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Crypto Airdrop Guide - $100k Goal

WE continue to print free Cash $100K by 2025

BM BM, GM GM we have another exciting week of money macking schemes! we are also at BTC ATH, >65K. My frens been asking about crypto again and ive been shouting to buy since 18K.

What to look forward to on this guide:

  • Mega lots of FREE AIRDROPS launching! - Step by Step guide for your future, Start today!!!

  • How to make sure you win in the Airdrop Game ;)

  • Project Highlights

Lets start with the latest airdrops 🫡

Pizza Airdrop - Memes are on the rise and this is a very early one, I am personally being a bit more risky this year with trying to find that meme ;).

Are you a user of.....

  • LP providers

  • Prediction game players (on the farcaster Frame)

  • Farcaster OG’s

  • DeBank OG’s

  • Subset of $TYBG and $DEGEN holders

Taiko Airdrop -

Make sure you check out the previous guides on all the other steps we have done but also they have just raised $37 Mill in total of 3 rounds. Post.

  • Remember to deploy the contract using ThirdWeb, check out most recent for a recap.

Taho airdrop -

  • If you participated in Taho subspace then you can claim your NFT's (use the wallet similar to Rainbow wallet to potentially get the drop)

  • Make sure you have these too (wormhole discord users got a smash of an airdrop)

Bridge to blast?

Are you thinking to bridge to blast anytime soon? Use as it is Free to bridge all month of march! Start of here and also claim the NFT to tick two birds one stone!

Converse -

  • interesting new messaging app blend of Whatapp and telegram and you can send crypto and interact with Web3 natives. (very early stages)

  • Sign up here (App) - There could be an airdrop in the future like we saw with Dmail but more chat function

Parallel testnet - Raised $30 Million from sequoia, polychain, foundersfund and more.

Parallel's Early Access is designed to power our omni-chain liquidity network, and at the same time provide yield + incentives for early users. To do this, we have many LRT, LST, and NFT partners to provide the best opportunity to earn native yield and maximise incentives.

Follow their guide here

Saga Airdrop-

Big W for TIA, OSMO, ATOM, MATIC & AVAX Stakers

If you did all the quest like i mentioned few weeks/months ago you would have had an increased allowance! GG

Article on genesis drop

Claim airdrop here

Wormhole Airdrop -

Check how many buckarrroooss you are going to get, curently trading at $2 on premarket! some people going to get some crazy gains!

Ten (obscurio) -

This is a privacy encrypted L2 on Ethereum, has some big backing behind it nd get on these early adopter quest. Remember OG roles often get a multiplier. Most recent example is wormhole.

  • Complete these simple Galxe quests - follow the steps here ;)

For the on chain tasks here are some quick links:

Faucets -



Mercle x Berachain -

Get your PoW tasks

YEETIT - Berachain

Just Yeet it


Complete these tasks and crate your profile, There is mostlikely going to be a drop for users and those who interact with the project.

XION Airdrop -

Like I mentioned Before do not miss out this project, It is native AA and very smooth user experience. Here is some more info about the Blockchain launch and what there is in store for you as a user.

Create your Profile


This is all totally free, Yes this may take you 30 mins to do, you may actually learn something. I lost out on projects that did things for free and then gave out $3000 and i was just sitting there like a PLEB!


The the official talk of NFT's and the notcoin token on chain will be happening on the 7th of March. The only way to get NotCoin is through telegram game join here.

There are 26.5 Million users currently, and well once the hype gets back this will be one of the biggest meme coins potentially. Still time to get farming.

Przym airdrop -

The main way to earn the airdrop is to delegate your COSMOS ecosystem tokens to the PRZYM validator.

Furthremore there are some things you can do to help you:

Mint Blockchain airdrop update -

Follow this thread by MINT

Do this if you are a degen and want to stand out:

  • Deploy an NFT collection

  • Bridge onto and withdraw

  • Mint Test NFT

  • Zealy quest - do the quizzes - projects like Manta gaive shit loads of cash money to questers.

  • Now go to ThirdWeb and deploy a token or other contract! (check previous article for step by step if you are new here)

  • Remember with all testnets, just because you do it once does not mean you are done and you expect free money! come back every 2 weeks minimum.

Trusta LAbs -

Trusta Labs is launching their own NFT collection, If you have interacted with the protocol, for example with the Linea Campaign PoH. You may be able to get a spot. Its also worth filling out this google doc

Tabi Airdrop -

Complete these quests, many people dont relaise there are these extra ones unless you degen their website:

Quest 1

Quest 2

Hava meme coin airdrop -

If you have been delegating your cosmos ecosystem tokens then you can claim this drop. DYOR with meme coins as they are probably going to zero! check here

Kresko Beta launch -

This project I have been hella bullish on i've been following them for over a year and some people participated in the Testnet. What is this project?

About Kresko: Kresko is a novel synthetic asset protocol that allows you to:

  • Create synthetic stocks, commodities, forex, and crypto

  • Trade synthetic assets at zero slippage

  • Earn yield on your unused crypto free from market volatility and impermanent loss.

How can you access?

If you did not participate in the Testnet they you have to own one of the Testnet reward NFT's that can be found here and then you have to bridge them to Arbitrum using their native bridge.

NFT collection 1 or 2

Bridge link:

Dymension (DYM) Airdops -

Check out the forum for confirmed airdrops that will be yeeted your way! get ready for DYM SUMMER DROPS!!!!

Rainbow wallet Airdrop -

Get yourself some more points by minting this official ZORA NFT X Rainbow wallet! (do it in the rainbow wallet) - Ends on the 11th of march

Hashpack wallet airdrop:

Ensure you associate the token 0.0.4794920 to your wallet or you will be missing out. Probably one of the biggest airdrops in you are in the hbar ecosystem.

Check out the official tweet!

Ambassador program -

Try your luck in spreading the word of Aleph Zero (they hosted a sick after party and ETH Warsaw). The team is also based and know what they are doing :)

Zerolend airdrop -

We are getting reports that the airdrop is near and some extra special stuff is being given to MANTA users.

YOU can Farm points on zkSync, Blast and Manta. Good luck

Mind Network pt2-

Galxe quest

Get testnet tokens

Mint Chainlink's CCIP-BnM

Connect wallet and register

Transfer test tokens on each supported network to another registered wallet (you will need another wallet)

 Bridge CCIP-BnM from Ethereum Sepolia to Polygon

BE early OG for this berachain project!!!

Join here

LayerZero - Airdrop Multiplayer?! (End of article has a bit more about what is layer zero)

Get ready to bridge to APTOS (Huge incentives announced)! - Check out this

Matcha Airdrop or just a distant dream?

Here is a task for you by Socket X Matcha, you get rewarded with an NFT. I have hopium that matcha will have a token for sure ahahahah!

INTMAX Airdrop — How to position yourself for a win

A First Glimpse into the Future of Wallets with INTMAX

I’m thrilled to share an innovation that I discovered way ahead of the curve — a gem I unveiled to my community back in April. While the airdrop influencers are just catching wind of it, we’ve been in the know for months. A hearty shoutout to those who heeded the call and are now proud owners of this revolutionary wallet!

INTMAX: Convenience and Security

The INTMAX wallet is a marvel of technology, blending cutting-edge security with unparalleled convenience. Imagine accessing your assets with just a glance or touch — no cumbersome passwords, no seed phrases. Your biometric data is the key, making every interaction swift, secure, and personalised.

Beyond Conventional Wallets

In the wake of MetaMask’s exit from the Apple Store (its back now), INTMAX emerges as the herald of a new era. It’s not just a wallet; it’s a walletless experience, characterised by:

Instant Access: Your face or fingerprint is your passport to a world of assets.

Fortified Security: Cutting-edge technology ensures your assets are guarded like Fort Knox.

Intuitive Interface: User-friendly design makes asset management a breeze.

The Magic of FHE Technology

Powered by Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), distinct from Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP), INTMAX elevates security to an art form. Multi-signature accounts operate seamlessly in the background, eliminating the need for smart contracts and ensuring mandated biometric authentication.

The Dawn of zkRollup Integration

The integration of INTMAX zkRollup is on the horizon, promising near-zero gas fees and enhanced privacy. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a transformation, setting the stage for a future where convenience and security dance in perfect harmony.

Stay Tuned for More

While the current version is tailored for devices with biometric features, an expansive update is in the works. For those on the sidelines, your moment is coming!

Dive Deeper

Get a front-row seat to this innovation:

  1. Explore the tweet: INTMAX Revelation

  1. Join the conversation: INTMAX Discord (OG member probably will get bonus)


So, the way to get yourself eligible for the airdrop, id recommend using the wallet and see how the experience is. There are a few networks supported currently, many more will be added in the future.

Venom update -

There is uproar already because this is just BS.....

Thank you for reading and please join the telegram and if you can share this or retweet this then I gib kiss ; )


Feel free to subscribe too so you don't forget to miss the alpha!

If you want to know how the Layer Zero tech actually works then check out the bellow article! - Easy to digest!


Discover LayerZero, a trustless omnichain interoperability platform designed to enable seamless cross-chain transactions without the need for costly intermediary tokens or complex cross-chain state machine replication. With its innovative approach and lightweight design, LayerZero is transforming the way developers and users interact with blockchain ecosystems.

The LayerZero Protocol

Trustless Cross-Chain Communication: LayerZero achieves trustless cross-chain communication by leveraging two independent and untrusted off-chain entities: the Oracle and the Relayer. The Oracle provides verifiable data from source chains, while the Relayer submits transaction proofs to the destination chain. By utilising these off-chain entities, LayerZero minimises the cost and complexity of cross-chain transactions, making them more accessible and efficient.

This independence in the diagram is crucial as it prevents the possibility of collusion/foul play.

Valid Delivery Guarantee: The LayerZero protocol guarantees valid delivery of cross-chain transactions, ensuring that transactions are only executed if they are valid on both the source and destination chains. This is a crucial feature that sets LayerZero apart from other cross-chain platforms, ensuring the security and reliability of cross-chain transactions.

As you can see, a key aspect of layerzero is to remove points of failure that can occur, as well as increases the seamless compatibility of cross-chain sawps.

Example: Currently, centralised exchanges ensure valid delivery. Users transfer their tokens from one chain to the exchange, which then provides a balance in return. This balance can be withdrawn from any supported chain due to large liquidity pools. However, this process requires users to place trust in these exchanges which can be compromised, risking token theft.(We have seen the many hacks and collapse of exchanges). Despite the convenience, the centralised nature of these exchanges contradicts the primary objective of cryptocurrencies: independence from central entities.

An alternative is decentralised exchange, using intermediary tokens to facilitate transactions. However, these DEXs necessitate two additional transactions and reliance on an intermediate consensus layer, increasing complexity and cost. (Also Point’s of failure) This impedes the widespread adoption of cross-chain applications. Therefore, the ideal solution would be a single one-swap transaction between chains without the need for trust in any middle entity, embodying ‘trustless valid delivery.’

The LayerZero Endpoint

Lightweight and Modular Design: One of the key features of LayerZero is its lightweight Endpoint design, which is implemented as a series of smart contracts on each chain within the network. This modular design allows the LayerZero network to be easily extended to include new chains on demand. Moreover, it ensures cost-effective cross-chain transactions, even on notoriously expensive chains like Ethereum.

Scalability: The LayerZero Endpoint is designed with scalability in mind, enabling it to accommodate the growing demands of various blockchain ecosystems. By delegating the task of fetching necessary cross-chain headers and transaction proofs to off-chain entities, LayerZero Endpoints remain incredibly lightweight and cost-effective.

LayerZero on Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs)

Implementing Support for EVMs: LayerZero has been successfully implemented to support Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs) by using a reference Relayer implementation in conjunction with Chainlink’s decentralised oracle network. This case study demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of the LayerZero protocol for various blockchain ecosystems.

The EVM-specific LayerZero packet is designed to handle the unique requirements of the Ethereum chain, ensuring seamless cross-chain transactions within the EVM ecosystem.

Unlocking New Possibilities with LayerZero

Cross-Chain Decentralised Exchanges - LayerZero enables a wide range of applications, such as cross-chain decentralised exchanges (DEXs) that deal exclusively in native assets. By leveraging LayerZero’s messaging primitive, these DEXs can enable direct bridges, automated market making, and other pricing models, all while ensuring valid delivery across chains.

Multi-Chain Yield Aggregators and Lending: LayerZero also facilitates the development of multi-chain yield aggregators and lending platforms, allowing users to take advantage of opportunities across multiple blockchain ecosystems without incurring additional costs, such as bridge and swap fees.


LayerZero is a revolutionary trustless omnichain interoperability platform that empowers developers to write their applications without worrying about differing semantics between inter- and intra-chain transactions. By providing a lightweight and easily extendable solution, LayerZero allows users to freely move liquidity across chains, paving the way for a new era of seamless cross-chain transactions.

LayerZero Airdrop Incoming!

How Can You Be Part of It?

The magic word here is interaction. By engaging with apps that have integrated with LayerZero, you could potentially secure your spot for this potential airdrop.

Get Involved with LayerZero Integrations

Here are some projects that have integrated with LayerZero. Engaging with these might just give you a shot at the potential airdrop:

  1. Radiant Capital — A liquidity layer powerhouse (ARB & BNB chain)

  2. Stargate — An innovative multichain bridge protocol. Buy and stake $STG tokens, participate in governance proposals, and make your voice heard!

  3. Trader Joe — A dynamic multichain DEX

  4. LayerZero Bridge — Get $GETH for testnets

  5. Tapioca Dao — Presenting the omnichain $OUSD

  6. Liquid Swap Bridge — A seamless bridge solution

  7. Aptos Bridge — Another bridge solution

  8. AltitudeDeFi — A compelling DeFi Protocol

  9. — The Universal Yield Marketplace

  10. Cashmere Labs — Protocol for MEV protected cross-chain swaps.

  11. Interswap Labs — Omnichain AMM with unified liquidity.

  12. Synthr_defi — Omnichain Synthetics

Some of these projects are live, while others are in testnet, being utilised across multiple chains. Remember, interacting with these platforms doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the potential LayerZero token. But it does give you an opportunity to explore alternative tech that could simplify your crypto journey.

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