The TGIDigest: Week of 8/29/2022

Official News

🌈Doodles Bucket Auction

  • Re-engineered the classic dutch auction to mitigate gas wars

  • Wildly successful around 12,000 eth auction total, under 25 ETH in gas

Speculation/ Founder Action

👀Burnt Toast and Alfie Motion got new pfps

  • Alfie Doodle # 3123: purple alfalfa hair, leopard hoodie, designer glasses with blue background

  • Scott Doodle # 9506: pink headband, bandana, pink hoodie, blue background

👀Tulip address EOM chatter in discord

  • Next thing to expect is: onboarding more team members

👀Poopie posts about copium

👀Chase the Rainbow Game by Noodles team for Noods and Doods is live!

Community Spaces/Threads & Perspectives

📢Degentraland - “be patient but demand more”

📢Daddy Chill Ep.2 (Spaces by Hammmer)

Trait Sub-community News

🧩Wizzy Ministry

  • Triwizzy tournament - possible vote coming soon, maybe a week or two, probably dependent on official doodles announcement to capitalize on momentum.

🧩Doodles China

  • Has been very active past few weeks, we need to find out more about what they are up to and have them on here

🧩Attention all sub-communities

  • We have created a group chat as a repository to provide news updates that we can share on the show. We are actively seeking information so if you or someone you know can assist please send them our info @TGIDoodles on twitter.

Doodlebank Proposals

🐷Meta Linked Avatars

Make Doodles Multi-meta linked wearable NFTs (OtherSide, Sandbox, Decentraland)) across all Metaverses

🐷Triwizzy Tournament

Triwizzy Tournament

🐷Auto-Twitter Bot

Build a Utility to Generate Automated 'On-Timeline' (Twitter) Human-Readable Events (Tweets)

🐷Doodles en español

Doodles en Español

🐷Chaos is a ladder

Chaos is a ladder

Lore and Artwork

🎨Arbie0x - Lofi Doods

🎨Parallel’s Necromancer’s Curse pg.2

Products and Companies

🔨Perfy - Dr. Perfy Doodle Soda

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