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New Year, New Goals!

Make Contributors Good Again

gm Good Contributors!

Sniffing out a new Bull Run on the horizon? If that's the case, my bullishness on DAOs is hitting new highs!

But hang on, we're taking a detour from our usual DAO chit-chat today.

Let's zoom in on the latest from The Good Contributor!

On my hit-list for this post:

  • Dropping 3 game-changing insights.

  • Seeking your awesome support.

  • A crucial reminder.

  • And yes, a few chuckles are guaranteed.

📈 DAOs Market Brief

Source: DeepDAO

💫 Dropping bombs!

1. TGC Shifts to Paragraph!

Noticed something different? Here's the scoop:

We're making the leap to Paragraph!

Why, you ask?

I'm all about decentralization and the coolness of web3. So, let's walk the talk, right? Paragraph plunges us deep into the web3 world.

(Reminder Link: We built this during the 2022 bear market!)

What 's in store? A ton of amazing features that'll redefine our interactions:

  • Transforming TGC posts into collectible NFTs.

  • Get updates straight to your email or wallet.

  • A referral program that's a win-win-win!

2. We're Ethereans Now!

What's this about? Let me simplify:

The future of work is on-chain, with micro-creators collaborating in networks to hit big goals.

It 's go time!

It's a long haul, so no rush to get all the details now. Just know that TGC is now a proud delegation of Ethereans.

Delegation = community + superpowers.

Ethereans OS? It's an Ethereum operating system making things like tokens, NFTs, and DAOs a breeze.

Delegations in Ethereans? They're groups uniting for blockchain projects, pooling resources and decision-making. Perfect for dynamic freelancer collaborations.

Confused? Stick with me. I'll unpack this over the next few months. We're all about simplifying and unlocking the power of decentralized collaboration.

3. I've Turned Optimistic!

Why Optimism among many L2s? Post Retro PGF, I realized specializing in a project is rewarding.

Optimism had me at hello. Kudos to their branding team! Plus, a surprise 200 OP airdrop (still figuring out why!) showcased a smart marketing move.

So, what's my plan with the Optimism ecosystem?

I'm diving in slowly, and I'll share my journey this year.

As I sync with Optimism's mission and connect with its builders, I'll detail my contributions. For now, the TGC delegation on Ethereans is built on Optimism. Everything we do will be on this chain.

💸 Help Me to Help You!

Let's experiment with protocols, ideas, and collaborations…

Web3 is turning everything upside down, crowdfunding included. The simplicity, efficiency, and accessibility are game-changers.

Supporting a humble creator like me is now just a click away. And guess what? You benefit too (and so does the Optimism network). Insane, right?

How? Two ways:

And there's more!

🎯 TGC Roadmap

Wait, roadmap? Nah, I prefer to flow with the go.

What I promise: more DAO research, analytics, opinions, interviews... All focused on keeping the community/delegation content.

The Good Contributor started as a newsletter to pen my thoughts, driven by "writing is how I learn". From helping novices to seasoned DAO contributors, we've grown from 25 subs to 331. 

That's a x10 growth!

This year? Aiming for another x10. Ambitious? Maybe. But doable with consistent effort.

Another goal (or challenge, as I prefer): write an ebook and mint it as an NFT. I'm keeping it under wraps for now - in the words of my grandad, "Do, don't just say!"

And, I'll expand my collaboration with Chippi, who's just been featured in Forbes! Finally, some well-deserved recognition.

The Good Contributor was born from a belief in the future of DAOs. Now, we've evolved from a newsletter to a community, thanks to web3.

Stay tuned as I share our journey towards potentially becoming a full-blown DAO!

👀 Must-See

On January 10th, the first Bitcoin ETF got the green light. A historic moment!

Tip of the day: Revisit the Bitcoin Whitepaper. Even if it's your hundredth time, it's always enlightening.

😁Chippi´s Corner

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