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Airdrop Alpha guide!

Febuary 2024

BM BM or GM GM all for this new airdop alpha guide!

What I am covering this week:

1) Linea (I've had a few questions if its too late for Linea?) - "NO"

2) zkSync - leaked discord mentions some specific things you need to watch out for!

3) Scroll - listened to community and very much undervalued!

4) New and upcoming project airdrops


So how can you get on the Linea airdrop?

Everything is related to LXP which is a token that was minted by Linea. you need to do various tasks and quest in order to be given this token (its not worth anything RN) i presume it will be exchanged for token/ adds you to the tier system seen bellow.

Those who participated in the Intract campaign only with me last year we would be on 1500 LXP. We did many other side quest etc too which pushed us to 2k so I expect we will be in the highest tier of wallets.

What can you do now?

  • Brand new 5 week quest called Linea park on Layer3, join here

    Here are the answers for the first few questions testing your knowledge:

    1) At Linea Park, you can access the referral zone to claim your referral link. Please choose the correct answer(s) where you can share your referral link.

    A: All of them

    2) How to collect LXP in Linea park after you complete POH?

    A:all of the above

    3) If a game requests your private key or recovery phrase to connect your wallet, would you comply?

    A: No, I wouldn't risk it. 

    4) What should you do when you are about to sign a transaction in MetaMask and see the following message from Blockaid: "This is a deceptive request: if you approve this request, a third party known for scams might take all your assets"?

    A: reject the transaction

    5) Which of the following options is NOT a potential benefit of adding a security focused MetaMask Snap?

    A: allowing you to share your secret phrase

  • Linea x Orbiter Finance: Grab yourself some O-points and volume for Linea, here

  • Earn 150 XLP in the Clutch AI quest, be sure to follow all the rules that are laid out, its very simple :)

  • Decun upgrade NFT by Consensys

zkSync Airdrop:

SO there are two stories that are going on, that the snapshot has not been taken or it has (there have been multiple ones acording to github).

from a leaked discord:

  • zkSync x WooFi quest on Galxe

  • Users who have donated to previous gitcoin rounds were given airdrops and multipliers. This could be a criteria , minimum donation is 1 USDC. could be a good way to get that. Round

  • Mercle NFT - win Liberates NFT

  • Just saw this on my feed, token exists?! or is this fake?


Taiko Airdrop (Final quests potentially):

New projects and upcoming airdrops:

  • sign up to be an early adoppter of Talus

  • Claim your free uni Swap wallet name

  • Vote in the Dymension proposal, many projects like Optimism and various Cosmos chains have retroactively rewarded those who have voted in proposals

  • Potential airdrop for TIA stakers from Saga, check tweet

  • Hashpack wallet: Airdrop confirmed - I would not be surprised if we see more wallets launching thier own tokens, such as Keplrs , Leap, Taho (confirmed), obviously MM (is till use metamask because of it otherwise ill move once it drops)

  • Rango Exchange: 5% airdrop to users, Rn you can also get Stark tokens if you bridge/swap using them potentially.

  • Morkie Airdrop: New campaign launched on Galxe (Remember not to fade on campaigns like this Manta gave huge airdrops for those who participated)

  • Metis Layer3 quests: This airdrop could be huge

  • SmartLayer airdrop: launch (We did quests and got the smart NFT's last year)

  • RhinoFi airdrop: complete Scroll quest

  • RhinoFi airdrop: zkSync quest

  • ArtFi: recently made a $3 million raise, valued now at $100 million and releasing genesis pass to mint/airdrop. complete quest

  • Light Link Airdrop Phase 2: complete these quests, i did an interview with these guys but footage got corrupted but these guys are buillldooorrrss! :)

  • Base airdrop X ZORA: 1 year Anniversary DOT

  • Avail Airdrop: for DYM stakers, many are predicting there will be an airdrop and they are building on the Roll-up! twitter post. they also just completed a raise of $27 million.

  • Metis Airdrop: Metis are decentralising their sequencer, they have released educational content and quests to explore the system. They have confimed the rewards for participating Link

  • Sign up to LayerN: sign up to the testnet

  • XION Airdrop: Many of you are fading on the Account abstraction native project, there are a few quest currently happening. I expect it to blow up as its very underrated. Sign up here and DO IT

    Everything is in testnet and i feel like its completely like I am in web2, Rn there are a few projects you can test like roulette and others. (they are literally giving you free money).

  • Eigen World NFT's: Those who minted these when I told you too, you should see a nice spike in price. (it was FREE)

  • DYM Stakers Airdrop: have you been staking since Day 1? i also Expect the price of DYM to increase as people FOMO but i could be wrong?!

Puffer Finance Airdop: ETH restaking protocol, link to the protocol

  • Convergence Genesis: Convergence is a yield booster across DeFi ecosystem, that also allows its users to accumulate governance over various protocols at a lower cost. Quest - there have been talks of an airdrop

  • Babylon Chain: Backed by Binance and has made a big raise! Airdrop will be very profitable first cosmos chain using BTC security Quest

  • Holograph airdrop: ETH DENVER NFT (mint on zora or base)

  • Mint Testnet is live: Check out the tweet for details

  • Redbelly Network : First Galxe Campaign launched - RWA tokenisation

  • Fluence Network: 5% of the FLT supply is allocated to ~110,000 developers who contributed into open source web3 repositories during last year. Public keys of selected Github accounts were added into a smart contract on Ethereum. Claim your allocation, announcement blog

  • Blast Mainnet: You can now dive into the blast Ecosystem! Orbiter finance is currently doing free bridging. You can also now mint the Zora Blorb on the Blast mainnet. Withdrawing your ETH to mainnet is crazy expensive RN.

  • Blast airdrop: If you have deposited ETH then you can claim points (no token deployed yet! watch out for scams!!

  • SynthFutures: Live now on blast a mega campaign is happening, we can participate now for juicy rewards. Join here

  • Bebop Dex: This is one of my fave places to exchange multiple tokens in one go!

    The pinnacle of efficiency for your crypto swaps. Convert your $ETH & $BTC gains into a diverse range of cryptos in a SINGLE transaction, sans slippage! Reclaim your time and savings by waving farewell to redundant transactions and superfluous gas costs.

    live on arbitrum, ethereum, BLAST, Polygon ETC.. Bebop’s magic lies in its capacity to fragment transactions, letting users acquire up to 5 distinct tokens concurrently. Visualise a swap from 1 $ETH to a combination of $USDT, $DAI, and $USDC, BTC and Doge — all in a slippage-free environment.

    Bebop pledges transparency, eradicating any hidden fee. All network charges are folded into the upfront quote. This commitment to clarity, combined with unparalleled user experience, distinguishes Bebop in the crypto cosmos.

    Private market makers and an RFQ model, Bebop ensures that displayed quotes are honoured for 15 seconds — what you see is precisely what you execute at.

    With an eye on the horizon, Bebop’s objective is to redefine convenience in the DeFi domain. Embrace the next-gen trading platform and set sail on this DeFi odyssey with Bebop.

    🔍 Final Thoughts: While tokens remain in the realm of future prospects, murmurs about Bebop’s trajectory suggest promising possibilities. To immerse in its offerings, why not execute a few trades? The next instance you contemplate platforms like Uniswap or have an urge to acquire diverse tokens in one swoop, chart your course to Bebop DEX!

  • Plasma is BACK!: Read this article, once thought not possible and was abandoned in 2019: INTMAX have done it (we got their wallet ages ago). If you have no idea what im talking about then this is a good read!

  • NOTCOIN: TON native MEME coin will be launching a token on the chain! time still to get some points and an airdrop!

  • Backpack wallet: We could see a token from back pack as all these wallets seem to be launching tokens.




Reminder on how to deploy contract using ThirdWeb:

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ThirdWeb: Your Ally in Seamless Deployment

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NFA, Yet a Path Worth Treading

While this isn’t financial advice (NFA), the allure of ThirdWeb is undeniable. Each step, each guide, is a breadcrumb trail leading to mastery, especially on the testnets we’ve been exploring.

A Leap into the Future

For those with an eye on the prize, deploying a contract on the mainnet isn’t just a step; it’s a giant leap. It’s a declaration of distinction, a move that echoes your prowess amidst hunters. But remember, do your own research (DYOR).

In the world of contract deployment, ThirdWeb isn’t just a platform; it’s a bridge to a future where complexity bows to simplicity, and novices transform into masters.

  • I really recommend you read some of my previous articles for all those other airdrops and things you may have missed!

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