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Crypto Alpha & Airdrop updates - New Years Gifts

New year, New Cash Money

Happy festive season welcome back to some crypto alpha and airdrop side-quests! Nothing here is financial advice.

Your New year resolution should be to actually take 10 minutes out of your day to make free money and set your self up for success! Over the last year we have made thousands of dollars by either Free Testnets/Beta's , Participating in campaigns, Staking, etc.....

We are going to continue this year with a high! I will say this again, if you cant be bothered to take 5/10 mins a day to do these tasks then you only have yourself to blame when you miss out on the massive rewards that are out there. These tasks take time and effort on your part and there is always an excuse, but in all honesty there is plenty of time that you can do these simple things.

Here is something you should think about when going into the year:

You cannot be jealous of someone or something that you don’t truly desire. Jealous is desire, that’s all that it is! Jealousy is a clue, its a directional signal and the desire is blocked by fear or comparison or insecurity or stress or whatever and so, when you start to recognise “oh, interesting, there is Jealousy” instead of aiming that jealousy out at the world or at myself. Aim it into inspiration, motivation, explore it, lean into it. Give yourself permission to have that thing and then get off your ass and go make it happen! That’s it because here is the thing, your jealousy is not going away! And it will either continue to consume you or you are going to blow the lid off that block desire and you are going to empower yourself to start moving toward to what you want!

There are so many opportunities out there that can make you win. It is those who can control and be patient that will make it in the end!

Quests & Tasks:

Lets start of with some easy simple things that are a continuation of last year!

NAMADA airdrop: check if you are eligible for the airdrop, Cosmos ecosytem users/stakers and some EMV users and Devs. If you have donated to Gitcoin grants then there could be a surprise for you!

ZKfair airdrop: The airdrop is now live, easy $200 made! are you holding or saying bye bye? (This is based if you have been folowing my Linea, Polygon zkEVM guides and other zk chains!) - This airdrop all you had to do is your usual degening on other chains and then click claim!

Mint some inscriptions on ZKFair: Link , ZK fair uses USDC for gas fees, you can use Orbiter finance (airdrop incoming, so you are earning rep on that too!).

ZK-Link Intract campaign: 30 Loyalty points are up for grabs link. Like i mention in my previous article, doing these quests on Intract could get you an airdrop when they launch a token (my speculation, they raised 3 million).

O-points for Orbiter finance: You can grab yourself some points for orbiter finance and Manta in one transaction! head over to Orbiter Finance and bridge ETH from L2's to MANTA! (more in-depth alpha on MANTA bellow!)

Dymension airdrop Live: Stakers of TIA, COSMOS, SOLANA & ETH are eldgible! Link. If you followed my STAKING Guide for COSMOS then you would have been in the W!! See if you made it here


Unclaimed DYM will be redistributed to TIA & ATOM holders! double W!!

Mint a Free Citizenship Card (StaryyNift): link you will need gas on bnb chain.

ZKX Airdrop: Recent post by ZKX (StarkNet Perp DEX) announcement of airdrop 2.0. Also make sure you have created your account and have it funded!

OSMO Staker Urgent vote for airdrop: Must Vote on proposal 702 to become eligible for SAIL airdrop! VOTE (in general you need to go and vote regularly on your Keplr wallet as retroactive airdrop reward voters). Previous article contains what tokens you should stake for potential rewards!

De.Fi Quests: Join here for the campaign for a chance to win tokens can use my referral code for both get points (

Zora & Layer3 mint: Link

RhinoFi airdrop & chain activity: Check out your activity on the various chain supported by RhinoFi. Interactions will increase your activity on-chain as well as possible booster for token airdrop.

iZUMi Finance x zkFair giveaway: Follow these tasks on Galaxe for a chance to win some cash money.

PRYZM Airdrop: Check out latest post by PRYZM where they discuss airdrop eligibility (COSMOS Ecosystem stakers).

Blue kraken online - Exclusive Alpha

Website link

  • Early alpha of the game is coming out and could there be a potential airdrop or special benefits for players?

  • Join the telegram for early info and access.

Check out my interview with Blue Kraken Founder for some gameplay and what rewards you can expect for early users!

Manta airdrop new Paradigm, Ends January!

Deposit your ETH and USDC on the L1, and receive it on Manta Pacific. But what is the benefit of doing this?


My "SAFU" strategy for airdrops (DYOR):

  • Stable coin liquidity provisions - if you don't like to take high risk but still get activity on projects, provide USDT-USDC,wUSDM or DAI liquidity on various protocols.

  • Deposit your STONE or wUSDM onto LAYERBANK to earn extra yield (link bellow to obtain it in the new paradigm)

  • Take a risk buy purchasing some NFT's from Element (Manta girls or the official The New Paradigm Collection)

  • Grab yourself a Manta ID powered by SpaceID (I got some rare names)

Here is the link to the New Paradigm

Access codes to campaign:


  • RNG0O

  • Q0K0N

  • 0V2RZ



  • 8EQVK

  • F3CAS


Now Linea campaign is "over" what to do?


Im following my stable coin liquidity provision on various protocols as well as:

  • LayerBank depositing funds.

  • Stable coin deposits on Vooi (possible airdrop rewards) best place to exchange stables on Linea.

  • ETH-WstkETH providing liquidity on LST asset.

Other News:

  • Starknet Vote - We are getting closer and closer to the airdrop! Check my previous article on the best farming opportunities on StarkNet projects with no tokens .

Hope you enjoyed this New Years update!

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