The TGIDigest: Week of 9/5/2022

Official News

New Hire

  • The newest onboard to the team is Bapling as BT’s minion aka Illustration Assistant!

Holo Figurines are landing!

  • Doodle holo figurines have begun to arrive to holders, people are RAVING about  them! 😉

Seven Seven Six

  • Doodles board member and 776 representative Katelin Cruse said that she believed the company would on-ramp more people to crypto than any other company.

Founder Action

Keep BT’s family in your prayers

  • The community rallied around Burnt Toast after finding out his father had been ill, explaining his recent personal silence. ❤️

Soon to be Doodlyweds!

  • Tulip and Fefi are engaged! Congratulations @evankeast and @queendoritofefi 🥂  💍

Community Spaces/Threads & Perspectives

Nesanel’s hot take on Doodles’ comms and engagement

  • Cites the keynote at NFT NYC as plenty to hold over to the next meaningful announcement.


  • Juicy, Kat, and Bae. Give this spaces a listen, lots to unpack. Guests/cameos  included: Nittyb, JfellzZ, SpottieWiFi and more!

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All things Doodlebank with Tom

  • Doodlebank Evolution spaces series

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Trait Sub-community News

Doodle Thai

  • Doodle Thai had their IRL meetup #1  at Greyhound Cafe on September 9th! 🤝

Doodlebank Proposals

Triwizzy Tournment

  • Triwizzy vote opens for 72 hours from 9/9 through 9/11 to take place on snapshot. Max of 60 ETH allocation #vote 🧙‍♂️

Lore + Artwork

Uncoloreddood (Juiced)

  • New commission for Arbie0x on Lofi Doods. Collabs on Collabs. Music + Animation

  • 06sep.eth , winner of Doodle 8261 from House of Bandits giveaway commissioned a Juiced piece of Bandit, Doodle2691, painting a subway! 🖤

Lofi Doods is on Youtube

Doodles Café


  • Illustrated a new piece for Frugal Doodle of a donut shop. wen coffeedoods collab?


  • Made a 3D print of dr.Perfy for Drink Perfy, the Doodler-ran low sugar soda company!

Reyez Music

  • Seems to be branding his doodle to coincide with his music potentially, releasing a cool animation! “Storytelling as staking.” - @carlypreilly


  • Episode #3 of Necromancer’s curse comic series.

Kat Kartel

  • ApeX with the new Doodle derivative by Kat


  • Wicked animation, lots to unpack. Something is cooking! 🍳

Magic Mullet

  • Releasing an interactive element to Pass The Rainbow, his Doodle themed song. 🌈


  • The Real Metaverse, funded by 776 dropped their 6th episode introducing the Doodle character of the show, Claudine.

High Dood

  • New white puffer smoking Doodle has popped onto the scene, insinuating possible cannabis IP play.

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