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The Guardian Issue #0 - Your TGA "Starter Pack"

Welcome to “The Guardian”, The Guardian Academy (TGA) Newsletter. I’ll be your host Wolf Pup #4782. I’m a student of TGA and I’m here to bring you all the latest news from our ecosystem.

“Live is to learn. Give is to earn”

As a Guardian of TGA, this is one of the ways I am contributing to the body of knowledge and helping people navigate the web3 space.

Issue #0 the “Starter Pack” is designed as an orientation tool. Below you will find the information that is most helpful for those looking to get started and the important links to follow so you can self select your interest(s). 

Feel free to check back and use this issue as a reference manual. 

The Guardian Academy has three main components:

  1. The Knowledge Center-  A free library made up of articles, youtube videos, and audio recordings by the Guardian Academy team, partners, expert guests, and TGA members. TGA is dedicated to putting out as much free highly helpful educational content and resources as possible.

  2. The Structured Curriculum and Gated Content- The structured curriculum is designed to build a base of knowledge and then continue to build on top of it as you climb the tiers. The Foundations are free in the Knowledge Center, the core concepts can be found in the members portal for free. If you prefer to have it all in one place, you can have the syllabus and resources emailed direct to you here:

  3. TGA Community- The public TGA community is dedicated to learning, sharing with others and building a strong community of like minded people. Joining the Wolf Pack tier grants access to the official Wolf Pack community but everyone is welcome to join the conversation on twitter

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The Guardian Academy


Structured Content "The Portal"

The structured content is the fastest path to becoming a Guardian of TGA. Guardians get direct access to events, live calls, masterminds and leadership + business development programs.

**The content portal is getting a makeover. You can find the new content in the discord community or have it emailed directly to you.

Knowledge Vault

Our Knowledge Vault contains resources from the team, partners, and other collaborators in no particular order and all free for you to consume.


Subscribe if you want to be notified when TGA does live video.


You can read, watch, or listen to the curriculum, whatever your preference. You can even receive the foundational training straight to your inbox. Check out the LinkTree for all relevant links.

Capstone Projects

See the capstone projects created by other Guardians of TGA. This is their contribution to the overall body of knowledge; sharing the lessons and experiences they believe will be the most helpful to others. One of the requirements of becoming a Guardian is to have a capstone project approved and published.

TGA New Member Walkthrough

A beginner guide on how to get started in Crypto as well as complete directions on how to join TGA.

The Wolf Den

I am a Wolf Den member, as are many of the TGA students, so I will be mentioning Wolf Den events, news and events. You can follow their socials by clicking the social media links on their main site.


You are your own guide. You are your own guard. Until next time.



Read these four articles and watch the video inside of them to decide if Guardian Academy is YKP (your kinda people).

Follow TGA on Twitter here if you just want to sit back and watch for a while.