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You're Invited: The Blockchain Experience Premium

Enjoy VIP privileges, perks, rewards, and more

Here are some of the most frequent questions I get that I always want to say yes to:

  • Can I be a guest on your podcast?

  • Can you get me on the allow list for the project you just had on the pod?

  • Can you make me a short-form video for my TikTok/Instagram Reel/Drakula?

  • I'm working on XYZ, can you give me your feedback?

Effective today, I will be able to say yes to all of the above!

Introducing, The Blockchain Experience: Premium

I am inviting you to join an exclusive collective of onchain thought leaders, enthusiasts, artists, founders, and memeologists with the following available benefits:

  • Art & music airdrops

  • Allow lists for various projects as the opportunity arises

  • 30-minute consulting session ($125 value)

  • First-in-line Degen tipping & replies on Warpcast

  • Short form videos

  • Being a guest on the podcast

  • "Special Thanks" credit on IMDB

  • ...and more!

Join Now

Join before June 1 to ensure you get the first series of airdrops. Because of the richness of the benefits and to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for our collective, membership will be capped at 110 members.

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