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The TGIDigest: Week of 3/13/23

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

The Team

Introducing: Sockpiling

  • TLDR:

    • Collect all 12 colors of Doodles 2 socks on FLOW

    • By when: March 30th

    • Prize: the coveted sooper rare GOLD SOCKS

  • Happy hunting!

SXSW Coffee Meet Up

  • Doodles Head of Business Development Austin Hurwitz hosted a low key kick back this Tuesday in the Texas Capital. Breakfast tacos from Veracruz is the alpha, life changing. (financial advice)

  • Date: March 14th

  • Time: 9-11am CST

  • Venue: Radio Coffee & Beer - 4204 Manchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78704

Burnt Toast

  • The sketches of making a Doodles cat. Such a cute little chunky feline! Thanks for the sneak peek Scott!


  • Doodles Head of Brand Partnerships dropped the lineup for his 3rd annual music festival Something in the Water!

  • Date: April 28-30

  • Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Julian Holguin

  • Is set to be interviewed on Carly Reilly's Overpriced Happy Hour tour this month. We believe this will be recorded and we will share a copy when it has been published!

  • Where: Miami, Florida

  • When: March 30th

Ingi Erlingsson

  • Joined us for Meet the Doodles Team Episode 2! Check it out (link in tweet below), it was an absolutely phenomenal chat!

  • Made a fun dot derivative making app, link available in the tweet!

Austin Hurwitz

  • Joined a live podcast with the Proof Team at SXSW. He chatted all things Doodles, we expect a recording to surface soon and will share promptly!

Alexis Ohanian

  • 776 was effected by the SVB collapse, they are working to find out how to make payroll this month.

  • According to a comment from Poopie, it appears that Doodles did not have any money tied in to SVB, any official statements from the Doodles team are still pending.


  • Poopie dropped in the discord on Wednesday and shared a bit of how the team is operating internally as a startup, something more than just an NFT project.

  • In the midst of the sock FUD Doodles NFT Lead/ Co-founder Poopie got a little spicy in the discord. The next morning he dropped a public statement on Twitter to provide better context as many sources have taken little snippets far out of context. The TLDR Poopie wants to put his best foot forward.


Illustrations, animation, music and more!


  • Broke out a canvas and paint to create a scene in the mountains of his blue haired tennis doodle!


  • PEGNFT, a basketball coach doodle, got a kickass pair of customized AF1 featuring some ballin graphics!

Art Dood

  • You heard the man, Just Doo it!


  • Miki served us up a new earthquake spotted shirt animation. In short, this dood is just trying to make it thru on a slow Friday before the weekend.


  • We do a little Titleist x Doodles custom work. A hole-in-one!

Toasted Bagel

  • Gaming on a Sunday, feeling a little grumpy, toes are very warm in cyclops slippers. WHAT'RE THOSE!

Nicholas Huggins

  • Nick scooped a new baldy with a spumoni puffer, and he went ahead and did a full body illustration of it. Wavy no gravity gravy!


  • Let me get a lick!


  • Scooped a pair of customs AF1s from Freshestkicks! STOMP THE YARD, in style.

Jack Butcher

  • Jack shows us what happens when you mix a Doodle and an opepen. Here's an awesome derivative of Floor's Content Lead Matt O Brien.

Vinnie Hager x Jack Butcher

  • Vinnie took Matt's derivative into the stratosphere by adding his letters to Jack Butcher's Opepen x Doodles piece. GRAIL TALK! Matt, in true fashion, has changed this to his current pfp.


  • Made this happy nod to sockpiling announcement of the Doodles mascot hanging up laundry on a clothesline. You can see the first washing machine ever created in the Doodles universe! ARB8I is really out here world building and keeping the community-side lore super current.

  • Honorable mention: look at how cute the cat tugging at the socks on the line is! FREAKIN ADORABLE!

Arlene Woodsworth

  • AI style "Wizzys to the moon" graphic.


  • Our beloved Sushi made a fun project inclusive piece called Good Morning Hotel as a 24 hour open edition mint. Peep the Doodles mascot rainbow puking outside on the sidewalk, and her little Pip is make sure they are ok.


  • Here's BAE in her pre-jkb days, at SXSW last year with her Coffee Doods printed Doodle coffee. ELATION IN THE NATION!


  • Reyez laid sound effects over a recent Goldenwolf animation and it goes HAM!


  • Arbie is manifesting over-the-ear cat headphones. Genny box?


  • Genny Box >>>>>>> HV-MTL

Thoughts & threads.


  • In light of beloved Doodler Cousin Greg's suspension, Poopie shares some kind words about our long haired cat loving friend!


  • Is noticing that Doodles is using search engine optimization, on top baby.


  • The popsicle thinks the missing position from Doodles team is Head of FUD, he nominates EB7.


  • Steeve is not here for the sock fud, he feels for the devs. All they wanted to do was create a fun mini quest for the community and got unnecessarily dunked on.

Elton Penguin

  • Shares his perspective as a product manager, critiques the teams handling of information flow, and provides a stepped approach to how he would move forward.


  • Pranksy sees sockpiling as a tech test.


  • Pickle is seeing a recent dip as an opportunity to finally secure their grail Pickle Doodle.


  • Shares their sadness around the Doodles team not giving enough attention to the community. Terra categorizes doodles as a social project and wants the team to take the community's feedback to heart.

Projects & products.

🛠Fin's Beach Bar

  • Fin's NYC meet up was a great success. IYKYK

Alchemy Chains

  • Alchemy is taking the touch grass lifestyle up a few notches. In Alchemy's game: new week, new product is a fairly normal cadence. Introducing Alchemy Rolls! These are hemp rolling papers made with real fruits, and the packaging is an alchemy doodle touch grass derivative by Juiced!


  • Tennis visited a local winery and made a deal to use his dood's IP on some of their wine bottles. The name of is Doodles Fault, a tennis reference which is hella on brand. Kudos to your ambition tennis!

Community treasury

🏦Poopie and Kai

  • Poopie stated that Kai and himself are re-pitching the Doodlebank to the team to get internal buy-in next week. They will finalize the revamp proposal shortly after. Poopie said "one of the top priorities of mine" in reference it the Doodlebank revamp assessment doc. Weeks not months. 🤞🏻

Trait based & geographic communities

⛓Wizzy Ministry

  • The final Tri Wizzy Tournament Update is here! There is a closed beta being undergone, next step get connected with the Doodles Team! We raise our wands to the WM!

  • Wizzy Benny Haze dropped a thread on the Tri Wizzy Tournament, one way to help our magical friends out is to spread the word of the upcoming events! Only a few days left for holders of Doodles, Doops, and Boxes to sign up via pre mint for their free Tri Wizzy House Token. If you miss the deadline they will be for sale for .02 ETH.

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈