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Airdrop Alpha - Step by Step Guide!

January 2024

GM to you fellow Fren!!

I'd like to offer some straightforward advice about the AirDrop game.

To truly succeed in the AirDrop game, consistent effort is essential. It's not about seizing just one opportunity or a one-time effort for a big win. Success hinges on discipline – dedicating 5 to 10 minutes daily or every few days to complete tasks and engage with new content. Claiming you don't have time isn't a valid excuse; everyone can spare 5 to 10 minutes. The difference between earning $10,000 and only $500 or nothing at all often boils down to effort. Remember, this money is freely available, but it requires your time and occasionally, your own financial input.

I aim to simplify the process with step-by-step guides, yet your initiative is crucial. If you miss out on an AirDrop this year, it's due to your own choices – so there's no point in blaming others. Let's face it: if you can't find 10 minutes in your day, then this opportunity might not be suitable for you.

On the brighter side, if you approach this correctly and maintain discipline, you could substantially increase your wealth. Take the TIA, for instance; it's currently valued at $20. The secret lies in discipline and emotional detachment.

This approach is intensive, but it's the reality of the game.

Speaking of TIA.......

Confirmed Airdrops for those who are staking TIA (Celestia)

TIA has been the dark horse that people regret on selling at $2-5! now based on this information we have and how emotional sentiment is currently very high! I expect people will be more cautious to sell these upcoming airdrops (potentially).

Some of these Airdrops are part of the modular thesis and staking some of these airdrops from DAY1 will ensure you will get those future airdrops from projects utilising those networks! (Fun Fact, 1GB block size for TIA hence many project are off loading the Data Availability to Celestia). - I mentioned in the telegram that it could be late to stake TIA and its a much higher risk for snapshots to be taken earlier but thats your own decision to make!

  • Manta - They confirmed this in a tweet (rewards incoming, waiting for criteria) Binance launch on the 24th of January.

  • SAGA - mentioned 2 articles back Snapshot taken 01/12/2023

  • FUEL - Staking TIA

  • DYM - Claiming ongoing (check here) - Urgent need to resubmit addresses even if you did this before!

  • YOU - Staking TIA (layer 3 built on top of bitcoin, BitcoinFi - Thunder Network)

  • HYPR - Staking TIA (preference on validators outside the top 20)

Remember to check out KINTO in my previous article and in the next few days they should be releasing more testnet spots!

Tasks & Quests

  • zkFair: Checkout your staking rewards for zkFair airdrop

  • Router: Make some cross chain transactions on the Router Nitro Testnet

  • Analog: Make sure you claim your Analog Testnet OAT, This allows you to access the testnet when it launches otherwise you cant! (took a few days for one of the tasks to verify).

  • Mind:Sign up to Mind Testnet, This is on Polygon Mumbai Testnet, will need token for gas. (look for guide bellow)

  • Bera airdrop: Intract quest to be completed and get your XP

  • Bera airdrop: Galaxe quest and get your XP (Remember Manta, all quests count) - you need to be active for a few days and talk to get the bera role! ;)

  • XDEFI's Explore the ZetaChain Ecosystem AIRDROP: This Campaign will introduce you to the ZetaChain Galaxe

  • Kresko mainet Beta: sign up form

  • XION: Testnet has been released, sign up and mint your Badge!

    Check out their twitter post

  • Rabby Wallet snapshot:

Taiko: We have been waiting for the next phase for months! could this be the last phase?!

  • Faucet

  • Mint the horse token!

  • Bridge both ETH and horse Token

So this is where i differ from all these other airdrop people, this is why we win bigger!

So if you remember my ThirdWeb custom contract deployments....

We are going to:

  • Deploy and mint an NFT on Holesky testnet. use the single upload and lazy mint 1 NFT.

  • Then you will create a custom Token on Holesky testnet.

  • You will also use ThirdWeb to deploy one of these contracts directly on the katla testnet.

After you have done both of these things, you will use the bridge for both your custom NFT and Token! EAZYYYYY

  • once deployed on Katla eg your token, use functions mint, burn etc. in the telegram we can airdrop and exchange tokens!

  • Faucet if you need more ETH

Mind Network guide:

Be sure to get your tokens here and follow the steps in the Mind guide! - it is very easy and simple to do so I don't need to outline much. Also remember to come back and claim your rewards on Galaxe.

When you get your stealth adresses we can exchange them in the telegram later in the week and send each other transactions.

It took me a few tries and one of the faucets bellow is a bit laggy so I have not been able to complete it yet.

SatoshiVM Now Live on Testnet: A Bitcoin-based ZK Rollup Layer 2 Solution

🚀 Getting Started with SatoshiVM - Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Unisat Wallet Extension:

  2. Configure Wallet Settings:

    • In the wallet settings, change the address type to "Native Segwit".

    • Set the network to "testnet".

  3. MetaMask Custom RPC Setup:

  4. Acquiring Test BTC:

  5. Bridging BTC to SatoshiVM:

  6. Bridging from Ethereum Sepolia:

    • You can also bridge assets from Ethereum Sepolia to SatoshiVM

Side notes & personal observations:

RN NOMIS reputation protocol is Trash, disclaimer it is in Beta but there are so many other rep projects that work so much better - reasons why:

  • Rep Score Evaluation:

    • Initial Use: At the start of the Linea campaign.

    • Second Attempt: For StarkNet, and to compare scores across different chains.

  • Issues Encountered:

    • Inaccuracy: Score missed half of the actual holdings.

    • NFT Ownership Misrepresentation: Claims of no NFTs despite ownership.

    • Arbitrary Volume & Score: Generated random volume leading to an unreflective score of on-chain activity.

    • Specific Example: Manta incorrectly shows zero NFTs owned.

    • Linea score no change: I wanted to see the difference in my rep score after the linea campaign and there was 2 point difference. Despite being in top 3% across other Rep platforms.

  • Cost Concerns:

    • Relative Expense: High charges compared to similar projects.

    • Value Assessment: Deemed not worth the cost for on-chain reputation evaluation.

Much work is needed for this to even be considered a valuable project!

How to understand if a project has merit:

It's important to approach what you see online with a healthy dose of skepticism, especially in the realm of encryption and cryptocurrencies. By now, you're likely aware that many protocols will entice you with impressive-sounding white papers filled with complex language and concepts that have already been explored, often aiming to mislead. While some of these projects may be working towards building legitimate businesses, as we've seen, there's a plethora of reputation projects out there.

last count. It's crucial to always assess these projects objectively and with a realistic perspective.

Just recently, a friend of mine pointed me towards a project he believed was legitimate. After thoroughly reviewing their white paper, and digesting the information on their website and social media platforms, it became clear to me that it wasn’t a legitimate. If you ever come across a project and are uncertain about its legitimacy, I have a guide that could help. However, remember this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s more of a set of guidelines you should be aware of when evaluating these projects.

Essential Points to Evaluate in Crypto Projects:

  • Twitter Activity Check:

    • Confirm if reputable individuals or entities you trust are following the project.

    • Suspicion arises if the first pinned tweet has unusually high retweets compared to regular posts.

  • Engagement Ratio Analysis:

    • A healthy follow-to-like ratio should be in the range of 5 to 10%.

  • Initial Actions from the Project:

    • Be cautious if their primary push is for you to buy their token or join an ICO.

  • White Paper Scrutiny:

    • Avoid white papers that are overly grandiose, rehashing common knowledge as if they’re novel.

    • It’s a concern if they claim to solve problems but lack tangible solutions.

  • Team Transparency and Doxxing:

    • Red flags include an anonymous team or lack of a clear 'Who We Are' section.

    • Although anonymity is common in crypto, lack of transparency can be a warning sign.

  • Community Interaction:

    • Observe the community atmosphere in Discord and Telegram.

    • Check for signs of discontent, such as users complaining or being banned.

    • Inquire about the founders and the reasons behind their anonymity.

  • Personal Responsibility:

    • It’s crucial to remember that safeguarding your investment is your responsibility.

    • Blind investments can lead to losses; the onus is on you.

    • This guide is not a foolproof solution nor financial advice.

  • Due Diligence is Key:

    • Always conduct thorough research and due diligence before investing.

    • Understand where your money is going and the credibility of the project.

Hope you enjoyed the Alpha and be sure to join the telegram for more content!

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