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The Guardian Issue #15

Welcome to Issue 15 of The Guardian. I'll be your host Wolf Pup #4782. I'm a student of The Guardian Academy (TGA) ready to bring you all the latest news from the ecosystem.

There will be 3 sections:

  1. Live To Learn, Give To Earn

  2. Events

  3. "On Chain" and Medallion Updates and Rewards

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Inside The Den

The Guardian is focused on official TGA-specific updates. For news, updates, and member-run events be sure to check out Inside The Den. Guardians Jake and Dwayne do a great job of organizing and reporting news from around the web 3 world that impacts TGA members and the team with their Inside The Den brand.

Let's dive in.

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Live To Learn, Give To Earn

New Guardian Alert

Congrats Brandon and welcome to Guardian! Who's next and working on their Capstone?

Guardians Collab

Wonder what magic they whipping up?

Base Case And Build

Speaking of collab this team is full of amazing Guardians. If you have kids and want to be able to have the deeper level conversations about what you've learned in TGA, but don't know how to start... Reach out to BaseCaseNBuild.

Live to Learn, Give to Earn

Imagine that. The power of collaboration and proximity.

Guardian Wall

If you haven't seen the latest part of the website, definitely check it out.


Guardians Creating

Doc the Wolf's Daily Collectibles on Polygon starting 4/24. Will snag one of these in support of our Guardian.

Guardian Event

Almost here! Who's gonna be there?


You are your own guide. You are your own guard.

Live to learn. Give to earn.

Until next time! Stay #WOLFISH TGA