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The TGIDigest: Week of 3/27/23

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

The Team

Doodles Sesh #2

  • Hosts: CEO Julian Holguin, Head of Biz Dev Austin Hurwitz, Head of Product Management Joe Ranzenbach

  • The community got to further unpack the Doodlebank Amendment Proposal that was dropped an hour before the show aired. Learning insights behind: nomination/selection process, communication channels direct to the team, and the Doodles Team Council!

  • Joe brought us some product alpha

    • Regarding the 58 grails, there will be 69 of each!

    • Alfie &co. are currently animating over 400 Doodles 2 traits as we speak

    • Create-a-Doodles tool is being finalized to ship soon hopefully. He emphasized it will be scalable and is being built with interoperability in mind

    • We should expect areas of the website to be updated, upgraded, and reskinned

    • Last but not least, there is a tracker of wearables being opened by boxes on the site!

  • Full recording ⬇️

Genesis Boxes

  • Genesis boxes open this Friday!

  • According to Doodler Slowshi's contract analysis, boxes will be able to be bulk opened! Pranksy just audibly sighed with relief so loud they could hear it on Mars! TGIBulk opens.

Sockpiling Airdrop is here!

  • A total of 10 lucky collectors were airdropped the coveted GOLD SOCKS this Thursday. Floor is currently $118,000 USD.

2 New Hires!

  • Everyone please welcome French Loaf and Squinch aboard the Doodles product team!


  • Shopify published an article sharing how Doodles is taking advantage of their token-gated merch features with Shopify POS.

Julian at Overpriced Happy Hour

  • Carly P Reilly interviewed Doodles CEO Julian Holguin on her new tour's first stop in Miami Florida.

  • Recording coming next week!

Mackenzie going to Vegas

  • Doodles Head of Extended Experience Mackenzie Keast will be speaking at the Experiential Marketing Summit in May!

  • Location: Caesar's Palace

  • Date: May 9th-11th

Ingi on Spaces next week

  • Set your reminders for April 3rd, CEO of Goldenwolf/ CCO of Doodles will be on with AVOLVE to talk about web 3 content creation and AI!

Austin at SXSW

  • Head of Business Development Austin Hurwitz joined the Proof team to talk Doodles in Austin Texas 2 weeks back, check out the recording linked in the below!


Illustrations, animation, music and more!


  • Shared a 3D render of sharkboi skating, you will never own the face of Fin's Beach Bar anon.


  • Miki sold a new Miki ticket, and it was exchanged by Azkedda for a bubble gum blowing animation, ALL PINK EVERYTHANG.

  • Miki was also recently brought on board the House of Bandits team as their new animator!


  • A peek into Cyclo's interpretation of a Doodles home in 3D, some trippy stuff indeed.

  • This piece is giving us early Lords of Water vibes. Hey Ingi, wen Cyclo x LOW collab?

  • This couture fabric is giving us early LV vibes...


  • PSA: Doodles dat hat is swaggy but may not be suitable for rugged hikes.

JJ Pencils

  • Out here drawing Joy Story 2 Doodles derivatives. To infinity and beyond!

  • JJ whipped up HappyT shredding the slopes, cowboy hat and all.

  • JJ with a process video behind one of his drawings, prepare to be transported!

Art Dood

  • The time has come, make sure to follow @artdood.eth on Instagram. Art Galore, including a few exclusive TriWizzy sneak peeks.

  • Art Dood also dropped a thread loaded full of the Doodles artwork he's made over the past year. Needless to say, the lineup is STACKED.

Roc Sol

  • Painted and customized an epic canvas for MVTTY. When graffiti and Doodles pfps tango, there is an incredible synergy!


  • Dropped an epic remix of the Dood York City illustration by Sammy Moore, incorporating his devil dood, custom wizzy hoodie, wizzy hat, and touch grass trousers.


  • Made a 3 scene graphic for DNFT: skateboard kick flip, puffin clouds, and wizzy magic wand emitting rainbows to tie it altogether.


  • Hey Kuya where'd you get those glasses? Aren't those Cyclo's?

Dramatic Wolf

  • Lettuce all take a moment to admire that poolside mullet. Fashion killa!


  • Chaos is now (apparently) a game of dominos.


  • This guy on the right looks awfully familiar to the one from Rihana's Super Bowl halftime show... Hmmmm


  • Whipped up an awesome album cover doodles derivative for Justlong and it looks like our kinda party!


  • What dood yoot get when you mix a DeGod and a bottle of Pepto Bismol? This clean boy baldy! Welcome aboard Frank!

Thoughts & threads.

💡NFT Sushi

  • Prolific thread god Sushi dropped this monster, we have reached out to acquire her as TGID's newest intern. We are still awaiting comment from her camp.

    Daniel Kahn

    • Drops a case study under pseudonym writing dood on his experience creating this comic strip with Juiced!

  • Daniel is also in the works collaborating with community artists: ARB8I ! Tag team so skrrrrooong.

Projects & products.

🛠Fin's Beach Bar

  • Following in true Doodles fashion, Fin's is going to up their communication with the community. New games on the horizon!

G's Custom Doodles Merch

  • Shipments go brrrrrrrr.


  • Call to action for Doodles artists, and it's probably related to gifs. ATTENTION ALL CREATIVES!

Alchemy Chains

  • Alchemy scooped a sublimation printer and is now in the process of making custom XL mousepads. Is there anything this dood can't do?


  • Doodles Alpha Lead FXYO is working on a project/platform called Isotopes. More info TBD.

Flow Hackathon

  • Doodler Pearl and his team won the Walletless Onboarding track and $30,000! Massive congrats !

House of Bandits

  • Looks like HOB will have some Alien Frens letters in their upcoming collection Alphabandits!

Community treasury

🏦Doodlebank Amendment Proposal

  • Quorum = Gone

  • Community Council = 5 Members paid $4,000 per month for a 6 month term

  • Team Council = Led by Austin Hurwitz + other team members on a case by case (proposal specific) basis

  • $100k commercialization cap = Proposer can get it absolved pending team review

  • Vote for proposal is imminent, but team is giving time for community feedback to reel in to decide if iteration is necessary before launching the vote

JuicyKatBae NYC Proposal


  • ASK: 9.99 ETH

  • TLDR: To host a networking event/ bangin' party during NFT NYC for Doodles Holders!

  • They smashed quorum nearly 250 votes over, such a feat and the community is super excited to connect in the Big Apple.

  • Date: Finalizing between April 11th & 12th

Trait based & geographic communities

⛓Wizzy Ministry

  • Your guide on how TriWizzy Tournament Champion nomination works!

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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