The TGIDigest: Week of 9/12/2022

Official News

VC Funding Round = Complete

  • Doodles has raised $54M at $704M valuation!

New Hire

  • Head of Brand Partnerships - Brandon Rosenblatt (@ny8685), rocking Doodle #5829. Doodle was transferred from Alfie’s vault.

  • Bobbyhundreds calls Rosenblatt “one of the smartest guys in streetwear.”

New Official Artwork

  • 1 word: SNAILY! Website Refresh

Community Spaces/Threads & Perspectives

JKB with the Doodles Founders + CEO

  • MUST LISTEN! Loyal listeners are now called JKBabies.

  • Genesis Box Reveal, Dooplicator Trait Reveal, and Doodles 2 launch have been pushed from Summer 2022. Holguin said it should be ready by the end of the year.

  • On communications, Holguin stated there will not be radio silence for 6 weeks again but part of what is going on right now is the team are setting expectations. He did state that 1 to 2 weeks without tweets/engagement should be normative and not outlandish. Poopie stated that with their first round of hires their priority will be on product team and developers so they can get to building things or else there will not be anything for the marketing team to communicate to holders about.

Steve unpacks JKB spaces

Para takes deep dive into JKB spaces

SmashT: JKB spaces recording

SmashT: Ai Generated Transcript of JKB spaces

Doodlebank Evolution Spaces Episode #2

JavaScript is not available.

Doodles x Floor Onboarding Spaces

JavaScript is not available.

Degentraland Thread on VC funding in larger NFT space

  • In order for VC funding to deliver holder value 3 things must align: VC interests, founder interests, and holder interests.

Trait Sub-community News

Wizzy Ministry

  • Triwizzy Tournament Doodlebank proposal passes quorum with 1559 votes!

  • First Triwizzy Tournament update

001 - Post-vote update (Sept 2022)

  • Voters receive a POAP

POAP ✈️ | Triwizzy Tournament Doodlebank POAP

  • Wizzy Ministry Appreciation airdrop to staunch champions of Triwizzy support

Doodles Korea

  • Korean Doodles Meetup #3 on September 17th, Hosted by Bokqueen.

Doodlebank Proposals

Supporting local Doodles community meetups by Bokqueen0718

  • Expresses a desire to create a system that provides team-level support to communities outside the United States. No specific monetary ask.

Suggestions for supporting local community meetups

Doodlebank Evolution: People, Process and technology feedback and improvement ideas by Tom3.eth

Doodlebank Evolution: People, Process and Technology Feedback and Improvement Ideas Experience for Doodles by Lost Potato Experience for Doodles

Lore + Artwork


  • How to catch a Burnt Toast miniseries, a race to being followed by Burnt toast! Making 1 bananafied BT derivative per day until the follow reels in.

Hairdoo app animation

  • Artist is not doxxed, we will have Hairdoo on soon and hopefully we will get to unveil the animator responsible! This is an advertisement for their on-demand hair stylist service in LA and NYC. 💇‍♂️


  • Illustration celebrating the Triwizzy Tournament proposal win! PICKLES ARE A WIZARDS NEW BROOM! 🧙

  • An illustration for Charleskoh as a parody of King Charles III. 🤴

  • A cool collage featuring a lot of full body doodles gathering to celebrate Doodles’ VC funding round. 💰

Carl the Doodle

  • Carl is in the metaverse. Diorama style 3D animation, probably nothing…


  • Makes a Pre-eth merge meditation illustration as well as yoga doodle derivatives. 🧘

Reyez Music

  • Applies some homemade music to a Burnt Toast GM cameo pass. 🎶

  • Casperdefi put out a piece that is an inter-project joinable art piece, with a ‘comment to be included’ mechanic.


  • Fin’s Beach Bar derivative frenzy. 🦈

  • Epic shark suit for Tulip complete with mullet and cowboy hat!


  • Does a awesome illustration of him riding on Steeve’s dorsal fin heading to Fin’s bar and grill.

  • .10 eth bid by finsbeachbar.eth… Cyclo collab. The piece is now owned by Fin’s and is CC0.

Products + Companies

The Right Click Save Podcast

  • Releases a new video discussing Doodles vs Apes and trading in the bear, as part of their new twice weekly shorter form content.

Bored Apes or Doodles - Trading the Bear Market

The Real Metaverse

  • Has stalled their mint due to lack of participation, interesting signal for the market.

The Jacket NFT

  • Bandit, Doodle 2691, posted a teaser of his new Jacket NFT which is a really cool phygital NFT, coming very soon!

Pass the Rainbow

  • The magic mullet is creating an interactive experience to accompany the hit single “pass the rainbow.”


  • Have fractionalized Doodle #4081 and is building their own satellite community.

Floor NFT

  • Buys a doodle for its wallet and forms a partnership with doodles, giving all doodles beta access to the app!

  • Doodle holders free mint of Floor pass.

Unfiltered NFT

  • Hired Doodler Guda.eth will be publishing macro NFT newsletters via Unfiltered, using Doodle IP in their posts.

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