The TGIDigest: Week of 9/26/2022

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

Official News

🌈 Doodles Official Twitter

  • The GM we were all waiting for!

    Several key things to note:

    • Much to 8270’s chagrin, the apes have tails!🐒

    • The robot has one leg!🤖🦿

    • Return of the birb!🐦

    • Honey I shrunk the ice cream! Grails the size of snails 🍦🐌

    • Portal: Is this the same portal on the Genesis Box?

  • Was this drawn fully by Bapling??

  • New Bio, Who dis?

    • The Doodles slogan has arrived.

Speculation/ Team Action

👀 Alfie Motion

  • Alfie shows the bald heads some love with this new animation, posted on the Doodles instagram page!

👀 Evan Keast (Tulip)

  • It has been loosely confirmed that Doodles would have a presence at Art Basel, but we know Evan loves the IRL activations…so will you be there?

👀 Burnt Toast

  • BT dropped some sketches from the archive in the discord on Thursday 9/29. Some classics along with some unreleased traits! First the birb now these unreleased traits, is BT hinting at some of these items making their way back into the Doodleverse?

  • Hammer, a Doodles community member quickly turned this last sketch into a reality, so cool!

👀 Pharrell

  • @Pharrell teases something called Is this Doodles related?! At this point it does not seem Doodles related, it appears to be a clearinghouse for Pharrell’s 20 years of products and concepts. Maybe he is clearing the way for a doodley future??

👀 Bandit

  • Bandit was in the Doodles discord looking for Doodles to include on the website. This would seem to be the first instance of the team looking to “license” back holder’s Doodles for official use!

  • Bandit also reiterated that the Doodles team is looking to fill several roles at the company!

Community Spaces/Threads + Perspectives

📢 Grail doods!

  • The same holder, @nnxnft who recently sold an AirPods doodle to Warner Brothers UK just absolutely stole this flower dood for 17 ETH💰

📢 KB 🧵

  • Someone new on the scene, @KBVRSE writes a thread briefly explaining the Doodles ecosystem and makes a case why it will have success onboarding millions. Emphasizes that Doodles 2 will fill gap of digital identity.

📢 Bamboo 🧵

  • Shouts out Rainbow Alpha, community initiatives + lore building, and builders. Cites that they have made lots of friends in Doodles, they are serious movers and shakers.

Trait Sub-Community News

🔗 Wizzy Ministry

  • BennyHaze’s Triwizzy Tournament Call to Action

  • It appears @jxkenft gets brought on for UX/UI design for the Wizzy Ministry!🧙‍♂️

  • Here is a example of @jxkenft’s work that garnered him quite a bit of attention

  • The Wizzys release a really cool tool that allows people to generate their own Tri-Wizzy tournament derivatives. This may be proof that there are actual wizards behind this sub-community. 🧙‍♂️

  • Introducing “frens” to wizzyup: Please welcome Birb, Snaily, and the Snek. Artwork by Cyclo.

🔗 Rainbow Smokers Club

  • Word on the street is the they’ve been building. Here is their announcement of an announcement…classic Doodles move

🔗 LoFi Doods

  • Announcing LoFi Doods Discord Channel, it is officially OPEN!!

🔗 Skelly Community?

  • @hammmer_ might be building out the skelly community! Some big names like Jfellz and ParallelAiRev are notable skelly holders!💀

  • Hammer is taking a vote for the name, we like that he is starting off decentralized😂

🔗 Music Doods

  • Marv has launched a probe for Doodlers who work in the music industry, it has gotten good exposure. We hope to have them on soon!

🔗 French Doods

  • There is a discord that exists made by @parisiandoodle.

🔗 Korea Doodles

  • The Korea Doodles shows off their name tag from their recent local activation.

  • Korean Doodles Camp

Doodlebank Proposals

🐷 Doodlebank Evolution Space

  • @notfuntom is hosting his third edition of Doodlebank Evolution to discuss upcoming proposals and votes as well as the beginnings of @rainbowlaunch.

🐷 Noodles

  • The @noodles_nft team drop their proposal to expand the Chase the Rainbow game! This is a big deal

Lore + Artwork

🎨 Bapling

  • Full body doods by Bapling laying upside down with the right-side up coffee is very whimsical. Such an incredible job capturing the iconic insane flexibility of Doodles.

🎨 BananaCandy

  • One of the last candy derivatives for the moment goes to Happynote.eth. Might be the first note face Doodle BC derivative. Can someone say Potasi-YUM!

  • Slideshow of Day 1-20 of #HowToCatchABurntToast

  • Doxxed!

🎨 JJ

  • Very fun full body wizzy doodle GM graphic for Adam Hustle. The Wizzys are building!

🎨 Mnewbis

  • Space Stuff Episode #5

  • Space Stuff Episode #6

  • A day in the life of doodlifts

🎨 L3xc Lim

  • All aboard the next ship to Planet Pukenza. Now thats an awful lot of rainbow puke if I’ve ever seen it!

  • Fun Fact: In order to make a revolution around the sun, 1 year on Planet Pukenza is the equivalent to 69 months on Earth!

🎨 Ruliz_Guey

  • Caught at the pool rocking a custom embroidered tee with their pfp doodle #463. BULLISH!

🎨 Cyclo

  • Has planted a seed introducing a new mythical doodle character to the cast. Everyone please meet: Doodle Snek.

  • Such a sneeeeaaky snek!

🎨 Reyez Music

  • The bender of adding pleasing audio and music to animations by Burnt Toast and co. continues. Very mellow vibes.

  • Reyez also churned out some audio to add his vibes to the zen @iamcyclo piece.

🎨 might

  • Artist behind Dippies whips up a fun animation of Winky’s Doodle. FREE!

🎨 Digicalist

  • Concept of the “Doopie Dunk.”

🎨 Gutave Eiffel x Burnt Toast Collab

  • C'est moi, les mascottes de Paris. It’s me, the mascots in Paris. Talk about a collab, GOATS of their respective lifetimes. I have one question, how are folks transporting their mascots on the go? Potential product idea, mascot friendly carry case? XD

🎨 Doodlien

  • Made a graphic of all the Rainbow Pukers in the collection. OOOOOOO AHHHHHH.

🎨 Meme Monster

  • Produced a new banger, a play on “Rainbow cat isn't real, Rainbow Cat can’t hurt you” with a Tulip x Jogger Frog twist.

  • Monster offers to add panda express😂 suits to your doodle pfp

🎨 NFT Sushi

  • In time for Halloween, drop your Doodle # in the comment section of this post the get your costume ahead of Trick-or-Treat!

  • Pip makes his way to Fin’s Beach Bar!! Piece purchased by Cappy aka leanpockets.

🎨 N3RDfather

  • N3RDfather was inspired by other community members to create this Star Trek inspired derivative!

  • Quentin Tarantino x BT! Pulp Fiction derivative of Crypto Crier. What does doodle Marsellus Wallace look like?

🎨 Cryptopia

  • @Cryptopia shows how Varoun’s popsicle is not faring so well in the Caribbean!🫠

🎨 Journey2Doodle

  • A new creature enters the chat, we will call them Werm🪱

  • It turns out that the infamous Snaily has a new fictional (for now) relative named Squirrely.

🎨 Cashie

  • @cassieblanks produces a handful of giga-chad derivatives of doodles because they were “bored.”😂

Products + Companies

🔨 Alchemy

  • Making gold plated pendants bespoke to your NFT. They just introduced a new cutout method and that are looking clean. Here’s one made for doodle Bandit!


  • Introduces their Ambassador Program with an invite-only mechanic to allow Doodles community influencers the ability to obtain the MYTY camera. The MYTY Camera allows users to animate their Doodle to be used in video calls with their proprietary motion tracking technology!

  • One issue we have seen with the platform is the requirement to sign transactions to utilize it.

  • MYTY announces their first ambassador @charlekoh!👑

🔨 Right Click Save Podcast

  • New video out discussing Doodles $700M valuation

Doodles $700m Valuation & Ending the Bear Market

  • A new NFTbyte on why gamers hate NFTs

🔨 Bug City

  • A project founded out of Korea by a fellow doodle @meme_monster. The project utilizes some interesting mechanics, called social mining, to increase community engagement and participation.

🔨 Doodlifts Pre-Workout

  • Alpha!!!

🔨 Comoco Labs

  • @comocolabs teases potential full body models. This company has continued to expand their sculptor program throughout the bear market.

📰 Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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