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Ultimate Crypto Alpha & Airdrop Guide!

Febuary 2024

GM GM you beautiful DEGENS!

SO its been a busy week in the crypto space!! lots of airdrop's announced and news being thrown all about!

If you are new here i urge you to read my previous articles so you are not missing out on all the alpha and airdrops!

Degen mode:

SOAR Chain: Are you a Celestia Staker? well you could be in for another surprise as this blog highlights the tokenomics of this L1 and the great modular theisis we are in!

Alt Layer: Official Tokenenomic by Alt layer will be gibing you my fellow frens! I see this as big project and many have use Alt Layer to create their own roll-up. I could potentially see individuals who stake their tokens and participate on governance could see some decent returns in the future. link TIA stakers needed a minimum of 35 TIA staked

Aevo: could we see an airdrop to Celestia stakers as this tweet could mean something?

ZeroLend: Zero Lend will be airdropping to people who deposit their Manta that will earn you yield as well as the native token. Can deposit other tokens too! link

DYM: We can potentially see the first airdrop we can get once we get our DYM airdropped to us. Like always, Staking from Day 1 is key! Lucky ATOM and TIA staker will be getting a slightly higher allocation when we first checked. This is due to the unclaimed addresses, those funds are being redirected. (my personal strategy is usually stake 40%, but that is based on my personal allocation). Link

  • RN I think 100 DYM could be a decent amount to stake (very arbitrary value)

Blastaway: Join the Discord and chat shit to get OG role, there are weekly purges of people who are inactive even if you have OG status so dont be a pleb! Follow the twitter, Incentivised Testnet launching next week!

zkLink: Sale on Coinlist is happeed for this zk Layer 3 protocol that aims to unify the liquidity problem and other black holes that we encounter in this era. I predict we should be soon seeing some news about airdrop. My predictions:

  • Could we see the zkFair approach for the airdrop? (those who used zkEVM polygon, and other zk chains were allocated tokens? - Great incentive (Scroll, zkEVM, Linea)

  • If you completed the tasks on Intract & Galaxe as i posted a while back

Layer Zero: Pre-market perps are launching and we are expecting $ZRO to drop in the Q1 this year. I also think there has been so much hype for it and that it's probably not going to be that amazing unless you have large amount of funds. The same I think with Wormhole.

Join: This could potentially be an interesting project, pay anywhere with stable coins. It was acquired by Beam which we got an airdrop for ages ago. sign up for Early access Press release

Router Nitro: Mainnet has been released, Check out their medium with updates. I will test this bridge out soon and give my opinion! i think this is a very exciting projects in the bridge space.

Eigen Layer: Are you restaking? Well these are the possible airdrops you can get! I am really interested in Espresso & Layer N. Once you get some of the Eigen token airdrop, make sure you stake some! 😉 Together all these projects have raised over $1 billon, i expect rewards to flow down the pipeline.

Espresso: Espresso have just launched their testnet

  • Add the chain here

  • Use the faucet & also bridge some sepolia ETH

  • Now use ThirdWeb to deploy a contract (see previous guides on how to) - you will need to add the network manually, info in the first link! , mint, burn and use different functions once you delploy.

  • Also use the Withdraw function on the bridge

  • can you be a node operator?

LayerN: Sign-up for the testnet

Orbiter Finance: Orbiter is now becoming a Roll-up, check out their tweet explaining it all but, for sure we will be seeing an airdrop, I still use it as my go to bridge but now there is even more of an incentive to use! But i do think this could potentially be over farmed unless you have been project in early 2023 and you have some of the pilot NFT's. But they did mention that O-point will have some value so there is a catchup mechanic.


Tiako: Make sure you continue this campaign from Tiako, I think this is the last one so the airdrop could be on the horizon! 😉 check out the previous alpha where we go over deploying custom contracts! Quiz 1 answers: C,B, B, D, A

Blastaway: This is a complete Degen Play, be very very carful with this. Do your own Research and this is your own risk! Project launching on Blast! rewarding those who join early and get an OG role. link to discord, their Twitter

Pontem: sign up for the early testnet, launching their own Ethereum L2 roll-up with the speed of Aptos using MOVE VM. follow thier Step by Step Guide

zkSync: Go to guild and update your roles ASAP to verify your resistance to Sibyil!! Also, I would recommend minting the badge too.

Reform DAO: This could be an intresting project to folllow and here is the way to sign up to early access! Website, Whitepaper

Linea: Lins20 inscriptions are launching, it might be worth grabbing some and increase your activity but this is optional. mint

SatVM: You can mint this inscription on the testnet, we are still looking for that airdrop as stated by the project. (Shout to my fren Bailey for finding this)

  • complete this task in Intract to get XP for the airdrop.

Rari Chain: New L3 powered by Arbitrum has just launched! Bridge, Doc's. This is a creator Focused chain, that could have some significant potential! DYOR (I will research more too).

SmartLayer: You can now bind your wallet and complete new tasks:

Join and get your Smart cat on the polygon ecosystem! - Don't miss out this easy free airdrop

  • Once you get your cat, there are some actions you can perform, feed, clean, invite etc.(These upgrade your pet over time) You can max out some levels in a few transactions.

  • You can invite my cat to play: #2549880728 - vice versa (we can do in telegram chat)

Intract X zkEVM polygon:

We can see that there could be some kind of special mint or airdrop for the users of the polygon campaign we did last year.

We minted a special NFT on one of the quests which could become updatable which i mean it ranks up as you use the network etc?

Don't fade on this as we know there is a token in the works, we can expect some rewards this year! ;)

Manta: A tactic now for Manta is to stake the tokens you were airdropped. Im hoping that the staking will be rewarded. Side note i'm so impressed with Manta transactions are $0.02/5 as its should be. anyone charging you more is taking the piss!

Disclamer: The staking system is a bit chaotic and hard to understand for those who are new! you need a minimum amount of Manta for some of the staking options and unfortunately its 700minimum. APR is as high as 67% Forum for more info (recommended before you decide what to do)

Big W to anyone that bridged some Celestia to Manta, I thought that something like this would happen but i didn't say anything because i didn't want to hype up too much especially as staking is more valuable in my opinion.

We could see this happen for other projects in the future, something to be mindful off!

Puffer Finance: Binance just announced an investment into puffer Finance and there is a quest that you can start and lets hope for an Airdrop. This is a LSDfi Restaking protocol! I thin we should all join the "Bankless" Family when you choose, more of us join the same family the more points we get! Join

Choose the Octopus tab!!!

PYTH airdrop: If you are staking PYTH then you are in for a win and are getting Zerolend Token that we have been farming already! Link

Arbitrum Stylus:

  • Bridge your Sepolia to Arbitrum Sepolia testnet

  • Then from arb sep to Arbitrum Stylus

  • Deploy a contract using Thirdweb

  • Mint this NFT (its on testnet) - they also do this for bera chain so it might be useful to do and up your interactions!

StarkNet: We have just had an article released my argent! It outlines how to claim the airdrop! Snapshot already taken so now focus on the projects that don't! i covered my strategies on how to get those projects building on starknet in previous articles!

Berachain: My fellow fren Bailey has told me some invaluable alpha, Do NOT SLEEP on this! The whole concept of BERA is proof of liquidity, Transactions and deploying is not going to be enough!

The reward Token BGT is going to be crucial and i shall do a much more in-depth version for how and why! So, don't get lazy here!

  • Here is a competition currently happening for a Beara project:

  • Join their Discord, Try and get OG spot or better!


Hope you enjoyed this alpha and be sure to join the telegram for the other alpha!

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