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Guardian Academy LIVE Workshop

Recapture and Reallocate

Ever catch yourself thinking or saying:

"If only I had more (time/energy/money) I would be able to......"?

Oftentimes, we don't need more, we just need to recapture what we already have and reallocate it better. Last week we made a short video and gave the Guardian Academy a small assignment before trying to figure out how to get "more" of something, "recapture and reallocate" what is already hiding in plain sight.

Here are some screenshots from the last 48 hours in Discord:

If you're in the Guardian Academy, you can navigate to the "Recapture and reallocate" channel to see the steps, tools, and software they are using to recapture. You'll notice it's nothing "sexy", it's really just paying attention to your resources allocation and having an idea of where to look.

Recapture and Reallocate Workshop

Today, Tuesday, June 6th, we're doing a live Recapture and Reallocate workshop free for everyone.

June 6th
3:30 pm pacific


How To Join:


The workshop will be about an hour.

Replays and Updates:
We will be sending a replay out to all attendees. If you want to get on the list to be notified for the next live workshop you can subscribe here for workshop notifications only.

Hope to see you at the workshop tonight.

Guardian Academy Team

PS. Here is the link to REGISTER AND JOIN again.