The TGIDigest: Week of 2/13/23

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

The Team

Announcement of an announcement

  • TLDR: ETH Roadmap coming soon...

  • Announcement of the announcement of an announcement. We do a little inside joking.

New PFP who dis?

  • If you watched the Super Bowl, you would have seen the Doodles takeover the Halftime Show with Rihanna. If there's one thing you could take away from the Chiefs vs Eagles game, it was: White Puffers are the alpha!

New Genny Box gif

  • Genesis boxes will be opening this month, for some patience and copium we got new art.

  • Wearables alpha:

    • Verified Check Over-Ear Headphones

    • Heart-shaped glasses

    • Pets?

NFT Paris

  • CEO Julian Holguin and CCO Ingi Erlinngsson will both be speaking at NFT Paris.

  • In addition Julian will be hosting a cocktail dinner for Doodles holders at La Suite Girafe. Spots are limited, sign up for the event is in Doodles discord under the 'NFT Paris' channel, using tokenproof!

  • If you will be attending NFT Paris (whether or not you scored a spot at the Doodles dinner) comment your Doodle # on this tweet to be added to the Doodles in Paris group chat.


  • Will be the successor to late Virgil Abloh as Men's Creative Director for Louis Vuitton. LFGo to Champs-Élysées! Massive congratulations, important to note that Doodles is now associated to Louis Vuitton vis a vis Pharrell's new position, let that sink in for a minute.


  • Headed to Doodles HQ for in-person strategy sessions, Doodles means business.


  • Dropped a chart that typifies builders building for mass adoption versus those building for current web 3 users.

  • Was on Zoom to kickoff the Flow Blockchain hackathon, he spoke about the million dollar question: Why Doodles expanded to Flow.

NEW Record Highest Doodles 2 Wearable Sale

  • A pair of hydro booster kicks serial #1 sold for $4444, after being dooped from 1 of 4 whale Doodles in the OG collection.

NEW Record High Dooplication Rights Sale

  • The Dooplication Rights to a purple shark was scooped up for 3.3 ETH! Big congrats to the buyer and seller, sounds like a pretty sweet deal for both parties!

Doodles hit 200,000 ETH trading volume


  • Posted at the driving range in a Doodles varsity, putt putt or gtfo. Drake lyric meme circa 2013.


Illustrations, animation, music and more!


  • Just a man, a shark costume, and some pong equipment. IYKYK


  • Made a meme of Doodles and Cool Cats relating to each other because the floor price is dropping. Blue cat is a veteran but he can tell the Doodles aren't used to it.

  • Mnewbis looks pretty down bad, make sure to hit him up if you want some commissions. This mans is looking for some eth!


  • Made a fresh pair of custom AirForce 1's for Toronadoes, these kicks may or may not be notable.

NFT Sushi

  • We do a little 10 month Doodles art progress report. Keep up the great work, passing with flying colors!

  • With Valentine's Day just around the corner, Sushi is making Valentine's edits for your doodles! Simply drop your pfp in the comments to get wrapped up with doodly love.


  • Dooplien has entered the chat...

  • Dooodlien dooplication recording via Patron!

  • Chart of rare head doodles dooped wearables thus far.


  • Displaying his rare doop and rare dood at home. ICYMI the dood has been dooped.


  • Conquad has got that Doodles 2 drip loaded, featuring: lit jacket, booster kicks, holo leopard joggers, and more.


  • While you're dreaming about the possibilities of Doodles 2, Cyclo is drawing about it. He's just built different.

  • Congrats on 5k Cyclo, well deserved. Keep applying pressure and bringing joy to our timelines!

  • Dropped a new piece called Touch Grass, a full 3D CGI piece that is incredible!

Art Dood

  • Is not focused on floor price, rather how nice the grails in the genesis boxes will be!

  • Reporting back from last week the cat cave contains: dooplicators and genesis boxes.


  • Made a Valentine's Day animation, a derivative of the Doodles' 1st birthday animation from back in October.

  • Juiced is teasing a Doodles Beach Party 2! Please please please please do it!


  • Made an awesome Space Doodles foami for Art Dood's green banana ship!


  • Magic bean juice from Coffee Doods circa SXSW 2022! Epic memory = unlocked.


  • Loic is manifesting Doodles x Nintendo collab dubbed: Super Smash Doods. Choose your fighter!


  • Celebrating his birthday in style, with a custom cake with none other than his Doodle on it. Sending warm, pastel, and doodly birthday wishes your way dood!


  • Green Socks take over the Louvre in Paris France.

Thoughts & threads.


  • Sold a lot of Doodles, but then bought some more... It appeared like a consolidation of their collection, including some new ultra rare acquisitions.

  • Some of the steals

  • Scooped a holo dino for 50 ETH, and rare dooped it too!

Jon HQ

  • Provides his insight on the recent downward trend in Doodle FP by explaining blur airdrop farming, dooplicator farming, and market making pressures.


  • Scooped a RBP from YSAE! new pfp, who dis?


  • Believes Doodles will long term benefit from reduced floor prices at the moment.


  • Coming at us with Floor Friday's Episode 22!

Vitoshi Dan

  • Made a call to action to the Doodles team about hosting online events.

  • Poopie let him know they are actively hiring roles to host some activities for holders.


  • Dropped a thread analyzing the first 2 weeks of Doodles 2 wearables on Flow.

  • **Important note/nuance about this thread - Doodles are not transitioning to Flow, they are merely expanding to Flow.


  • Wrote a thread on Pharrell and Rick Rubin's previous conversation and applying Pharrell's creative thought process to Burnt Toast's Doodles.

Daniel Kahn

  • Has made an observation that in a project like Doodles the way we see creativity expressed is typically artwork not as much storytelling/writing. This is a call to action to change that!


  • Shares a strong thread on how crucial they feel it is for the Doodles team to consider community sentiment on how they move forward building the brand.


  • Sees lower floor prices as exciting since we will see tons of new community members, new vibes; truly a holder overhaul!


  • Wrote a thread begging the question: Will Doodles follow Azuki's recent move to hire holders to get an upper edge on community sentiment.

Projects & products.

🛠Right Click, Save Podcast

  • Dropped a new episode, Calcio doops his wizzy pfp!

Metazord AI Art

  • Metazord has been experimenting with AI and is planning to auction of their first sfw piece.

Alchemy Chains

  • Has officially dropped the Alchemy Verified Holder Pass. Benefits include: 20% discount on all products, affiliate ambassador program (opportunity to earn percentage of sales for referring friends), and giveaways.

Fin's Beach Bar

  • The NFT for the first live performace at Fin's by Violetta Zironi has been updated with a new track!

Lit Chipotle

  • A chipotle hot sauce created using the IP of a lit head doodle has hit the shelves, brought to you by Fuego Friends!

My Black Bird Cafe

  • Doodler Luke Kenney dropped a special roast release using their Dood's IP!


  • Has introduced tweeting cards in their apps discover tab, check out their Doodles updates!

Overpriced JPEGs

  • Carly Reilly dropped her latest episode of OPJ talking about Doodles 2 on Flow!


  • Doodler Slowshi made an awesome app that allows you to look up a dooplicator or a doodle number to see what wearables they created! We soooo needed this, slowshi you are the GOAT!


  • Analyzing efficacy of shilling your twitter on a Super Bowl commercial by examining project likes over the week.


  • Shield was accepted to a16z's crypto start up school to continue building out their discord security bot!

Community treasury

🏦Blur Airdrop Claim

  • Noohp started a proposal thread urging the team to find out if dooplicator and or genesis box deployers are capable of claiming blur airdrop as it could be worth 6 or 7 figures.

  • Add your feedback

Trait based & geographic communities

⛓Wizzy Ministry

  • TriWizzy tournament update #7 fresh off the press, we are getting close to the tourney.

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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