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Am experimentoor?

Changing my approach on the blog

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for subscribing to Web3 World :) It means a lot that all of you believe I'm worthy of your inbox space!

So far, it's only been a few weeks, so still super early. Huge shoutout to Colin for helping me get started on Paragraph! For anyone that's looking to kick off their own blog as a last minute 2023 goal, I highly recommend going the web3 route.

As you've probably noticed, today's post is a bit different. I'm not doing the usual product feature format I've been posting so far. Yesterday, after seeing how large my todo list was, I realized that I've been dreading making these product posts. It feels like I'm trying to optimize for a scheduled newsletter rather than actually showcasing what I'm curious about in the web3 space.

In all honesty, I've been trying to think about what topics in the ecosystem truly interest me and I'm really not sure. MEV? NFTs? CC0? ZK? No clue lol. They all sound sorta cool but obviously not fun enough to get me researching consistently. And it's not that they've necessarily become boring, I just think the space has changed so much in just the last two years that I need to revisit some core concepts and explore new ideas.

Obviously in the bull market it's wayyy eassier, but I really want to feel the joy of crypto again that I felt when El Salvador made bitcoin legal tender and hopped on a Twitter space. Or when I bought my Doodle. Or when all the Loot craziness was there. And I definitely think that joy exists today, I just need to make a focused effort to explore for it.

I can't believe I would spend hours sifting through these cards on Open Sea lmao.


Btw, sick Doodle right?


This is my first bear market that I'm actually experiencing. I was feeling my morale somewhat taking a hit after the Luna crash, but then FTX sealed the deal. In December, I decided to take some time away from crypto. I feel like web3 has sorta become boring for me because there's too much noise and I'm not sure where to look. Don't get me wrong, there's a ton of incredible building happening. In fact, I keep on seeing threads of all kinds of cool products being developed. The issue is I'm not really sure where to start digging deeper.

With this newsletter, I keep on coming up with different ideas but none of them are sticking because I'm not actually sure if they're something I want to invest time in daily. So I decided, in the sprit of being an experimentooor, I'm going to change how I approach the format of this blog.

Instead of impersonal product posts 3x a week, I'm going to be sharing my web3 relearning journey. Nothing crazy - the purpose of each post will be to give quick overviews of different ideas & concepts I'm looking into. Most importantly, it'll be in my voice...not a product 101 framework. Maybe, later down the road, I find a microniche in the ecosystem that really interests me and I start focusing on a consistent topic then.

I'm excited to see where this journey takes me! Would love any feedback that you have - I'm always open to hearing new ideas and testing different things out.

Oh last thing, I'll be at the following conferences in the next few months:

  1. EthDenver

  2. Miami NFT week

  3. NFT NYC

Let me know if you're planning to go to any of these, would love to meet up there!