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The Degen Post 002: Let a Hundred $DEGEN Flowers Bloom

Price Action and Wen Airdrop takes a back seat to fun projects, as it should

An Arkham Visualization of the $degen ecosystem by @wake

When I launched this pub, I initially thought 1-2 posts a week would suffice to chronicle everything that's going on in $degen world. I was mistaken. In less than 48 hours since the genesis Degen Post, the token hit an all-time-high around .0003 before retracing to below .0002, where it's been trading sideways as early whales dump and the market valiantly buys the dips. But enough about price.

Today's edition is a rundown of a handful of $degen-related things that have popped up on and off the /degen channel timeline. If I've missed anything, feel free to DC me at @brownalytics for inclusion in future Degen Post editions.

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The more you do it, the more I'll get off my ass to get this publication poppin'. Look, I even changed the colors of my banner to be more purple. That's how committed I am.

@jacek Interview on GM Farcaster & Ticker Logo Contest

$degen founder and lead (only? lol) dev @jacek sat down with @nounishprof (who's a Degen "DAO" member!) and @adrienne (an initial $degen skeptic) yesterday morning on GM Farcaster ep 51. The $degen talk starts around the 7:30 mark. It's good insight into what inspired @jacek to start the project, and I, for one, love it when a dev doesn't hide in the shadows and chooses to engage with the community they have unleashed their technological monsters upon. Also, you can mint the episode for posterity:

The voting period has ended for a Logo Bounty contest to design $degen's new ticker symbol logo, and we have a winner! Congrats to @esdotge.eth for the winning design:

Degen "DAO" Projects Crystallizing

In the Degen "DAO" (we're going with "DAO" in quotation marks for now since we're more an informal collective than DAO at the moment), @purp has been in contact with artists and builders on behalf of the collective to generate content and partnerships, putting to use some of the treasury funds and planting the seeds for future projects.

First off, the $DEGEN Derby track has officially launched today on! Give the track a run, try to beat my run time (I'm on there @ 1.44 seconds), and most of all, mint your entry to get on the leaderboard and become eligible for a $degen giveaway. The "DAO" will be sponsoring a 1.5m $degen pool to be distributed amongst all minters ($degen will be distributed according to number of mints). Also, be sure to give Speedtracer founder @sammy a 🫡 in the feed.

Also coming down the "DAO" pipeline: a sneak peek of a generative art project with @sgt-sl8termelon to create the next Degen "DAO" governance token:

Degenerate Hats & Bounties

@ispeaknerd has released a collection of 15 generative degenerate hats artwork, mintable now on Zora. In collaboration with bounty platform run by @kenny, you can vote on the "most epic" hat by minting it, and the winner will be declared in the pics or it didn't happen ( bounty page.

I Won .005 ETH on

Speaking of missed out on the first .01Ξ for top-hat selfies but I made sure to snag the latest .005Ξ bounty. gg and gl trying to top this top hat, gang.

This hat cost twice the bounty. Worth it.

$DEGEN wins Basepaint Day #169

How it's going so far. You can mint the final version of this on January 25

@chris24.eth initiated a campaign to get $degen to be the theme for's collectively generated daily pixel art mint project for the last couple days. With the help of boosts from @0xen and @grunt.eth, the community showed up strong in the voting section. And guess what? $degen won! So far, the art looks legendary and you can bet your ass I'll be minting multiple mints of this minty delight when it drops tomorrow here:

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