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How to be a DAO Contributor

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Jumping right in: Have you ever wondered how a total newbie transforms into a DAO contributor? That's my story and I'm thrilled to share it with you!

In just a few months, I went from a DAO newbie to a key player, diving deep into the ecosystem. How, you ask? It's about jumping in with both feet, accepting the learning curve, and finding your tribe.

Ready to know all the details of this trip? Let's do it!

From Newbie to DAO Contributor

I dove into the DAO world with BanklessDAO and haven't looked back.(I've detailed my path here). My journey has taken me through Tally, Krause House, and Rare Protocol, among others.

Here's the essence: I started by writing, networking on Discord, joining calls, and engaging on Twitter. Earning tokens allowed me to vote on proposals, deepening my connection to each DAO. I've launched my own proposals – some hit, some missed.

This journey has been about building reputation and embracing continuous learning. Remember, in the DAO space, we're all forever students!

Keep exploring, contributing, and growing. That 's the DAO way!

DAOs Are for Everyone.

Listen up, future DAO contributors! You don't need to be a coding wizard to make a splash in the DAO space. It's a melting pot of talents – think marketers, legal eagles, designers, product managers, writers, economists, philosophers... you get the picture. The opportunities are limitless.

Here's the cool part: anyone with the drive to contribute can join the DAO bandwagon.

Sure, there are some key skills to master. If you're a freelancer, you might find these familiar:

  • Adaptability: Web3 is like a rollercoaster – fast and ever-changing. 

  • Remote Collaboration: Working with global teams means mastering online/onchain teamwork.

  • Self-Management: No traditional bosses here. Your motivation is your guiding star.

  • Constant Learning: Tech and trends evolve daily. Staying in the know is non-negotiable.

  • Clear Communication: Virtual interactions need clarity and conciseness.

  • Consensus Decision-Making: DAOs thrive on collective choices. Negotiation and agreement skills? Golden.

Got any of these in your toolkit? Then you're DAO-ready. 

Steps to be a Good Contributor

Let's break down your entry into the DAO universe.

  • Identify Your Passion: DAOs span countless fields. Find one that lights your fire.

  • Learn Blockchain and Crypto Basics: A solid foundation here is key.

  • Join the Community: Dive into forums, Discord, Twitter. Soak up the DAO vibe.

  • Offer Your Skills: Got skills in writing, designing, coding? They're gold in DAO-land.

  • Start Small: Begin with bite-sized tasks to build your rep.

  • Listen and Learn: Embrace collaboration and be open to fresh ideas.

  • Propose Innovative Ideas: Creativity is your currency – spend it well.

  • Commit for the Long Haul: In DAOs, patience pays off. Think marathon, not sprint.

Ready to jump into the DAO deep end? Go for it!

Questions? Need a nudge in the right direction? Join my Telegram group for insider tips and friendly advice. 

Final Thougts

The key to being a great DAO contributor? Embrace kindness. It's the foundation of a strong, collaborative community.

And for joining a DAO, my best advice is to find your "Ikigai" – that sweet spot where your passions, skills, and the needs of the DAO align. It's where you'll make the most impact and find the most fulfillment.

In essence, combine kindness with purpose, and you'll not only contribute effectively but also enrich the entire DAO ecosystem.


Listening and learning from my fren Kairon, a full-time DAO contributor!

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