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The TGIDigest: Week of 5/8/23

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

The Team

🌈The Pharrell Pack

🌈Burnt Toast

🌈Portal Problems

🌈Austin Hurwitz

🌈Ingi Erlingsson

🌈Mackenzie Keast


Illustrations, animation, music and more!




🎨Jay Pi




🎨Sam King


Thoughts & threads.



  • Santan lays out why he thinks Doodles went against the grain and why this was a winning strategy.



Projects & products.

🛠Fins Beach Bar

  • Steeve teases some tees as well as other merch items on the way to the Fins Merch shop.


Community treasury


Trait based & geographic communities


Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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