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Airdrop Alpha - Year of the airdrops

January 2024

So we have seen many airdrops been announced already and the big narative around this has been "Modular". As well as many of them have been related to the COSMOS ecosystem stakers that have been securing the network.

Last week 1st phase of the Manta airdrop was completed and if you have been following for a while and completed those Galaxe campaigns and Intract ones they you would have had a lovely surprise! (I see many people ignore these campaigns and don't think much of them).

New paradigm is still running for Manta and there will be rewards coming for those and if you are a TIA (Celestia) staker, there should be rewards coming for you! 😉 If you want to join new paradigm you can check out the previous article.

Upcoming projects building with or using Celestia DA:


Ethereum L2 rollup, is pioneering the transition to an on-chain financial system. Key innovations include:

  1. Integration with Celestia: Kinto will integrate Celestia, for data availability, to enhance scalability, reduce transaction fees, and ensure interoperability with Ethereum Mainnet.

  2. Focus on Compliance and User Experience: Addressing key barriers to mainstream adoption, Kinto features permissionless KYC/AML and native account abstraction, balancing regulatory compliance with a seamless user experience.

  3. Enhanced Scalability and Neutrality: By utilising Celestia for data availability, Kinto offers low transaction fees and abundant block space, which is critical for the development of expressive applications. This approach also ensures credible neutrality, crucial for wide-scale adoption.

  4. Decentralisation and Security: The integration of Celestia's technology enhances Kinto's decentralisation, providing a robust consensus mechanism and minimising the reliance on centralised authorities. This aspect is vital for building trust in financial applications.

  5. Cost Reduction and Accessibility: Kinto significantly reduces calldata costs, lowering the barrier for executing transactions and enabling broader adoption by developers, particularly for high-throughput applications like microtransactions.

    Join for early access: however, right now there are no spaces right now but in 10 days there will be.

    Arbitrum Orbit Testnet Released! (Celestia DA X Arbitrum

    Here we have a step by step guide on how to interact with the Testsnet.

    This guide is very simple and easy and this is all you have to do for now!

    Quests & Tasks:

  • Frame Airdrop: Check how many Frame tokens you are eligible: Link (if you have traded NFT's on any major platforms you will be able to get some)

  • zkLink X Linea: campaign, 30 Loyalty points (two birds one stone)

  • zkLink Zealy: Complete these quest and earn XP points

  • zkLink X zkEVM Polygon: campaign, 30 Loyalty points (two birds one stone)

  • SAGA airdrop: Double check if you will be getting the airdrop here

  • 100 Linea XP Points:


  • 200 Linea XP points: check this tweet for full details. (make sure you have you PoH sorted link)

  • Manta: Campaign bridge using Owlto, Don't fade on this and all the Galaxe campaigns counted for 1st the airdrop! (some people may get an error connection to the bridge, read this:

  • zkFair staking is open: You can now earn 80% of the protocols revenue by simply staking some of your tokens. This is optional.

  • Airdrop for TIA stakers: Hyper Network has already got a token currently sitting at $0.22. If you are not staking TIA you are missing out and time is running out as the snapshot dates will be earlier than later.

  • Atom Airdrop: Could there be an airdrop from EigenLayer to people in the COSMOS ecosystem?

  • Kroma airdrop: Kroma is an Optimisitc rollup powered my zkEVM and 7% of the token allocation is to the airdrop! This seems hella under the radar, Link to the campaign (remember manta Galaxe campaign was rewarded really well).

  • Router Testnet: Make some swaps on Nitro powered by router!

  • Exclusive NFT's: These could count to the Rhino token plus increase your activity. Mint

  • Ethos Testnet: keep an eye out as there could be a possible airdrop!

  • Berachain Testnet: Link to Galaxe campaign

  • zkLink airdrop and IDO: 10% for the community and early adopters!

Hope you enjoyed all the alpha for this week!! ❤

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