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The Guardian Issue #23

Welcome to Issue 23 of The Guardian. I'll be your host Wolf Pup #4768. I'm a student of The Guardian Academy (TGA) ready to bring you all the latest news from the ecosystem.

There will be 3 sections:

  1. Live To Learn, Give To Earn

  2. Events

  3. "On Chain" and Medallion Updates and Rewards

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Inside The Den

The Guardian is focused on official TGA-specific updates. For news, updates, and member-run events be sure to check out Inside The Den. Dwayne does a great job of organizing and reporting news from around the web 3 world that impacts TGA members and the team with his Inside The Den brand.

Let's dive in.

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Live To Learn, Give To Earn

Be Part Of The Process

Guardian Academy,

We are working on the next round of content, worksheets and workshops. 

So this week, everyone has homework!

It will recapture the collective momentum and provide us with the data and feedback to continue to improve the content and workshop structure.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:
Watch The Guardian Academy Structure Video.
WATCH HERE. It’s about 18 minutes

Step 2:

Drop your 6 Word Update here.

If you don’t know what a 6 Word Update is you can get caught up right here

Step 3:

Fill out this form. This will help create a feedback loop

If you complete the steps above, you will get an invite to a private workshop with Nic, the team and Guardians to discuss the structure and answer you questions.

Workshop date: Friday, July 7th time TBD
Homework Due: July 6th

You will also get entered into a drawing for a virtual ticket to the upcoming Guardian Only event July 21 and 22. If you’re already a Guardian, we will send you a one of a kind Guardian surprise. 

Now onto the updates for the week:

Guardian Of The Quarter Q2 2023

Congrats to Jay! Show some love to him for what he is building.

The Wolf Den will also be sponsoring Base Case and Build students via a scholarship.

TGA will also be sponsoring kids for the program as well!

The Great Soul Crossing

Our Honorary Guardian Akshay. Check this out if you want to follow and support the incredible journey.

Daily 6WU Collectibles

Doc the Wolf and his Daily 6WU collectibles have been amazing to watch progress in real time. Check out the story that has been unfolding if you haven't yet.

MicroStep Into What You Want

Check out this interview with Scott and Doc Kev where he talks about his transition from the healthcare field into writing and creation in Web 2 and Web 3.

Unlocking The Secrets Of Success: Empowering Lessons From Guardians Of TGA

This is a powerful article put together by TGA and Scott Perry of lessons from Guardians. Check it out here.

Human V Champions Mind

The first lesson from Unlocking The Secrets Of Success comes from Dr. Jeff which inspired another set of trainings to be put together. You can check out the playlist here.

Stuck Not Knowing What To Create?

If you're in Nic's world you know that he's a prolific creator. Check out his thought process.


Gus Brew...


The Master Key of Wisdom

If you missed the last two calls with Grand Master Leone, check out the write up from TGA as well as what Soxie has added with her wisdom.


You are your own guide. You are your own guard.

Live to learn. Give to earn.

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Until next time! Stay #WOLFISH TGA