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Airdrop Guide - $100,000 in sight

June 2024

Before we start the alpha, here are some thoughts on what we have seen over the last two months:

So here is the alpha, guys. All these airdrop influencers who say to do these tasks that cost you $0 or get volume of $2000 with only $10 are talking nonsense. They are just leading you on to gain attention. Yes, it’s true that some testnets are free and rewarding on some occasions. At the end of the day, it’s a sham, and they are only framing you. There have been occasions in the past where you had to interact with a project once or twice, and you got some free money, but like we have seen with many Sybil detection methods now, good luck :(. These accounts are making you a Sybil. Let’s be realistic; if you think spending $10 will make you $2K, then I really need to take the pills you are on.

Some of the stuff is useful but the rest is a lot of BS and they are just farming you and making you sibyl central!

I did one of these for Layer 0 on a fresh wallet months ago and got nothing. A few people told me they followed these dumb guides and got nothing. If literally, 10k people did the same thing, that’s just bot behaviour/cheating the system. So look, if you want to truly make it with an airdrop, $250 is the bare minimum, but I’d say $500-$1K. We have done many free airdrops recently that go way over $3k (Spectral was $2K for being active on Forecaster and doing the tasks I mentioned in the past).

I won’t lie to you; I take the no-bullshit approach. You have to take a risk and actually commit to something; otherwise, you will be constantly fading. I hear many people saying they are just farming these 3 when there are so many others you can do, and all it takes is time from your day, and there is so much time in a week. 30 minutes a day is all you need.

PLEASE DON’T MINT THESE NFTs FROM THESE INFLUENCERS! These will not help you in your contract interactions, and if they cost something, then avoid them at all costs, as these guys get a royalty, and you can make the contract and mint it yourself way cheaper. Maybe do it once or twice; otherwise, it’s just a way they suck your precious money. Yes, I have done it, but it’s been free, and I was deploying a contract and did not care if you did or not.

Over the last 2 years, I’ve been teaching you how to do airdrops independently (that’s the end goal). I give you the tools, which you can apply to the next one. I’ll be here to guide you and make sure you don’t miss out on life-changing opportunities. You should really go back and take the time to see what we have done (yes, even if they are over, so you can see what’s what).

Think like the sands of an hourglass going down; what’s done is done; it’s in the past. If you spend whatever time you have left complaining and looking at what has happened, you are damn sure your future will be like your past. Don’t be a pleb and mess up your future because you are shortsighted!

So now I’ve had my rant, this is what you are all here for :)

You are too late for zkSync, but the next ZK-rollup chain you can focus on is…

  • SCROLL: Yes, it has lost its mindshare because it took their upgrades to be completed a lot later when all the blobs were introduced, etc. No one wanted to waste fees, while chains had <$0.01 fees.

    • They have released their MARKS campaign, which will be based on your contribution to the system, liquidity, tokens, bridging, and LSTs. Also, rewards and bonuses to those who have been in the ecosystem before the Marks campaign. If you have been doing the testnet with me over the last year, you should be at the forefront of a good airdrop.

Below are things you may or may not want to do, but I have a very good feeling about this:

  • If you did not get your Scroll origins legendary NFT (if you followed my guide in the first month of Scroll, you will be good). You should probably get one, I think.

  • Get some LSTs like KelpDAO and Stake Stone. If you can be bothered, get some Stake Stone through their website or Manta chain as it’s very cheap and bridge over using the Stake Stone website to see if you can grab some Layer0 tokens as they got awarded RPGF in ZRO token. Then, you can add liquidity onto Syncswap (ETH-that pair token).

  • Get your Stake Stone on Scroll through the Stake Stone app via the Omni chain carnival campaign and use my code so we both get a bonus :) ABA94

  • Provide long-term liquidity >1 month with a value of $150-250 Minimum.

  • Rewards for users of other zk-rollups could be in the runnings.

  • Committing funds to the ecosystem should get you rewarded; don’t be worried about the many transactions.

  • Try and use your wallet that has history on other chains too, and it’s not just a fresh wallet; new Sybil mechanisms may be coming into place.

  • Find the right Volume to Value ratio, so don’t just have one liquidity position; maybe have one that you rotate and trade to increase the volume you have created.

  • Alpha for you:

Obviously, none of this is financial advice; you may or may not want to listen to me :)

Also, you could apply what I have said to other Zk-rollup chains like Linea, so it’s a win-win situation. It may be useful to be active at least once a week, so yeah, good luck, friend.


Right, lads, you will be an absolute pleb if you miss out on Farcaster Airdrop. Be active on it, post and interact with people. We already got the Spectral airdrop worth $3k for being active and having a certain amount of followers.

  • Sign up using my link, and we both get some Warps.

  • Buy some Warps ($5-15).

  • Follow my airdrop channel <3

  • Start posting.

  • If you are a dev, there is something called Bounty Caster where people post hundreds of bounties for simple tasks, so you can make some cash money.

  • Join alpha friends.

  • Play this frame.

  • Don’t just fade and not use it. It’s being constantly developed, and as it’s still small, you can speak to founders directly! ;)

  • Also, buildtop airdrop - check here:


Some people are saying some of these Zorbs might mean something, so potentially it could be worth it in the long run, especially if you are farming Zora! Holograph was pretty decent if you just minted a few NFTs! Mint here:


Two ways to Farm ZORA, Mint random stuff or collect art you like. (If you are minting random shit mint my random podcast episodes or dont, I dont care)

(follow me on ZORA) - Optional

Fractal airdrop:

Complete this Galxe Quest; it will cost $5 for your Galxe humanity score passport thing! If you can be bothered!

RouterNitro Bridge:

If you haven’t made any swaps yet, there could be a good opportunity if you want to make a transaction. Fees and speed are quite fast, especially zk-zk chains I have found. This is my ref link if you like

OP builder?:

Enable this function, please. Let me pay in any ERC token, please and thanks!

Neova airdrop:

Incentivised testnet announced, I told you in the telegram to sign up!

Avail DA:

Airdrop is around the corner. My strategy is to wait a bit and see how it plays out, but this depends on your allocation. People building with Avail DA might get airdropped rewards in the future. Furthermore, as it’s made by Polygon Co-founder, we could potentially speculate new POL token/zkEVM to Avail DA.

Mande Network:

Airdrop will be live on the 14th of June. I think it will be a sell-then-rebuy scenario or stake for long-term rewards and let’s see where it goes. 200 Million Max Supply of tokens.


Remember to claim your money and do whatever; it’s probably a long-term hold. Not much to expect right now:

Convert your Galxe Points for rewards and more Taiko Airdrop


Interactive PFP you can mint here: - the more you use Jumper, the more assets you earn for your dynamic NFT.

Wormhole & MONAD:

Some of you may forget or can't be bothered to vote for Wormhole stuff! You can delegate your vote to me, and it might be a requirement for an airdrop from MONAD. I stay up to date with votes :) delegate to me here:

Claim your role after - Very important


If you are still in Starknet, the next pack for your dynamic PFP will be out on the 13th of June. If you can quickly snap up the rare traits, you can make some good returns. You get free tokens for staking your PFP and then can add and remove traits. There is a limited amount you can get, and I can see in the future these may be worth quite a lot if we get more than 8 users on Starknet ;)


Like I have been saying for over a year, many protocols that use Layer0 Tech will get rewarded and one of these we have been using will be giving a big chunk towards StakeStone. Furthermore, we will see RDNT Capital (my favorite money market).


If you have 15 minutes to watch this video and answer some questions, then do this: Bullish on this for sure and what you can build. - I recommend this alot

Warden Protocol:

Follow these instructions:


So it seems like we are being Farmed left right and central with all these campaigns and LXP, now we are in the surge (providing liquidity to protocols). Do what i have been doing for Scroll and zkSync, they have all be focusing on LST's.

Im kinda done with it and only rotating one of my liquidity pools every now and then. They are claiming it's going to be the best and wow this and that.

What other things can you do?

  • Snatch up a Testnet NFT (wait for a cheap price maybe?)

  • the protocol i stick too is syncswap and I have a bit in Vooi (which i have mentioned multiples times and might be launching a token) 

  • Stable coin provisions are also a "Safu" option

  • if you will be a long term user of Linea (they gave out a GAS pass, which is a NFT that allows you to have free transactions on Linea for some protocols)

Nostra snapshot:


Bebop - Exclusive Alpha:

So frens, I was in a spaces with Bebop (first spoke about it 03/2023) and i was asking some questions regarding the ecosystem as well as long term incentives why users should use the protocol and just some other degen stuff about the project.

So I quote "there is not a token yet" as one of the responses regarding using the protocol. There were 10 ppl in that spaces so hence we have a big advantage over everyone! For those who don't know what Bebop is then:

  • The pinnacle of efficiency for your crypto swaps. Convert your $ETH & $BTC gains into a diverse range of cryptos in a SINGLE transaction

  • Incubator wintermute

  • Capacity to fragment transactions, letting users acquire up to 5 distinct tokens concurrently. Swap from 1 $ETH to a combination of $USDT, $DAI, $USDC, $ARB and $BTC — all in a slippage-free environment.

  • Private market makers and an RFQ model, Bebop ensures that displayed quotes are honoured for 15 seconds — what you see is precisely what you execute at. All network charges are folded into the upfront quote.

    Example of a transaction.
  • RN they also have $ARB rebates if you are trading on Arbitrum! So, its a Win-Win go try it out!

  • Users of the DEX will be rewarded with the token as I see it :)

zkSync Airdrop - Kelp Dao & Sync Swap:

Sync Swap announced all allocated $zk to go to its users as well as KelpDAO so your allocation will be much higher if you followed my strat!

So based on this info and what i have told you to do for $Scroll this will be looking like the same thing. I use SyncSwap for both Scroll and Linea too. based on this information you can see the best places to add your liquidity in the future. furthermore there will be a SyncSwap token. its like 4 airdrops in 1 :)


Well my fellow Degens, If you havent heard of Caddi then you are not a true defi MAXI!

The nr1 innovative project that I use is this sexy browser extension, check out the website and see how much your life and experience will be improved!

  • Not enough funds on the chain you want to transact on and dont know which bridge will offer you the best rates, well you can do it there and then to directly exchange your assets and even swap them.

  • Aggregator of all the DEX's to give you the very best rates for your on-chain swaps

  • The Team is stacked and interact with them alot!

  • Watch the Video on their website and how easy it is!

  • It also has built in EVIL SCAM website protection, just incase you press the wrong URL!

Orbiter Finance:

Just a reminder that they will be launching their own zk-EVM at some point and the main GAS token could be their native token?

The only way you get Points is:

  • Bridge

  • The different Pilot NFT's for the OG's who used the protocol, We saw with zkSync that one of the criteria was to have the NFT. So i'm speculating the 5 different tiers will have an impact on your allocation.

  • Probably over farmed unless you have that volume, fees spent and age

Bera Chain V2:

I bet many of you have stopped with the Bera chain Testnent!

  • Well go to the faucet - can claim every 24h

  • Go to the ecosystem page and start exploring again

  • Remember its proof of liquidity - Maybe you need to amass as much liquidity!

  • Also the BGT token for voting?

  • I also own some YEETARDS NFT (on ARB CHAIN) - may or may not be a good play as they are one of the loudest communities on the chain!

We have been doing this for a while the airdrop game so i dont think I need to repeat this one. STAY ACTIVE and try and do a few transactions a week over a few days!

Some alpha i found on twitter you can use!


Now select DeFi users on the ARB eco can see their allocation for Kresko Kredits, you could be in for a surprise! - If you participated in the OG testnet we are got a pretty big allocation.

Bridge Wars?!:

If you want to potentially get the maximum rewards, you may want to stick to using 2-3 bridges otherwise you could be dissapointed with your allocations so please set your expectations. Im not going to tell you which bridge is best etc, at the end of the day in back and white you want your money on your destination the fastest and for the cheapest for immediate DEFI actions.

Large transactions I choose security and don't give a flying about speed (within reason), thats how you should be thinking personally :)






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