The TGIDigest: Week of 9/19/2022

Official News

🌈 Burnt Toast and Poopie are now verified on twitter!

🌈 Doodles Careers

  • First round of hires includes 10 vacancies in: Creative, Finance & Operations, Legal, and Marketing.

Doodles Careers

Speculation/Founder Action

👔 CEO of Monstercat music Darlington trades for Balloon Doodle #6551

  • Possible ties to Julian Holguin? If yes, a bullish Doodles EDM play!

👔 Doodlyweds!

  • Huge congratulations to the Keast’s. Dr.Bun aka Mackenzine Keast Head of Doodles Extended Experience tied the knot with Lauren Vaile in Ontario!

Community Spaces/Threads + Perspectives

📢 Happynote.eth’s Thread

  • Thread on how they believe VC funding is going to work out for Doodles. To become a household brand the key is to drive brand appeal, and brand appeal cost big bucks.

📢 JKB Spaces ft. Blocktones team

Trait Sub-community News

🔗 Doodles Korea

  • Korean Doodles meetup #3 in Seoul had RFID chips programmed to show the holder’s Doodles. Taking a page from the SXSW in Austin, Texas USA. Epic!

🔗 Doodlift’s Gym for Muscles

  • Introduces Fitbot, interfaces with Yurk rank app and fitness watches to accrue xp and ranks in different fitness channels. (off-chain)

🔗 Doodettes

  • ALERT- Introducing the Doodettes - A club for women in the Doodles community. Under construction! Can’t wait to see what they have in store!

Doodlebank Proposals

🐷 Local Doodles events assistance by Bokqueen078

  • Awesome idea, needs quite a bit of refinement. Mushy has sniffed it out and lots of other Doodlers have followed suit. This one will get the attention it deserves soon! To add on, when asked by Nitty B during the JKB spaces “What types of proposals would you like to see come out of the Doodlebank” Poopie responded with “IRL activations and social good proposals.” This falls into the former group so it should do quite well.

Suggestions for supporting local community meetups

🐷 Chase the Rainbow: Space Doodles Game Scaling by JLEE, Donf, Ghoul, and Jaspr

  • The Noodles team built out the first use case for Space Doodles, an interoperable multiplayer game that incorporates the wrapping contract. Doodlers can play with their Doodle and spaceship as their character against their friends to compete live.

  • Their ask is 25 ETH to implement a Bounty and Reward System, Game Upkeep, Operations, and Marketing.

Chase the Rainbow: Grand Prix and future plans

Lore + Artwork

🎨 Crypto Crier

  • Crier has got his physical NFT merch game going waaay up! Featuring a 1/1 Burnt Toast drawn T-shirt from the Doodles Lounge at NFT NYC and a BT x Bandit signed bandana from SXSW 2022.

🎨 Uncoloreddood (Juiced) x Lofi Doods

  • Has us begging the question: wen Doodles x Apple collab with this blast from the past animation. The resemblance is uncanny to old school apple commercials with the Doodle silhouette flair just hits different.

🎨 Dreams Club

  • Finishes their first ever Doodles sculpture, customer #1 Charleskoh.

🎨 Carl the Doodle

  • Takes a stab at his own rendition of a shark derivative in honor of Fin’s Beach Bar.

🎨 Mnewbis

  • Releases comic series called “Space Stuff” that is now for sale on Foundation

Space stuff | Foundation

🎨 MercedHees

  • BREAKING NEWS: Doodles figurines look sexy in the sand on the beach. SPF 69 anyone?

🎨 Skully Vibes

  • Produced a trip inducing derivative of his dood in a wizzy hat. He’s getting ready for the design category of the Triwizzy tourny.

  • Skully’s dood is working at their desk, on art of course! We love the easter egg: HBD Mushy.

🎨 Fin’s Beach Bar

  • Community artwork for Fin’s Beach Bar, work by: @doodle2691 @thingsnstuff33 @metazord_eth @n3rdfather!

🎨 JJ

  • Dope drawing of his NFT collection including his Wizzy Dood pfp and wife HappyT’s cowboy hat RBP. #grailtalk

  • Dripped the Doodles founders + CEO in new Wizzy Ministry robes. Will this be the next shark derivative?

🎨 Cyclo

  • Has got some heaters cooked up and is now beginning to mint his pieces for sale on Foundation.

  • “The Return”

🎨 Meme_Monster

  • Animated Doodle reporter’s take on the age old question: What is Fin’s Beach Bar?

🎨 Metazord

  • Visual interpretation on Steeve giving Fin’s Beach Bar alpha.

  • New Fin’s Beach Bar derivative , it’s a play on the JAWS movie poster featuring nude Doods swimming. Remixed by Bandit!

🎨 BananaCandy

  • Another day, another How to catch a @burnttoast entry derivative. ALL BANGERS, ALL THE TIME.

  • Genesis BananaCandy collection is completed and sold out.

  • No more BananaCandy commissions anymore either sigh, the dawn of a new age!

🎨 ParallelAiRev

  • Releases Necromancer’s Curse Episode #4

🎨 DJ Dabs

  • Official Fin’s Beach Bar soundtrack.

🎨 Hammer

  • Drops an animation celebrating the last day of summer with a beverage at Fin’s Beach Bar

🎨 Hongtu

  • Created a 3D animated filter for Zoom calls of his Doodle that tracks their voice as a part of the comoco labs project.

🎨 Lofi Doods

  • Lofi Doods are on an Apple tear. Wen airpod dao?

🎨 NFT Sushi

  • New Doodles scene. enter… GIANT SNAILY!

Products + Companies

🔨 Bandit

  • Cooking up some phygital artwork, with this most recent snap of some IRL skate decks which he plans to pair with NFTs

🔨 Alphabandits

  • Project by Bandit. Teaser released!

🔨 Fin’s Beach Bar

  • First airdrop. 75 wallets, 2 NFTs per wallet. None to those in the queue. Artwork is 3D render of Chase the Rainbow arcade machine called: Fin’s Sharkade!

🔨 Battle Showdown x Doodles

  • Magic Mullet and Ethlas link up to add Mullet’s music into their Doodle themed level of Battle Showdown

🔨 Lil Sloots

  • Artist is revealed, it is our very own dood Juicyju. Slootlist baby!

  • Mint is live, it costs .0138 to mint, max mint is 5 lil sloots for a price of .069 ETH + gas. #easteregg

🔨 Cryptofoxes

  • Doodlifts appears as a character in Cryptofoxes game: Runner League.

🔨 Doodle Bot Carbon & Because Doodles (Unofficial Sales Bots)

  • 2 new doodles bots in responses to 8270eth’s call to action!

🔨 Nibbl

  • Nibbl’s platform is being used by The Dapp List to fractionalize MFER #8009.

🔨 The Raging Roost

  • The first deliveries of The Raging Roost Doodles sauce are landing!

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