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Angels of the Farcaster Warpcast $DEGEN ecosystems.

Pitch for: Angels of the Farcaster Warpcast $DEGEN ecosystem

“Hope still remains for those that still have it”  -Gandolf

“There is no try, only do”  -Yoda

Maybe an angel will see this. Unfortunately most are not permitted or are not able to help me in any way.


  1. Unite with my children whose existence has been kept from me (and mine from them)

  2. Write a book (or more, I’ve already started my first book for the 2nd time due to data loss)

  3. Obtain property & a house. I believe there are more than 2 children out there. I want them to have the option of open doors offering a truly safe refuge from the storm if they ever want or need it.

  4. Use 5 years professional photography experience at the University of Florida’s news, media relations department within the Institute of food and agricultural sciences (AP published), 5 years experience within politics, 4 years in telecommunications/sales, 10 years social media experience, 10 years as a professional DJ combined with my general gumption, to possibly one day, address  the alien structures I discovered under the water in FL.

Abbreviated back story:

1.5 years ago I discovered 3 amazing virtually unbelievable thingsThe most amazing & important thing I discovered that I don’t talk about often is that I have children I did not know about. Their mothers and others  purposely hid their pregnancies & subsequent births from me. The children have no idea I exist.

The same week I discovered my potential offspring I also discovered mysterious unexplainable structures under the water in FL near my house while paddle boarding & meditating.

The 3rd “item” i discovered (the same week believe it or not) is abhorrent, unspeakable here. I can Telegram chat to a potential philanthropist about it, DM me on WC.

As best I can tell it looks like the women (and others involved) believe that I share the same DNA as someone famous from history. A famous religious figure. I’m not speaking to my beliefs at this time.

I know one is mine you guys; I can feel it and all facts point towards yes. I met him once years ago when he was maybe 4-5 years old. They even named him Joshua. He’s very smart & tall like me, and he plays the cello… but that’s all I know about him. His mother cut off all contact when I brought up the subject, mentioning DNA tests.

I can provide few eye brow raising pictures and have ample amounts of verifiable information available. Ideally, I believe I would need an assistant of some Kind for a period of 6-24 months. There  are some tasks that are difficult for me to do as a result of these discoveries and the abuse I suffered during my upbringing.

I have a tested IQ thats quite high and I Exhibit some signs of Asperger’s as well as autism. I think the autistic stuff is more a result of the abuse growing up, I was being tranquilized and given substances starting when I was a child continuing through high school.

If I could focus solely on what I feel is my mission in life I believe firmly I could accomplish significantly more than what I’ve laid out here. For starters I could Easily write 3 separate books about each of the three separate discoveries I found in one week.

You can scroll through my and read chapter 1 rough draft of my book (it’s more of an outline) Below this post and my book should be links to my social media, which is completely Shadowbanned  across all platforms With TikTok, being the least oppressive, believe it or not.   

I don’t know what else to say. I’m concerned nobody will see this post from Warpcast and if they do, well I don’t know. These subjects are connected to three letter agencies and beyond amongst other things, so I’m not expecting much I’m not expecting anything, but you never know

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