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The TGIDigest: Week of 5/1/23

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

The Team

The Stoodio is now open

  • The Stoodio is your home base and account with Doodles. It will house the rewards program, character builder, access to certain experiences. In short, everything you will need as a Doodles holder will live within the stoodio. Its currently in beta and more features will be added soon.

  • When creating a Doodles 2 you also get to secure your Doodles' name, which will eventually be tradable! 1 beta pass = 1 name

The Pharrell Pack

  • Each pack contains:

    • 3 Digital Wearables from brands including Adidas, Human Race, BBC, and Ice Cream

    • 1 Physical Redeemable item such as: Pastel Adidas Sambas, Hoodies, Skin Care Kits

    • 1 Doodles 2 Beta Pass

  • 12 lucky winners will receive a super rare pair of Green Sambas, they commemorate Pharrell's 50th birthday, will never be sold in-store, and are only given to: Pharrell's Family, Friends, and 12 Doodles holders.

  • How to enter to win 1 of 300 Pharrell packs?

    • Create a Stoodio Profile

    • Own an OG Doodle

    • Dooplicate at least once

    • Create a Doodles 2

    • Open a Genesis Box

  • Here are a few testimonials from the product and creative teams about their experience behind the scenes of the stoodio and character builder.

Doodlebank Community Council

  • Please give a warm welcome to the founding members of the council! These 5 doodlers along with 2 soon to be elected Doodle Watch members will build out the budget, proposal review processes, and begin fund distribution for the council's inaugural administration under the newly passed governance.

  • The Doodlebank's nearly $5 million dollar balance that is currently funded via a portion of OG doodles secondary royalties will now be managed by the council as the new governance change has eliminated the original need for quorum via snapshot votes. This is a massive step for community empowerment and we have to give our hats off to the team for building such a robust class of movers and shakers!

Doodle Beach

  • Virginia Beach was properly taken over by Pharrell and his Phriends. Doodles deployed their modular activation dubbed "Doodle Beach." There was free ice cream, an Instagram takeover by JKB, BBC x Doodle capsule for sale, digital art displays, and tablets with the Doodles 2 creator open for festival goers to give a spin!

Doodles in Vogue

  • Doodles de moda, an article feature about the upcoming Pharrell Packs and Doodles community-forward vision + business model.

BBC Ice Cream x Doodles Merch Capsule

  • Check out this badass merch collab that released at SITW, the remaining stock will go live soon on the Doodles Shopify May 5th at 2pm ET. Skate decks will be token-gated!

  • The merch just hits different in the music festival crowd, be iconic!

Red Bull Doodle Art

  • Our amazing friend, gracious founder, and creative genius Burnt Toast will be a judge at the upcoming Red Bull Doodle Art contest. Huge brand collaboration as well as a wickedly cool opportunity to meet with creatives all around the world. We will keep everyone updated on the 411 of any new developments. The article in the tweet below contains tons of details and a 10 question interview of Scott!

Bianca Posterli at Consensus '23

  • Bianca popped up in Austin Texas at Coindesk's Consensus conference for a panel called "Breaking Through the Bubble: How to Market Web 3 to a Broader Audience."

  • We are unaware of any recordings available, but if one surfaces we will be sure to share it.

  • Here's a great thread on a week in the life as Head of Brand Marketing at Doodles. ALL GAS NO BRAKES!

Doodles Head to Asia?

  • Animation Director Alfie Motion posted a new illustration of the mascot containing Japanese characters, foreshadowing a possible trip out east soon?

Pharrell x Tiffany & Co.

  • Pharrell is featured in an ad for Tiffany's new experience on 5th ave in Manhattan called " The Landmark." Probably nothing.

404 error

  • Its the little details sometimes! Thanks Alfie.


Illustrations, animation, music and more!

🎨Holo Cowboy

  • On April 28th 2023, the Holo Cowboy was born. 420 lbs 69 ozs.

Bitcoin Louie

  • The petal head is a total grail, don't fade holo animated wearables anon.


  • lol amongst others has been on a wearable buying bender, and their closet is looking quite dapper. pun intended

Art Dood

  • Check out his submission for the Triwizzy Animation Champion challenge!

  • Art dood not only made it to the animation championship, but also the design. Here's his illustration, the theme: It all starts with a Doodle.

  • Art dood continues some Adidas merch concepts.

Joyce Liu

  • Joyce was in the Doodles discord VC the past two week cooking up this wicked submission for the Triwizzy design championship. It was really neat to watch her process live and some lucky spectators got their doodles drawn in to the final piece!

Alchemy Chains

  • The man keeps it fresh, flexing a chain with his pfp at SITW. Massive shoutout to Julian and Mackenzie for actualizing Alchemy's dream of going to the festival. He's a Virginia Beach local, so the team made sure to hook up our favorite community alchemist!

    • The Doodles 2 Alchemist is born!

Official R0b

  • Rob made it out to Something in the Water, got to hang at Doodle Beach with the ladies from JKB, and shared some footage of Doodles content on the big screen!


  • Bandit's iconic dark mode Doodle was further immortalized as an honorary NFT in the recently released pixel art collection Reepz. Looks sooper dope dood!


  • Made an amazing set of hand-painted denim jackets with his entire family and wore them at Something in the Water. Talent and truly good vibes all around.

  • Pickleball was so generous as to purchase, package, and ship thousands of dollars of merch for Doodlers who couldn't make it to Doodle Beach. THE REAL MVP! Don't mind the man with the trash bag, he's like a summer Santa Claus.

  • Pics or it didn't happen. Pickleball -> Pack man

  • Custom painted Louis bag!


  • Lucky used the Doodles Beach aesthetic to the fullest, the shoot was on point!

  • Custom painted eyeglass case is super vibrant!

Harold Hughes

  • ICYMI, kids are totally bullish on Doodles 2. Strap in, we're set for a wild ride ladies and gentleman.


  • Our good buddy lightfield pulled the 4th Genesis Box 1/1, the paw pants!

Mrs. & Mr Crier

  • We're not crying YOU'RE CRYING. Who put this bowl of onions here?


  • Published a wickedly cool scene called Nintendood, lots of easter eggs when you zoom in.

Chris Lyons

  • Made YouTube video of him creating a Doodles 2 in the Stoodio! Check out his channel.


  • Cyclo has been super busy perfecting his new series. He has yet to reveal any final versions yet but from the mockups we cannot wait to check them out!

Alfie Motion

  • Alfie pulled a fish bag, and the drip on this dood is tough af.

Jay Pi

  • Step 1) 3D render

  • Step 2) 3D printed skull mask doodles loading...


  • Mushy is now a foami, bubble wrap that duck and ship him!

Thoughts & threads.


  • Steeve isn't in love with the designs of the bbc merch collab.

Arthur Sabinstsev

  • Dropped a thread on why he doubled down his conviction for Doodles and scooped another OG Doodle for his wife. Also if you check the chain that holo bob was the previous pfp of Burnt Toast's Assistant Doodstrator, Bapling.

How to save recording of Doodles 2 Character

  • Thanks Incog!

Alex Hughsam

  • Drops a thread highlighting 3 reasons why Doodles is set for a major comeback.

    • 1) Awareness of their lack of focus on community

    • 2) Hiring Austin Hurwitz

    • 3) Doodles Community Council


  • Shares his experience from being friends with a goldenwolf artist, to meeting the Doodles community in a TGID space, to aping in, and eventually his friend winning a Doodle in the Triwizzy Tournament!


  • Pranksy pushes the limit on how many pets are acceptable to wield in the character builder. Call em Dr. Doodlittle, kekekek.

Bobby Hundreds

Doodles 2 Charts

  • Incog coming in with the newly updates charts covering dooped wearables from:

    • Hand-drawns

    • Special Heads/Faces

    • RBP


  • Wrote a project thread on Doodles mainly taking a look at price analytics and market behaviors.


  • Farokh gives his flowers to the Doodles & RTFKT teams for keeping their composure during recent FUD storms prior to their recent releases. He has mad respect for the integrity of both teams that neither drop was leaked! TLDR: Never fold under pressure.

  • Doodles with Pharrell and Adidas

  • RTFKT with Lebron James and Nike

Sandy Meows

  • Sandy has officially announced her run for Doodle watch!

Projects & products.


  • Head over to to check out the new Juicy Kat Bae website! Just enough BBs.

NFT Catcher Pod

  • Jenny and Michael were joined by Doodles CEO Julian Holguin this past Friday to unpack The Stoodio and more!


  • Professional Tennis Stringing business just got a makeover to include some of 0xpickleball's new Doodles 2 characters.

High Dood

  • Fresh outta Phucket Thailand the High Dood cannabis dispensary is now open and offering 20% off discount for Doodles holders.

  • Check out their Doodles mascot figurine on their newly made rug!

Something in the Water

  • Leave it to Pharrell to host such an epic weekend in Virginia, here's some more content for your viewing pleasure.

The Jacket NFT

  • Doodler Bandit successfully shipped his first custom denim jacket tied to an NFT from Miami to Germany. Rodeo's swag is immaculate, doubt that dood will get leave his sight!


  • Want to check out the Doodles names that have been minted so far, no need to wait, Flowty has got us covered!

Community treasury

🏦Settlers of Doodtan

  • Alchemy has an idea to build out a board game, art dood seems interested in designing it. Stay tuned!

Trait based & geographic communities

⛓Triwizzy Tournament

  • Check out all the design champion submissions below.

  • Joyce Liu is the design champion!

  • Exotic Raccoon is the music champion!

  • Art dood is the motion champion!

  • Here is a thread from the ministry with further details on the community challenge winner and next stages of the tournament.

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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