MEGA Airdrop Update & LIBERTAS OMNIBUS NFT Giveaway!

November Issue 2

Hello welcome to the Goblin treasure trove of alpha! be sure to sub and share this!

Hi to all new and returning people , I used to write all my alpha on medium but for some reason i have been banned. A lot of my airdrop guides have been building up for the many months! ill try to put up that content that makes sense still to do. Nothing here is financial advice.

Orbiter Finance & Linea Airdrop in 1 Transaction.

Campaign releases by Orbiter Finance have released O-Points that may be involved in rewarding for the future airdrop. We have seen many projects do this.

Right now you can bridge to and from Linea for Free so if you want to send a big transaction of ETH to or From Linea it could be the right time (NFA).

They have also released quest with Linea that give you XP for linea campaign and O-points. This is especially good for those doing Linea as you can catch up on points that you may have not doe due to them being hefty requirements.

Starknet Confirms Airdrop in Q1!

Testing of STRK token goes live on testnet as the use of transaction fees. (all my previous articled which are now gone (thanks Medium)


To celebrate an interview with matter labs we are giving away a LIBERTAS OMNIBUS NFT curently worth 0.021 ETH, for all of your airdrop hunters it “may” be an eligibility criteria for the zkSync airdrop.

We have seen that there isa special role on for those who have the NFT.

In order to participate you will need to mint one of the NFT’s for the Giveaway and follow the instructions in the description in the link bellow!

Arbitrum airdrop 2.0!?

Arbitrum Odyssey is now over so what now?

We wait once all the claims are in of the final missions.

Remember to vote in the arbitrum ecosystem on Tally, you are welcome to delegate to me if you don't have time. Still counts as you voting and probably will be requirement for next airdrop. (You trust me to vote on your behalf, your tokens remain in your wallet and there is no staking period or lock up). You can freely use your your arb tokens in the way you want after you delegate.

link : Delegation

Arbitrum Orbit, get ahead of everyone else on the Layer 3 powered by Arbitrum!

Sign up to Syndr waitlist to get ahead

Why is Syndr pushing defi protocols in the options and futures sector?

  • Gasless trades

  • Syndr is an institutional-grade options and futures exchange.

  • Trade Options + Futures with low fees.

  • High-performance orderbook: low latency trades

  • High throughput: powered by our custom layer3 rollup

  • 100+ markets with daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly expiries

  • Portfolio/SPAN Margining

  • Block-trading integrations

  • Easy Onboarding & Simple + familiar UI

Vitalik on L3's:

XRP holders Airdrop!

(I know….. im just surprised as you are!)

Here is a L2 smart contract platform build on top of the XRP ledger.

Linea Wave 7, 8, 9 &10

The next wave is uppon us, not much to explain as it gives you step by step guides! id wait maybe a day or two as fees a have been high! but its up to you! :) link here

Intract new features & possible airdrop!?

Could there be a Token in the horizen? my “personal” opinion, I Think so….

Why you may ask?

  • Well clearly you can see a swap function, which in the future could see a token as many projects do this.

  • This is a social platform like Galaxe, which in my intract is way better than Galaxe. (it is much more intuitive and rewarding when doing tasks)

  • referral program that earns you gems, that currently have no use.

  • Pro version seems like it will only be available to those who have been doing tasks and earning gems. link here to start your journey !

  • They have just raised $3 million (quest to earn rewards)

Base Airdrop Quest

Here is the link to the campaign. very simple tasks that reward you with ONFT’s.

10 Days of L 2’s quest on Layer3 (commemorative NFT) — optional quest to do.

Link (you can do some of these quest on the chains you want to airdrop)

First Airdrop for Celestia (TIA)

Congratulations for all the TIA holders who followed my go to staking strat for the cosmos ecosystem! ;0

(DYOR as this is a meme coin)

did you Stake your TIA? or do you stake OSMO, JUNO or ATOM?

Im not going to put the website link on here, but you can find it yourself!

be carful on this one but celestia is still in hype mode and still is holding above $10.15.

Cosmos Ecosystem ultimate airdrop strat!

By no means this is Financial advice but this strategy has allowed me to be eligible for nearly every single cosmos airdrop! - Only invest money you can afford to lose, crypto its the biggest gamble out there! Disclamer: prices will fluctuate which may result in lower wallet value.

Download the Keplr wallet:

(The most important ones are ATOM & OSMO)

  • Stake 15-20 ATOM

  • Stake 50-100 OSMO

  • Stake 50-100 JUNO

  • Stake 50-100 EVMOS

  • Stake 50-100 SCRT

  • Stake 10-40 TIA (Optional)

  • Optional Stake INJ - warning the price has gone up by >1000% This year. I will do separate article on the Injective ecosystem and possible airdrops

The reason on the range is because prices fluctuate and for example you had to hold $100 worth of ATOM for the TIA airdrop.

Rainbow wallet confirms airdrop!

Checkout the thread by rainbow and see how you can earn points and set yourself up for a win! As they state using this wallet will result in you getting more points. You can use this as your wallet from now on and farm points.

Starknet "SAFU" Airdrop guide.

Disclamer nothing is "SAFU" in crypto! - however this is how i mitigate my risk.

My favorite way to earn points/reputation on the various protocols is by lending protocols and providing stable coin liquidity.

If you have followed me before on medium we have been doing all the starknet Quests.

I am currently focused on the following protocols as based on what i think are my best options for future potential airdrops.

  • Nostra - All i have done is deposited some stable coins and ETH (you could do one borrow transaction and then pay back!

  • Ekubo - Stable coin liquidity provision, make sure you read about what concentrated liquidity means. (i chose on my main position 0.05% - 0.1%) NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

  • - Be sure you get your StarkNet ID (maybe you can bag a rare name).

NAMADA Incentivised Testnet


fill out this form to have a chance in participating in the campaign.

  • Namada's Shielded Actions create a private layer for decentralised finance, enabling users to interact privately even when engaging with transparent chains such as Ethereum, Osmosis, and Celestia.

  • For those who have the technical know how, running a node could be a rewarding gig. We saw huge rewards for Celestia node runners.

Privacy is a fundamental human right in my personal opinion and projects like this where i can have control on who sees my moves also keeps me safe and ahead of the game.

Mint Blockchain Genesis NFT

Check out the website here

Of course! Here's the information presented in a paragraph format:

Mint Blockchain is excitedly gearing up for the launch of its "MintPass" in 2024. Developed by @Mint_Blockchain, a pioneer in NFT-based Layer 2 solutions, and founded by the NFT infrastructure giant @nftscan_com, this innovative Layer 2 platform is set to revolutionise the NFT landscape. The MintPass—an exclusive NFT pass that serves as a key to the Mint Blockchain ecosystem.

MintPass will come in two distinct types:

  • Type 1, the Mint Genesis NFT, which will be available for free minting from January 10th to January 24th, 2024, -

  • Type 2, the MintID NFT, with its price yet to be announced, available from January 17th to January 24th, 2024.

  • The Mint Genesis NFT offers several benefits including early community membership, priority Testnet access, $MINT Airdrop rewards, and special privileges within the ecosystem. On the other hand, the MintID NFT provides utility rights, governance rights, $MINT Airdrop rewards, and ecosystem privileges.

RhinoFi Airdrop Confirmed!

It is highly likely tokens will be airdropped to those who have been using the bridge over the last few months and participated in the various campaigns i have mentioned before.

Here are some current points and quests they have done in order to potentially grab yourself some tokens! (this is my speculation and do your own research)

zkSync take over (free bridging) - link

Intact zkSync quest - link

Mint your Tracker badges - link

RhinoFi - investment stratergies - link

Manta airdrop!

Recent news for Manta:

  • Data Availability has been fully migrated to Celestia!

  • $60 million Raised

  • Native yields

I really think that Manta is an under the radar project that if you can interact with sooner will make your history significantly better as well as be an OG.


Check this interesting thread why Manta is unique to all the other L2's out there.

Other airdrops & Tasks:

  • Vote on snapshot for latests stargate proposals for LayerZero rep

ZK-fair airdrop checker can be done on Owlto:

Hope you enjoyed this! plz gib follow and like and share ! ;)

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