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The TGIDigest: Week of 4/17/23

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

The Team

Doodles HQ is now open!

  • On Monday April 17th the Doodles team descending upon Miami Florida for their first full day of work at the newly finished Doodles HQ.

  • Head of Product Management Joe Ranzenbach gave us a little sneak peek at one of the awesome gadgets they have!

  • Ingi visited DoodlePutt mural!

Happy Birthday Mushy

  • It was Mushy's actual birthday this Tuesday. The moderators got this piece commissioned by art dood for our favorite waterfowl.

  • We deeply appreciate everything you do Luc, we hope you spent it surrounded by your loved ones, you deserve it king!

Doodles X Pharrell X BBC Ice Cream

  • A limited edition capsule designed by Burnt Toast and Pharrell produced by Billionaire Boys Club will debut at Something in the Water.

  • Items: Towel, Skate Deck, Hat, and Gym Shorts, others tbd.

  • Let Burnt Toast and Pharrell cook!

  • Check out the Hypemoon feature article, probably nothing.

Doodles Sesh #5

  • Head of Biz Dev Austin Hurwitz moderated a panel interviewing applicants for the community council Rewards & Grants Leads.

  • Community Council interviews have begun and will continue over the next week.

We got more lore

  • The mascot dubbed "our hero" is trying to make a portal/teleportation device while their feline companion supervises and bathes themself.

Katelin Holloway

  • Crew Love 💙


  • Has brought on Proof's Moonbirds as a client in their studio, check out this clip from a piece called "Shrine of the Diamond Totem."


Illustrations, animation, music and more!


  • Made a kumo world x doodles collage of 9 doods in Kumo's signature style for their Triwizzy Tournament entry.

Modern Dood

  • Cracked open ye olde "Drawing Hands for Dummies", looks like it's working wonders.


  • Introducing Fractallifts!


  • Rendered a 3D steeve complete with a pong cup and ball. Smells like a physical may be in the works...


  • Shared their late submission to the Triwizzy depicting a Wizard shooting rainbow from their wand into the clouds and a second panel rainbow puking into a magical cauldron.

Art Dood

  • Captured sk8rboi Sam King with some rainbow puke brew while grinding on a starry night.

  • Art Dood guessed the brand collab was Adoodas. Close but no candy cigar.

  • AD also made this badass illustration for council chair runner Dave Toronto of a king on his throne.

Mark Mograph

  • Reminiscing back to the first animation he ever made, it was the golden wish bone captain skelly. Good times indeed.

Probably Nothing

  • Made a mashup of Doodles x BBC ice cream merch + animation.

Thoughts & threads.


  • Announced her candidacy for Events Lead, endorsed by Opensea. nbd.

Steve Aoki

  • Steve may be the first Doodle to space on a private trip around the moon. The fact he owns an Alien Doodle, coincidence? Incog thinks not..

John Schenk

  • Shares a thread related to his candidacy for council treasurer.


  • Big wearables trade, 7 items for one holographic Bandana. Sheeeeeesh.


  • Shares a thread of his journey as an architect turned web 3 animator.

Jeremy Nation

  • Shares a thread on his party platform for his council chair candidacy run.

Projects & products.

🛠Jpeg Kings


776 Foundation

  • T-minus 7 days to apply for the Seven Seven Six Climate Fellowship Program. In College, 23 or under, doing stuff to combat climate change, SIGN UP!

Tribeca Film Festival

  • Doodler Gino the Ghost is featured in an upcoming documentary called "Minted", along with some other web 3 legends in the space!


  • Official pictures have surfaced from electro heaven, wear a pair of rubber gloves while viewing because they will 100% ELECTROCUTE you if you're not careful.

  • The trio was also on NFT Catcher pod to discuss their experience at NFT NYC, a must listen.

Community treasury

🏦Vitoshi Games

  • The Vitoshi Games crew is playing chess not checkers, Doodlebank proposal drop is imminent.

Doodles Island

  • Paunch is proposing we use 1749.33 ETH from the Doodlebank to acquire a 70 acre island in FIJI and call it Doodle Island.

  • After said Island has been purchased, we cast for a Doodles version of the hit TV show survivor.

  • Where do we sign?

Trait based & geographic communities

⛓Doodles CN Shenzen Meet-up

  • The third DCF funded event was hosted in Shenzen China last Saturday and the CN community showed out big! They had artwork, custom merch, decorations, food, and drinks!

  • Here is more of the decor.

  • Custom stickers, tote bag, shirts, mugs and even socks!

Wizzy Ministry

  • Champions were selected

    • House Burnt Toast: Art Dood & We are to Late

    • House Poopie: Exotic Raccoon, Sushi & Boris

    • House Tulip: Dj Dabs, Joice & Juiced

  • 2 week challenge begins, top of each category wins an OG Doodle!

  • Noodles Chase the Rainbow Community Challenge has begun as well

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈