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Welcome to The Blockchain Experience!

Welcome to The Blockchain Experience newsletter which is complementary to The Blockchain Experience podcast. The podcast has hosted the biggest names in the space, including Art Blocks, Base by Coinbase, Optimism, Sabet, Gabe Weis, 9gag & Memeland CEO Ray Chan, Collab.Land, and more. It is hosted by the editor of The Best of fxhash, meta-david, so it should carry a familiar tonality.

But we want to be more than a podcast or community. We want to be a community. Allow us to share more!

Background on The Blockchain Experience

The Blockchain Experience is a podcast running for nearly 2 years now and is ranked in the top 1% of podcasts in listenership according to Listen Notes. It originally was known as "The Dead NFT Artist Society," and was mostly focused on emerging 1/1 art, but over time, we started to experiment and see demand to expand beyond that domain, so we re-branded as "The Blockchain Experience," and have seen large listener growth since. You can find us on our website where you can find a link to our podcast (we're on all major platforms), as well as our socials. Episodes are dropped bi-weekly and we try to keep them anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes in duration. Our guests are carefully curated to what we find interesting and notable in the space.

What We Plan To Do

Provide Value
First and foremost, our mission is to provide value to you. Everything you read below is intended to meet that end. We want to make sure our podcast keeps you engaged, our short forms satisfy your mobile dopamine hits, our newsletter is worth an open, and above all else, you're vibing with others in The Blockchain Experience community.

Create Community
Speaking of community, we want to provide a safe, warm, and welcoming safe for you. Have questions? Ask. Need support from some hype people? Tell us. Need support on a project? Pitch us. Have some DeFi alpha you want to share with us? Shill us. We're big believers the space is not a zero-sum game, rather, we can work together to increase the size of the pie, so we can all feast. We also think there is value in sharing interests, goals, and visions beyond the blockchain. Broadly speaking, we encourage discussions around culture, travel, food, technology, and business. Our only ask is we keep it relatively family-friendly (not a hard & fast rule; just more a suggestion).

Stay Onchain as Possible
Given that "blockchain" is in our community name, it would be on-brand to stay as onchain as possible. But it goes beyond simply staying on-brand just for the sake of being on-brand. We believe the future is onchain. Onchain is the best solution to align incentives to provide maximum value for all stakeholders involved. So what does staying onchain as much as possible mean? It means our home will reside on the Farcaster protocol. It means our podcast player of choice will be Scoop3. It means our short-form videos will be on Drakula. Our publication will be here, on Paragraph. Heck, we hope to even have gatherings & community events onchain (more on that to come). Stay tuned, as you will see more and more of our assets and arteries go onchain to best serve you.

Surprise & Delight (Free Mints/Airdrops/Perks/etc.)
It sounds a bit cliche, but yes, we do try to under-promise and over-deliver. We will never have "act now," type activities, but you may find us leveraging some of our relationships to be able to throw some surprises your way. We have some things in mind, but of course, since it is a surprise, our lips have to stay sealed!

Closing Thoughts

We are extremely excited about the future ahead and are thrilled to have you with us! We have some plans and surprises coming up in the next few weeks, so be sure to:

  • Join us at /theblockexp channel on Warpcast

  • Be sure to say hello & introduce yourself on the channel (may even have a surprise for you)

  • Follow our host, meta-david, on Warpcast

  • Give us feedback on how we're doing, what you'd like to see, and how we can continue to best serve you!

Oh, and moving forward, "we" will be changing to "I," as meta-david is the author, and I want to keep things as personal as possible. We are currently a staff of 6 (myself, the show producer, and developers), but unless stated otherwise, it'll always be myself, David, writing!

And as I always say on the pod, "Until next time..."

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