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The TGIDigest: Week of 3/20/23

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

The Team

New Content

  • When Goldenwolf's Sammy Moore and Alfie Motion work together, they produce truly MAGIC content! Donut floats better be inside genny boxes, just sayin...

Genesis Box Date

  • March 31st, save the date!

Doodles Sesh #1

  • The team hosts a new twitter spaces series on @Doodles called "Doodles Sesh." The sesh is a chance for the community to directly communicate with the team and spread some immaculate vibes.

  • Date: March 23rd

  • Time: 7pm EST

  • Time and day of the week will fluctuate to be timezone/globally inclusive. In case you are asleep or busy for this sesh, no need to fret it is a recorded spaces.

  • Hosts: Julian, Austin, and Evan.

  • Structure:

    • Vision

    • Community Feedback Insights

    • Community Council & Doodlebank

    • What OG Value means to us/what to expect

  • Cadence: To begin, Doodles Seshes will be weekly and include various team members depending on topics being discussed.

New Hat who dis?

  • Doodles Chief of Brand Partnerships Brandon Rosenblatt and Product Manger Joe Ranzenbach leak upcoming black dad hat!

Doodles NFT LA Meet Up

  • Join Doodler John Schenk and others this week in Los Angeles California.

  • Date: Thursday March 23rd

  • Time: 6:30 pm PST

  • Festivities: Hang out, food and drinks! Special guests: Burnt Toast, Ingi, and Brandon Rosenblatt

  • Venue: Tesse Restaurant

Doodles Tokyo Meet Up

  • Chief Brand Officer Brandon Rosenblatt between April 3rd and April 9th in Tokyo!

  • If you'll be around make sure to hit up Brandon for a chance to link up in Japan, once we have more info we will provide it expeditiously.

Community Feedback Sessions

  • Head of Biz Dev Austin Hurwitz and Head of Product Management Joe Ranzenbach have been hosting calls with the community to get feedback on the project and listen to community sentiment. They have hosted around 10 sessions and plan to make these regularly scheduled programming going forward.

Ingi Erlingsson

  • Ingi made dot derivatives of Scott, Evan, Jordan, and Julian!

Katelin Holloway

  • Doodles Board member Katelin Holloway was on a panel at Paris Blockchain Week called WEB3XP.

  • Doodler Nir Kouris Founder of Creator Nations also got to catch up with Katelin in Paris, pics or it didn't happen!


  • Doodles CEO will be joining Carly P Reilly on the first leg of her new interview tour series Overpriced Happy Hour! If you hold a Doodle and will be in Miami you can sign up to attend, link in tweet below.

  • Location: Miami, Florida

  • Date: March 30th

  • Who: Doodles holders & OPJ NFT Holders


Illustrations, animation, music and more!

🎨Missy Capy

  • Shares a pic of her and Poopie's collectible collection, peep the oatmeal doodles tote! Sooper dooper fresh 👀

NFT Sushi

  • Illustrated Miss Capy B's flower dood touching grass next to some holo poopie. We love a good easter egg.

  • Sushi also made a comic strip style Doodles collage containing 8 different scenes. Doodles that are featured: Pickle, Skeletons, Flowers, OG Dood, Ape, Ice Cream Cone, Balloon, and Mascot.

  • Birlo came through with a skull mask Doodle for her to doop, in exchange Sushi whipped up a dooplicator wardrobe illustration.


    • Step 1) Print out

    • Step 2) Have fun

Steve Aoki

  • Steve Aoki launched his grey Alien doodle in to space recently, and according to Doodlien its the only hand-drawn Doodle thats been launched in quite awhile.


  • Daniel Kahn commissioned a 4 panel St. Patrick's Day series of a Doodle forgetting to wear green and subsequently getting their butt pinched soo hard that their note face flies off! Luck of the Irish aye ☘️


  • Catch Frosty gaming, and jamming to Playboi Carti thru the FUD. Check out a 3d voxel of his Dood posted up at the crib, music video coming soon.


  • Andrea is a Doodler by blood, ama.


  • With noise surrounding the upcoming Community Council, and even though we are not sure how members are selected Mnewbis is on the campaign trail!


  • Woke up this morning with a cosplay of NFTDavie, the baldie RBP goes hammer.


  • In a window of opportunity Marlow was able to scoop up a fancy grail, introducing their new green blazer, heart eyed devil dood. Boss status = secured.


  • Scooped the latest and greatest custom Doodles Nike AF1s from freshest kicks. This pair stands out as their is substantial color-work that covers both shoes entirely as well as the blending on the rainbow swoosh is absolutely fantastic.


  • This week siege joined the doop troop and also penciled this b&w sketch of a genesis box with a cat coming out of it! We have seen quite a lot of teasers insinuating our Doodles with eventually get pets, do you think will they be inside of the genesis boxes?


  • Doodlien is coming to us with the equivalent of web 3 chain mail. Extend the Doodle bot's RBP train or you'll have bad luck for 7 years, pass it on!


  • Cyclo is seeing double and making triple. To think we see a Drake meme on the timeline and it isn't Ingi TRULY SHOCKING. Not gonna lie we had to do double take, Cyclo continues to crush it with the 3D work of his dood.


  • Nick is hitting the slopes and shredding this ultra clean snowboard with his Space Doodle ship art. He did a great job using content from the entire animation including the nearby planet as the snowboard's length lends itself to be an extended canvas! Oh the places Nick's space doodle will go!

Alexis Ohanian

  • Shares a doodle that strikes an uncanny resemblance to himself. He still states that BT is the undisputed goat.

Doodlifts & Etan

  • The workout dood and the sticker dood linked up in good ole Phoenix Arizona. Stickers and vibes were exchanged!


  • The Freshest Kicks crew definitely GETS UP! Check out this mural made for Doodler PEGNFT, immortalized on the wall! You will never own this Doodle.


  • Simba has begun a daily series of Doodles 2 wearable Tessellations. Day 1: Tennis skirt

  • Day 2: Holographic Crowns


  • What happens when you eliminate the lines of your Doodle, it seriously resembles a soft painting. Smooth and elegant.


  • Painted this piece for his homie Patrick. Peep the blazer, singing on the mic, musical notes emitting, and you cannot forget the DRAGON! 🐉

Thoughts & threads.

💡Dave Satoshi

  • Shares an optimistic view on Doodles operating as a start up headed toward a franchise instead of merely being an NFT project.


  • Cinna shares 2 suggestions to the team for improving sentiment:

    • 1) Create a direct line chat between core community and team

    • 2) Allow community leaders to become official doodles representatives to work with the team on better communication


  • Here is Bamboo's letter to the Doodles Community within which he proposes we should create a subcommunity association. A large part of what he is trying to accomplish is to help integrate Rainbow Alpha into the Doodles culture and obtain traction to get resources for Rainbow Alpha to once again flourish!


  • 3 ways Cooltimes would fix Doodles

    • 1) Seize the memes, lean in to them more!

    • 2) Hire of Chief of Twitter (beyond Head of Brand Marketing)

    • 3) Leverage other socials (TikTok, Instagram)


  • Supports Poopie's statement that Doodles is more than just an NFT project, glad the team is looking at the long term viability of the brand.


  • Share his letters to the founders of Doodles, a community driven project. Very well articulated, thanks thread god!


  • Shares that they are bullish on Doodles positioning as a start up, and agrees that once a project gets so much funding they need to hold themselves to a high.


  • Shares a summary of the Friday Night Doodles spaces hosted by Jeremy Nation with Doodles Founder Poopie. They touch on: Communication, Twitter, Sockpiling, Rhetoric, Community Council, Doodlebank and Genesis Boxes.


  • N3rd Father dropped a thread on his life as Doodle 6766, which he sold this week. The story is ends happily ever after as less than 20 minutes after the sale he bought a WIZZY! He seems to have been moved by the magic to launch a new collection called b0ts, details below!

  • Magic N3rd has entered the chat, just in time for the Tri Wizzy festivities to commence.

Dunked Cookie

  • Coming back with a new Daily Dunk thread on how NFTs help brands develop exclusivity, ownership, and fandom in a super unique way.


  • Q did some research and data collection regarding official communications on discord from some of the top projects in the space.


  • Dropped an editorial on the recent exit of core community members from the Doodleverse.

Projects & products.

🛠Lost Artist Collective

  • LAC hosted an events night for creatives in Los Angeles to kick off NFT LA in style. Tons of keyboards, art supplies, and live music on deck.

Reserve Protocol

  • Doodler Electric Eel &co. set out with his buddies from reserve protocol at ETH Denver to enter the hackathon. They were in fact selected as winners, big congrats dood! Buildooooooors.

Etan - Sticker Dood

  • Etan is dropping some doodly surprises in upcoming sticker orders. STICKY NOTES and ping pong balls on deck.


  • Doodler Jennyfromtheblockchain will be speaking at VeeCon May 18th - 20th!

Worldwide Web3

  • www3 is releasing a new game called Blockbusterz, WE HAVE DOODLES CHARACTERS! Other projects featured in the trailer: BAYC, Cool Cats & Deadfellaz.

Alchemy Chains

  • Earlier this week Alchemy had a bounty out for a noteface wearable. Since then he has acquired the note, some new equipment including a printer, and has some new tricks up his sleeve. Give him a week or so and we bet he'll have a new product for sale. Keep pushing dood!

Creator Nations

  • Doodler Nir Kouris hosted a VIP event at Paris Blockchain week. The event brought together investors, collectors, and builders at the unique NFT Factory Paris!

Crypto Tech Women

  • Doodler Gigi hosted an event called CTW Soiree at Citizen M hotels in downtown Los Angeles. Metaverse panel, music, drinks, and you cannot forget the vibes!

Community treasury

🏦Vitoshi Dan

  • Drops an animation teaser for an upcoming Doodlebank proposal he has yet to drop, if we have to guess it will involve gaming!

Trait based & geographic communities

⛓Wizzy Ministry

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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