The TGIDigest: Week of 2/6/23

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

The Team

NEW HIRE: Bianca Posterli

  • Doodles please give a warm welcome to the new Head of Brand Marketing Bianca! She was previously the Head of Campaigns and Activations at Twitter and has been in mass communications for a majority of her career. SO BULLISH!

  • Fun fact: Bianca was one of 12 attendees of DoodlePutt that successfully hit a hole in one and won a Doodle!

NEW HIRE: Jarrett Knapp

  • Introducing the new Head of Finance and Operations Jarrett! He's worked with Verizon, EA, and Gala Games. We have not been able to find him on twitter yet but are super happy to see more team scaling this quarter.


  • Just helped get dooplication and wearables to launch in his first month on the team! In true celebratory fashion he also has donned a new pfp with blonde hair, sweat band, glasses, white puffer, on the iridescent background. Congrats dood!


  • Shares his support for how the Doodles team gets everyone together for launches since technology is a force multiplier for productivity but not a replacement for sharing genuine vibes in person!


  • You heard the man! NFA

  • New skin on the genesis box, same message.


  • Are we peeping some Doodles 2 wearables on the CCO's dood, indeed indeed we are. Super amazing, where is Behr paint when you need them?


  • Was on Coffee with Captain sharing information about Doodles 2, and the OG Collection.

Evan & Julian

  • We're on spaces with the team from Fabricant and Evan's former colleague at Cryptokitties, Product Co-Founder of Flow Blockchain Laynee. The topic of discussion is digital fashion, Flow blockchain, and Doodles.

  • We also learned how Evan and Burnt Toast met, making stickers for Sushi Swap!


  • Huge shoutout to the Doodles team and the gang at WestCoast NFT for crushing the Dooplication launch. Super talented crew that totally deserves their flowers!


  • Dropped a new Doodles mascot check-esque style meme. We love it, derivatives incoming.


Illustrations, animation, music and more!


  • Came at us with a new illustration for one of our community member's doods depicting them floating mid air, sipping coffee, drawing, and their trusty sidekick the birb helping them defy gravity by holding up their notepad. Teamwork makes the dream work.

  • She also whipped up a flower dood holding an itty bitty little baby flower s'cute.

  • A sushi sketch is a non-subtle flex


  • Has previously worked on designs and has now received samples for their planned customizable Doodle merch line they are hoping to launch soon. Including kids sizes! LFMERCH.

Carl the Doodle

  • Hi everyone our friend Carl has lost his balloon, if you hear of or see any balloons that seem out of the ordinary or lost please return it to our good friend Carl!


  • Lives by the mantra: Drip or Drown in Doodles merch. She's rocking the Doodles varsity jacket, RBP white tee, and the tote.


  • Doodles 3 is short for Doodles 3D. Coming to a CHONKY screen near you, in IMAX 3D!

Art Dood

  • Art Dood has got ups, check out those basketball kicks, and the rainbow puker cloud basketball hoop. More lore is in store!

  • From bat cave to cat cave real quick. Is Poopie supposed to be batman?


  • Dropped a new piece called Sappy Balloons on Foundation, depicting the mascot flying from holding lots of balloons. Yay! 🎈


  • To celebrate Doodler Jfellz hitting 10k twitter followers, Patron painted his grail skelly king pfp on a canvas. He plans to deliver it to Fellz at his Doodles Meet up in Miami at Baby Jane on Valentine's Day!


  • Made an animation of 8270's ape arming against Doodles FUD.

  • Dropped a trailer of animation mash ups from community commissions he's made!


  • Ok so it's Pokemon except they are.... wait for it... Doodles!

Lost Potato

  • Is looking a whole lot like an alien, instead of a spud...


  • Posted DoLo's Adventure Episode 1. LiquiDity Pool 😦


  • Custom hand drawn Doodles dooped wearables graphic, feast your eyes.

The Green Dood

  • Made a satirical art piece depicting a doodle winning the Yuga Labs Dookey Dash key. We wouldn't be mad, good luck king.

Grape Dood

  • A 1/1.

Mr. Cookies

  • Leaked video of the IRL Doodles Puffer Up Jacket. 🤣


  • Socks is the new meta.


  • Has made a custom Dad hat with his Cowboy hat rainbow puker and an embroidered white shirt. The quality from the photo looks quite detailed, great job dood.

Thoughts & threads.

💡Terra Punk

  • Cracked open a rare doop and dooplicated their blue alien, to our optics its the second alien that has been dooped, the only other being the pink grailien by Ultrapara on Doopsday! Terra first doops their holo sweater with chain ape dood! GRAIL TALK 💥

  • ICYMI here are the two alien jackets that have been dooped side by side courtesy of Incog.


  • Scooped a green tuxedo devil dood for 19ETH, dooped it, and scored holo leopard pants. WINNING!

  • FYI Bianco also bought an ape with a backpack.

Steeve, Mr. G, & Lockee

  • Steeve dooped his pfp shark and decided to pay it forward by sending a full set of his shark dooped wearables to 2 members of the Fin's Beach Bar community.

Lock-ee Robertson

  • Dropped a thread on how they think the Doodles team may have missed the mark with dooplication. The gist is: they do not seem to understand their strategy/ would like the team to provide some clarity.


  • Is toying with the idea of wearables as liquidity pools, interesting concept, would you want to be involved?

Tokyo Sex Whale

  • Reminiscing on being an early member of the Doodles discord and sharing some early early alpha calls in his friend's WhatsApp chat!


  • Forsees a great opportunity for Doodles 2 related merchandise, tying in physical goods to match digital wearables. We're definitely here for it!


  • Published a daily Proof countdown video sharing some notable Doodles sales.

Dunked Cookie

  • Published a new daily dunk thread on their thesis of why combing technological exploration and risk taking is doing such a good job for smart web 3 ventures.


  • Sharing a thread about his excitement for Doodles hiring a Head of Brand Marketing and how it will set up the pastel cartel for success and longevity.

Projects & products.


  • JKB has come back from their lab and have emerged with their very first podcast episode where they interview Kira Eilers, the founder of Chrysalism!

Alchemy Chains

  • Grabbed a LaserPecker3 which will allow him to begin engraving other items such as lighters and keychains!

Fin's Beach Bar

  • Instagram is now live!


  • Evan talks about his experience trading Doodles 2 wearables on Evaluate's flow trading platform.

  • Here is TGID's explainer on how to trade on Evaluate.

Community treasury

🏦Doodle Community Fund

  • Doodler CKT, and founder of Fam, has published a forum proposing a fund that can be allocated to IRL and online Doodles community events.

  • The Ask: 15 ETH for 6 months runway

  • How to get the funds: Fill out google form to apply

  • Full Proposal

Trait based & geographic communities

⛓Loafer Syndicate

  • With the advent of Dooplication dawning upon the cross flow and eth ecosystem, there were lots of wearables born. It did not take long for new sub-communities to form, INTRODUCING: The Loafer Syndicate. This wearable subcommunity group brings individuals together over their allegiance to certain shoe in the Doodles 2 wearables collection.

  • Green socks are under all loafers, NFA!

Lofi Doods

  • Dropped a new playlist on YouTube called "Peaceful Nights: Lofi beats to fall asleep to."

Wizzy Ministry

  • The WM is offering a licensing pool for their upcoming project, holder who participate will qualify for profit share of the project! Wizzies only!

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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