animated interview "The Dood Show", Quarterly "The Doodies" fully animated community awards show.

  • TGID website including: TGIDigest (weekly newsletter), longer form articles and op-eds, hub for all of our video content

  • Ask: 69 ETH to fund out 4 man team for 6 months, in that time we are establishing strategic partners to eventually become sustainable independent from the Doodlebank.

  • Vote begins December 18th!

Lore + Artwork

🎨 Reyez

  • Dropped a compilation video of his experience at DoodlePutt. Reyez does not only bring the sounds, but he also brings those angles BABY!

  • Reyez won one of the Burnt Toast signed prints from the Doodles 1st birthday Discord giveaway and it has finally arrived. He popped out a quick unboxing video, beware this clip may induce involuntary fomo.


  • Whipped up this super vibey dood with dance moves raising the roof for BrandYn's newest Doodle acquisition! Never seen MDJ draw a Doodle before, but we have a feeling this will NOT be their last, super unique style.


  • Posted the NRN gang photo at DoodlePutt, lot of cool doods for sure. Everyone besides Bandit is doxxed here, it's a lifestyle.

Carl the Doodle

  • Even though Carl said he wasn't going to make it to DoodlePutt, he was interviewed by JKB off camera. And he has the pictures to prove it, sorry we missed ya Carl!


  • Mr. Steal yo girl does the infamous clap push ups on the dance floor and in one fell swoop back to dancing on his feet. Subtle flex.


  • J2D has officially joined the Doodleverse via purchasing a Dooplicator and Genesis Box. Next stop, OG Dood!


  • Blast from the past, Miki put Adam's token wizzy in a snowing animation. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Reyez dropped in some sound on it as well.

  • Turns out all Miki ticket holders received an animation too. UTILITY!

Nate Digital

  • Has produced and released his DoodlePutt recap video, not bad for a doodly monke! NRN is definitely in the building.


  • Serving up good looks all Art Basel, getting the ladies of JKB locked and loaded for their sticker needs. s/o the sticker plug !🔌


  • Its time to get in the Holiday spirit, and Doodity has us Doodles covered with a new Christmas time derivative set! Drop your pfp in this thread to get wrapped up like a present! 🎄


  • Introducing his new funny and fuzzy creature the Doop Doop. Getting super early Jigglypuff vibes! 💚


  • Delivered Happynote.eth a super fresh pair of custom Nike AirForce 1s with his notable post-it Doodle! The Nike swoosh made out of Doodles Happy Post-it notes is next level. To top it off, the shoe tongue is a Happy Note, this pair may be Freshestkicks best execution of custom Doodles shoes to date.


  • Got their drone out above DoodlePutt in Miami and supplied us with some aerial shots. Power of perspective dood, read about it.


  • Got out the canvas and paintbrushes, check out these doods he painted this week: Queenan, Killshot, and Steeve. Keep up the great work doop!


  • Made P1ckle.eth a new banner including their doods, cats, and plague nfts. Doods out on the disco scene looking haaawt.

Products + Companies


  • Dropped the official announcement for Doodlifts and Tony P being part of the NRN family! We will be uploading our TGID Friday spaces as podcasts under NRN and you will be able to access the TGIDigest from the NRN website as well! We've always been homies but now we're family, gang gang. Check the receipts, soon to be on-chain. 🤣


  • Officially launched on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. MAJOR BAG ALERT!!!!

  • If you would like to get access to the app, Floor has been so gracious to provide our loyal listeners and readers with access, link is in the tweet below!


  • Hosted their event "Future Perfect" at the Frost Museum, they had Danny Cole, Vinnie Hager, and Andrew Wang doing live painting. Amongst other amenities including: juice bar, coffee bar, vitamin IV drip, sleep pods, oxygen bar, massages, aura reading, and more. They had a live exhibit with Tom Sach's Rocket Factory, it was one for the books!

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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