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A look at some Product Policies in 2023:

  1. Personalization --> Done at user-level (not cohort), Better offerings, Extend LTV curve.

  2. Price Expansion --> Experiment with price discovery to expand LTV, Apple's App Store increase in available price points helps with this.

  3. Platform Proficiency --> Post-ATT, iOS is now very different from Android. Each platform deserves its own focus!

A look at the one rule you can't forget in Web3

A look at using quests to lead and design users for IRL experiences

A look at the use of generative AI in the gaming stack

A look at what's next for PFP projects

A look at the NFT financing landscape

A look at 10 findings about blockchain games

A look at some Amazon x Web3 gaming rumours

A look at NFT lending landscape

A look at botting on web-based games

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