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The TGIDigest: Week of 4/3/23

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

The Team

🌈Doodle Beach🏝

  • Doodles will be activating in Virginia Beach, VA, Pharrell's Hometown for SITW Music Festival! I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!

  • Dates: April 28th-30th

  • Lineup

🌈The Doodlebank Revolution begins!

  • The Doodlebank amendment vote has reached the quorum of 500 votes on its second day. The Revamp will:

    - Remove quorum + red tape

    - Install a 5 member Community Council appointed by the team (with a public nomination process)

    - Install 2 member Doodle Watch (Voted on by the community

  • Check out more details on the timeline below

🌈Wearables Swap Party

🌈Burnt Toast

🌈Julian Holguin

🌈Team Memes


Illustrations, animation, music and more!



  • Patron wishes Burnt Toast a happy birthday and shows off his collection of hand painted Doodles portraits.

  • Patron additionally has aspirations to cook up some new sub-communities so be on the lookout for whatever he has planned for the Grail DAO!


🎨Electric Rabbit

  • Electric Rabbit whipped up this stunning piece for LoveCaptain! They might have accidentally created a new kneepads wearable in the process. Gonna need some knee pads STAT.

  • Love Captain keeps the vibes going with this soundtrack/video combo! Looks like wizardry to me!



🎨Daniel Kahn x AB8I

  • Daniel, aka the Writing Dood, shows us the power of good storytelling when combined with Doodley visuals in this collaborative story with Robotti Andrea.

🎨Nir Kouris



🎨Simba the Goldfish


  • Cinna drops a comic called Doodle Earth, featuring over 30 doodles and communicates a friendly message! Well done🌎


🎨CupCat CC

Thoughts & threads.



  • The Doodlien shows us not just a great fit, but a potential value driver to OG Doodles. In order to complete the outfit, OG traits will be needed. You can see the game theory and thoughtfulness emerging with things like this.







  • Arbie tries to use AI to reinterpret and recreate the Doodles, clearly it is no replacement for Burnt Toast.


Projects & products.

🛠Fin's Beach Bar



🛠The Daily Ralpha

🛠Alchemy Chains

Community treasury


  • The stunner team at JKB has passed a proposal to put on a rager at NFT NYC. We have it on good authority that the vibes will be a mix between "deep house" and "our god is an awesome god" So in layman's terms, immaculate.

  • Venue: Outer Heaven

  • Date: April 11th

  • How to sign up: Via Tokenproof (link in tweet below)

  • Who: Doodlers and +1's

Trait based & geographic communities

⛓The Wizzy Ministry

⛓Doodles CN(China)

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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