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The TGIDigest: Week of 3/6/23

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

The Team

🗺The Doodle Map

  • ETH products are in white, Flow products are in green

  • Items named on map: Doodlebank revamp, Dooplicator, Doodles Records, OG collection, The Stoodio (Golden Wolf?), Planets, Space Doodles, Genesis Box, and Doodles 2.

  • Images to decode:

    • Sticky notes over what appear to be coins near the doodlebank ($puke?); Another popular opinion is that in order to get coins out of bank it has to be smashed by the hammer.

    • Bottom left hand corner, covered with lots of sticky notes, with multiple steps A, B...

    • Cat on cinema screen, movie reel, and popcorn (Doodles movie or cartoon show)

    • More details on The Stoodio

    • Coffee Cup (Coffee Doods going legit?)

    • Planets (Space Doodles game and beyond)

    • Cat Food bowls (Doodles pets in genesis boxes?)

    • Sticky notes on shoes (possible sneaker collab?)

International Women's Day

Golden Wolf Summer Internships

  • Who: Producers, Designers, Motion Graphics Artists, 2d Animators, Compositors

  • When: Mid May to August

  • Where: Hybrid Remote/ In-Person Golden Wolf London or NYC

  • Check out link in tweet below for application portal and more details


  • Doodles Board Member Katelin Holloway joins SXSW Founder's House panel!

  • Date: Friday March 10th.

  • Time: 1:20pm CST

  • Where: Foxy's Proper Pub - 201 Brazos St, Austin, TX 78701


  • Shared a recap video from the Doodles NFT Paris event at La Suite Girafe. Dark mode Doodles look so stylish and trendy.

  • He also reassured us that the team is exercising patience, not diverting off track, and working to execute high quality events + products.


  • Briefly changed his pfp to the blueprint of a cat and film reels, which some posit is foreshadowing a Doodles movie or show! We like the cats.


  • Is Mushy the leader of pink sock dao? These influencers are getting sneakier and sneakier by day. A flex ngl.


Illustrations, animation, music and more!

🎨Ruliz Guey

  • Ruliz was out and about at Rolling Loud, and by popular demand is repping Doodles. The Doodles hoodie is nothing short of iconic and fresh. Cheers dood! 🍻


  • Socks are the alpha, and you should check Oprah's wallet. NFA 🧦


  • Despite Metazord recently exiting the Doodles ecosystem, him and Newbis are still best buds. Here is newbis and meta's new bean riding on a peculiar ship above the mountains. It is definitely about the friends we made along the way.

🎨Grape Dood

  • I mean what can we say, grape dood is hot. 🍇


  • Whipped up a three part derivative of the touch grass mascot with their purple cap hoodie dood. There might not be a puffer up but this dood is cozy af.

🎨Art Dood

  • Made what might be a sneak peek of the Tri Wizzy Tournament grounds for G. We can see there is a Wizzy shop (still looking for Harry Potter), candy store, crafts, toys, and Mr. Softee holo poopie ice cream truck.

  • In celebration of mash up Monday and the acquisition of Art Bean, Art Dood has been Doodlifying Azuki Beans. These slap sooper hard dood, Art Dood is in the stoodio making dreams come true. If you hold a bean, comment your NFT # below and you might get a refried bean.


  • Maybe Kyle knows something we don't about upcoming collabs. Regardless, nothing but net with this custom Wilson Basketball with Kyle's dood pfp. BALLIN 🏀


  • Flexing his Doodlified Azuki bean by none other than Art Dood. This little pinto is ready to shred the skatepark before Taco Tuesday! Modelo please! 🌮🛹


  • Drew his dood as a giant in cozy puffer up sitting on a cloud space doodle ship. High top Doodles 2 wearables go hand in hand with puffer up pants.

🎨Skully Vibes

  • Skully managed to frame their Burnt Toast signed print that they won from the Doodles 1st anniversary giveaway! Needless to say, it is a freakin clean piece.


  • If you don't own a foami, don't sleep on these incredibly cool custom pieces. Foami whipped up Sam King a signature piece for their new dood and did it for free due to shipping delay!

🎨NFT Sushi

  • It is no secret that Sushi would give a kidney to own the heart eyes skelly, do you believe in love at first sight?


Tara Fung

  • Tara was lucky enough to make it to Doodles NFT Paris event, this may or may not be her last Paris photo she'll sling this season... 😂


  • Hold back your tears, Jonathan is bringing us back to SXSW '22 sharing pics with Farokh, Burnt Toast, Bandit, and Beeple.


  • Rigged up Doodles Head of Business Development Austin Hurwitz's coffee pfp, super dope touch as he even created a bit of coffee spillage. Keep on keeping on dood!

Thoughts & threads.


  • Shared a thread explaining his view on how the crypto space can be seen as a tool to dissolve social barriers that divide us in web 2 (divisiveness and difference). This was wrote to further emphasize the importance of social connection, and is excited for the opportunity for our community to start hosting as a result of the passage of the Doodle Community Fund Doodlebank Proposal!


Projects & products.

🛠Alchemy Chains

  • Introducing Alchemy KEYchains. The alchemist Doodle does not stop leveling up, expanding product catalogues, and exploring fun ways for holders to display their NFTs in their every day life.


  • From some of our favorite doodles buildoooors at Floor, the team announces they will be partnering with Coinbase to bring wallet features to the app.


  • Doodler Etan is running a sticker special for your upcoming NFT LA needs. STICK TO THE SCRIPT! 20% off site-wide using code: NFTLA 🆓

🛠Vitoshi Games


  • Droll took delivery of one of the first bottles of the Lit Chipotle sauce that we have seen in the wild, we will be need a full review of that ser.

Community treasury

🏦Doodles Community Fund

  • CONGRATULATIONS CKT, The DCF Proposal Passed Quorum!

  • Votes needed: 500, Votes received: 520, Funds: 9.99 ETH

  • The DCF has been created to allow Doodles holder to be reimbursed for hosting IRL and online events. This pilot is hoping to kick start Doodlers worldwide to begin hosting community led meet ups and be rewarded for doing so!

  • Doodles Community Fund Sign up sheet

🏦Doodlien Delegation

  • Doodlien has created a solution for those who hold a Doodle and A) Don't want to vote on Doodlebank due to risk of losing assets, B) Don't care to participate in votes due to lack of interest, among others. He has created a wallet where anyone in a similar position can delegate their DB votes. The idea is for proposals that reach 50% of quorum, Doodlien would use this wallet to vote abstain (reach quorum but not effect public opinion) in order to give more legs to community initiatives.

  • In the grand scheme it is a step in the right direction, this is no doubt a pure ingenuity play. Ultimately, we hope there will be a permanent fix implemented in the Doodlebank revamp.

Trait based & geographic communities

⛓Fins x NYC

⛓Commission of Crowns?

  • Will the crown kings finally join around the round table?

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈