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How far can Multisig Safe go with DAO2DAO Collaboration?

SporeDAO's experiment in joining Public Nouns DAO, what worked and what didn't. Hope sharing this can save time for other DAOs to do other fun stuff.

SporeDAO recently adopted a cute and optimistic OPossum with a rainbow hair. Now we are a happy member of Public Nouns DAO🎉

But how can we do that? We are also a DAO!

So we created a test multisig account on Gnosis Safe and fiddled around to find out the following:

  1. We can receive/send NFT on multisig safe

  2. We can use ENS on multisig safe

  3. We can access token gated Discord server with multisig safe (Only Ethereum Mainnet safes for now)

  4. We can interact with the Compound Governance (nouns is a fork of it) contract for onchain activities with multisig safe

1 and 2 are fairly simple, we can use the safe like any other account. So let's jump to 3.

3. How to pass through the token gates on Discord

There are 22 different ways to interact with! For now we can choose Gnosis Safe, then use safe owner's wallet like MetaMask to sign a verification message. already has a how-to guide on this. Two points I want to highlight:

  • Only Ethereum Mainnet safes work at this time

  • Only one Discord account is granted access per safe.

While we were testing, we got a 'duplicate wallet' error. Among all the multisig owners, only the first to sign the message with can be verified.

To solve this, SporeDAO will create a shared Discord account to enter the Public Nouns Discord. All members can read but not engage, only a delegate who knows the full context will take part in the conversation with Pnoun DAO.

4. Can we vote onchain using multisig safe with membership NFT inside?

YES! We simply need to use WalletConnect. When public nouns website asks you to connect wallet, copy the QR code from WalletConnect and go to Gnosis > Apps > WalletConnect and paste it there. (There is actually a 'copy to clipboard' button under the QR code) More detailed guide by Gnosis here.

That was easy!

DAO joining a DAO sounds complicated but the actions needed were simple. This is only the beginning of DAO2DAO collaboration for both SporeDAO and all other DAOs, so let's see what happens next!