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Airdrop alpha guide!

Febuary 2024

Hello fellow frens! We are continuing the airdrop adventures with some tasks this week!

Quick tasks to complete:

POL Airdrop: Get your Grandmaster zkEVM polygon NFT or others depeding on how many of the quest you completed

ZkLend airdrop page:

Orbiter Finance: Campaign for bridging through orbiter finance on Galaxe. Just a reminder that Orbiter Finance will become a L2 zk-rollup. Their points program will be playing a part in the airdrop

PRZYM airdrop: all you need to do is to make sure that you delegate your cosmos ecosystems coins to their validator so it’s pretty simple! Interesting way to incentivise new users and become a power player in the cosmos ecosystem! Important to note:(only draw back is some of their valididators are not meeting the minimum threshold to be active so you wont be earning any APR).

 LayerBank airdrop for TIA users on Manta: Tweet see if you are able to claim, those who participated in New paradigm there will be something in store for you soon!

DYM COMMUNITY POOL: AT $360 million plus the price is sitting at $7.20. Are you taking profits or holding?! 

Be sure to vote :

ALT Layer: Airdrop for Celestia Stakers ends 20th of Febuary! YOU need to make sure you Claim or you LOSE IT! Check here, Claim page here

Blaze Testnet: Sign up for the early access

TAPIOCA OPTION Airdrop - Read this article by them to fully understand this because it took me a while to get my head round it. SO, they noticed a massive sibyl presence for the project as I gather so they have created something of a discount to get the TAP tokens for those who have participated in the testnet etc.

Also, bear in mind, they did give out free NFTs to early uses that went to a few hundred dollars. So they have rewarded the community so far.

STATUS: sign up for early access

JOIN SAGA: Join the quest

Answers for quiz:

 1)what will saga be initially focused: Gaming and entertainment

2)What process will saga use to reduces for chainlest : coordination

3)What factors determine saga inflation: total number of saga tokens

4)Every Saga Chainlket is secured by what validators? :Shared security 

5)How does Saga aim deploying dedicated blockchains easier for Dev’s?: making it as easy as deploying smart contracts

6)What is saga’s unique approach for dev monetisation? :Allowing for any IBC token to be used for transaction fee

7)What does PCR stand for? : Protocol controlled reserve

8)How are token stakers compensated?: Inflation 

Main quizz:

1)When will Dev portal become permissionless and not controlled? :Phase 6

2)Tokens at airdrop Phase one of protocol launch?: 10%

3)How many tokens will there be at TGE? 1 billion tokens

4)Which component of the Saga Mainnet is responsible for minting, staking, and potentially slashing the $SAGA token for validator misbehavior? : platform chain

Games quiz:

1)Which of the following is not a key tenet of our economic design that benefits application developers? : Mandatory complexity enhancement for application developers

2)What is the overall objective of Saga's token economic design?: usher a pay as you go model for accessing infrastructure 

3)What does The Unblock offer to application developers?: unlimited block space on demand 

4)What is a common characteristic of successful platform disruptions? : Platforms that simplify difficult tasks for builders

ZORA mint X Rainbow (250 points): Mint on Zora chain if you can for the two birds one stone! - Use the Rainbow wallet

Be sure to vote :

Argent SPOK claim live: Claim

Testnet bridge: Bridge be sure to load up on Sepolia ETH and play around with a few transactions etc.

STARK is happening: claim airdrop

Hyperlane airdrop: This is the bridge to move Celestia (TIA) between chains. We already saw Manta distribute tokens to those who moved TIA. So, I think we could see an airdrop for those tham make a few transactions.

Mode Network: Intract quest for Mode, prize draw, also get your exclusive Sentinel NFT. - It will have some future benefits on the mode network.

Mint Sentinel NFT once you have completed two quests minimum

With early Linea users we saw users being rewarded with a Gas-Pass. This was a SBT that gave you gas free transactions of certain protocols. We could maybe see some kind of reward system for those early users.

NFT on Starknet: Builders of Stark ID, will be launching their own customisable on-chain PFP. Check out the Twitter See if you have are eligible for WL

Orbiter Finance: There are 140 O-points up for grabs still and now its time to go back to Scroll for those who have been fading it! link

Router: As I mentioned before, in the router testnet, I have seen this to be one of the best crosschain swap/bridge offering the best prices so be sure to check it out, instead your go to bridges!

Are you a Bera Chain enthusiast?

Well this is my thesis, i have had a few questions in the telegram how to make it. I think its going to be very different compared to other and the answer is easier than you think! Hint: Proof-of-Liquidity

My personal thesis of Bera Chain from Testnet to Mainnet!

1) get as much liquidity you can, here are some faucets you can get extra bera from: 1 , 2, 3

2) Swap into a pair you want to put all your bera in!

3) stake your BGT with a validator and vote if there are any proposals.

The best Berachain Alpha can be found by this mad chad Bera! - The go to place for new projects launching on Berachain. GIB them a follow!!!

Id' like to thank Bearasearch for all the amazing alpha provided! please follow them to be up to date with all the alpha!

So remember all the things we have done in the previous networks:

  • Get yourself a Bera Name service

  • NFT project on bera to look out for!

  • YEET NFT project! Join the discord and be early, Twitter follow!

  • Check out oxhoneyjar (this thread by berasearch is top class)

  • TBH take 30 min to go through all their threads and decide for yourself which projects you want to concentrate on!

Are you looking for a crypto Job?

Bellow are some of the best websites to use!

Join the telegram! and meet all the other degens! ;)

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