The TGIDigest: DoodlePutt

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.


🌈The Venue

  • Located in Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, Florida

  • Address: 2354 N Miami Avenue

  • Dates: December 2nd - 3rd

  • Mural by the GOAT himself, Burnt Toast! Absolutely massive, colors true to the palette, jaw dropping IRL.

⛳️The Course

  • DoodlePutt is a 9-hole indoor mini golf course

  • Hole 1 - Basement

  • Hole 2 - Dirty World

  • Hole 3 - Doodle World

  • Hole 4 - Space

  • Hole 5 - Tropics

  • Hole 6 - Desert

  • Hole 7 - Portal Cave (the wormhole)

  • Hole 8 - Bubble Gum

The 9th Hole

  • The last hole on the course had a challenge, anyone who hit a hole in one on the 9th won a Doodle!

  • According the Doodles CEO Julian Holguin after 2 days of operation, there was 12 winners. Some of those folks never owning a Doodle before, must have been such an incredible surprise. This was such a fun way to onboard folks into the ecosystem, BRAVO TEAM!

The Livestream

  • Doodles community members the lovely Juicy, Kat, and Bae, famous for their weekly spaces series JKB talk about nothing, hosted the DoodlePutt livestream on YouTube. Inside of DoodlePutt there was a stage equipped with graphics, film crew, mics, seats, the whole 9. The ladies interviewed countless badass Doodlers and they absolutely slayed it!!!!!!

  • We're waiting...

  • The JKB crew are now media mavens so make sure to subscribe to their Youtube channel and follow them on Tik-Tok.

The Amenities

  • Coffee Truck complete with Coffedoods cups

  • Jonnie Walker Bar, Specialty Drinks Include:

    • Arnie Palmetto - Johnny Walker High Rye, Papaya Cordial, Fresh Lemonade, Black Tea, Syrup

    • Johnny Doodle Dandy - Johnny Walker Black Label, Guava Cordial, Lime Juice, Sugarcane juice, topped with cotton candy

    • Beer by Little Brewing Co

  • Holder's Lounge

    • Had another bar with Johnny Walker Blue Label

    • Holder bar had Doodles x Drink Path waters. Reusable and so clean!

    • POAP to claim via NFC on your phone

The Afterparty

  • Surprise guest DJ Jamie XX hosted the DoodlePutt afterparty on December 3rd from 10pm onwards. The vibes were immaculate, everyone had an absolute blast, and it was the perfect way to close the curtains on Miami DoodlePutt!

  • 3 words: It was lit


  • We put together a thread on the merch that was available on-site in Miami.

  • Check out Shopify's custom Doodles mobile registers. We need this as a phone case STAT! cough cough Brandon we know you are listening cough cough

The Team's Putting

👀Katelin Holloway and Alex Ohanian

  • DoodlePutt = Happiness


  • Provided some public endorsement of DoodlePutt in a tweet.

  • After he hit a par 69 on the course 🤣

Tulip & Burnt Toast

  • A surprise giveaway happened in the doodles discord and the winner, @benkwee got to play a round with Tulip and BT!

Julian Holguin

  • Ran a panel with Anne Fauvre, Shiva Rajaraman, Stevey Stromberg, Carly Reilly and Heart You!

  • A thread with some highlights from the roundtable discussion panel.


  • Hopped on spaces with Jeremy Nation called "Throw Rugs and bad advice" were he dropped some alpha. It also includes notable info from Julian's panel discussion.


  • Ran a panel with Brendan, Alexander Bercow, and Stevey Stromberg!

Burnt Toast

  • Here is some footage of the mural as a work in progress versus its full completion.

  • Final product.

Community Threads + Videos


  • DoodlePutt Day 1 Recap, absolute banger breakdown by the duck.


  • DoodlePutt breakdown, hole by hole commentary. Fantastic, just like his signature slide decks. We need more CKT threads going forward.


  • Compiled photos and videos from attendees to provide a fun and holistic perspective on the festivities and experiences at DoodlePutt.


  • Won one of 12 Doodles by scoring a hole in one on the 9th Hole! Welcome to the Doodleverse.

Jen Fassino

  • Thread of DoodlePutt scores, drop yours below. Whether or not its a flex...

Josh Ong

  • Mr. Ong calls DoodlePutt a hole in one, and complements the Doodle's team skill at create immersive experiences.


  • Provides his seal of approval with a call to action stating that DoodlePutt is a necessity to visit during Art Basel 2022! Bullish.

Ryan Carson

  • Ryan said he had a fun time on the DoodlePutt course, points for creativity. Through experience testimonials it is safe to say that adults are enjoying this mini golf experience quite alot.


  • Brought his daughter along, she was geeking with the DoodlePutt vibes and environment! Fun for the whole family.

Amber Vittoria

Merch, Art, and Experiences

🎨 Conquad

  • Made a pair of custom sneakers for President Poopster. Even down to the hexed pfp, the attention to details has us screaming for a pair of TGID AF1s!

El Stuff

  • Went on a scavenger hunt ran by Doodle 2691 (Bandit) and won, THE GOLDEN PUTTER. Needless to say, El Stuff did indeed BHOP (bring his own putter).

Nir Khouris

  • Had a pair of custom Nike AirForce 1s with their Doodle on it by Freshestkicks and brought them to DoodlePutt. Nir took it a step further by getting Burnt Toast to do a live review on the quality of the artwork. Needless to say, BT was quite impressed. Big ups to freshestkicks.eth, ya'll are killing the shoe game!


  • Did someone say Dark Mode DoodlePutt 🖤


  • Jonny aka ChristianDYORS scored the absolute pair to his skull dood. In a scavenger hunt Jonny won a custom denim jacket that has the Doodle skull painted on the back. So serendipitous.

Nicholas Huggins

  • The devil is in the details, have you ever gotten fomo from a golf pencil....


  • On Saturday December 3rd, 2022 Kduck officially peaked. At the Americana event got Vinnie Hager to draw some of his iconic letters on her Doodles Bucket hat. Subsequently, Burnt Toast sealed the deal by drawing his signature Doodle face on the most expensive Doodles Bucket hat that exists to date. NOT FOR SALE!


  • Doodles Merch Haul secured: Golf polo, gm tee, pens, post-its, golf ball, mascot keychain, and water bottle.


  • Merch Haul including: Black Mascot Bucket hat, GM tee, stickers, post-its, pins, and a rare ParallelAiRev-looking Fila t-shirt. What is that cat shirt?? We must find out!


  • Nir got to flex his new kicks and have a deep introspection on what is going on with Doodles. It all about inclusion and inspiring each other to create!


  • While Adam from Rarible might physically be at DoodlePutt, his mind is on Dooplication and Doodles 2. Good eye with the alpha that was sitting right under our noses. At DoodlePutt we do a little sleuthing!

Community Connections

Kat + Hank

  • We've got polaroids of the dynamic trio JKB and Kat with Hank. Talk about a wholesome bunch.


  • In this touching moment, Varoun meets Varoun! I cry 🥲 s'beautiful.

  • Bandit also captured this incredible moment at the DoodlePutt afterparty with Jamie XX! This popsci can dance!

Kenobi, Varoun, & Juicy

  • Kenobi, Juicy, and Varoun were thriving during Jamie XX's set! So happy!

JFellz + JKB

  • Safe to say Fellz understood the assignment, PUMP IT UP with JKB live at DoodlePutt, monumental moment. We need to mint this on-chain!!!!

Efdot + Bandit

  • Efdot and Bandit met up to do their round of DoodlePutt together, lot of creativity in this duo.

Reyez + JKB

  • A resident JKBABY and creatoor of the JKB theme song and intro, Reyez, confirms that JK and B do in fact, know how to party. Breaking news!

Crier Family

  • Mr. and Mrs. Crier are the token Doodle Mom and Dad. So freakin cute!

Cooltimes + JKB

  • 3 doodettes and a popsicle walk onto a stage. Cooltimes links up with JKB, selfie game so strong! ✌️

Gino + JKB

Scooter and Dr. Bun

  • Scooter got to link up with head of Doodles extended experience Mackenzie Keast. Needless to say, looks like Scooter enjoyed the putting experience immensely. LFDOOD!

Jlee + Wab

  • Founder of Noodles and Founder of Sappy Seals teaching one another to putt. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Toby & Vinnie + JKB

  • Our favorite letter man Mr.Hager and his manager the homie Toby Lasso hopped on for some airtime with JKB!

Brokefarmer x Burnt Toast

  • Yo bro, do you remember that time when I asked about that mural in Miami to a passerby, and it turned out to be Burnt Toast. Totally dood, good times!

Terry T

  • Had a blast with the homies and is begging the question, wen DoodlePutt Japan?

Ingi Erlingsson

  • The Goldenwolf Gang was definitely in the building. 🐺


  • Really enjoyed getting to run a round of DoodlePutt with their friends, also credit where it is due to OpenSea as they were one of the few strategic sponsors of this week's festivities!


  • Here is a pic of Jen and her doodle at DoodlePutt. 🐩🌈 Her doodle has a little different color pallet than the rest of the collection tho...

Jennyfromtheblockchain + Nate Alex

  • The alpha: Diamond Hand those doods

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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